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Habulin: Ant, could you send me the ME password :P ? You're always afk when I'm on vent :x
Guest_6009: hey um ant is it oki if i play on ME server? xD
Guest_1904: Hello everybody....Long time no see. May see more of me but only during the weekends!
DW_Ant: Hello Habulin and Guest_6009, I've replied to your E-mails.
Guest_5036: DQ_Ant
Guest_5036: DW_Ant may i can in contact with an admin?
Guest_8801: hey guys
Guest_8801: i wanna the password from monster evolution i cannot contact with admin i have try but last 1 month he dont answer
Guest_8801: i played over years this server also Death warrant and ... i wish me anyone can say the password my unreal tournament name -{UT24K}-No_name
Guest_8801: no one is online (?)
Guest_8801: 8)
Guest_8801: i hope anyone ask ty very much for help and ty good bye and have a good time cya
Guest_8801: pls change ur during to say the password !! ty
Guest_8801: and my name in UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 IS -{UT24K}-No_name
Guest_8801: cya all guys ciao
Guest_8801: i hope the lucifer die :P
Guest_8801: :D
Guest_2175: Hsisssssssssssssss
S: Hey
Dementia: ok so im minding my own business and playing in MM Server 2... when this idiot named Lampert gets his cheerleaders to vote kick me out... normally i wouldnt complain but this azz has been doing this kinda ish to me... not asking to have him banned or anything but just venting lol
MOOKE: Crybaby
Dementia: Pequeno Muchacho
adridas: heyo. ty again for getting my old account back <3 i know that there was a "halloween-mode" around october. but when does it start? or doesnt it exist anymore?
DW_KarmaKat: Hey! Did you hear that!?!? Something scratching at the window.... Out of the corner of your eye...catch a shadow dancing across the ceiling. Imagination? Or have monsters come to call? Well.....I've got a feeling they're here for more than Halloween candy! Our favorite Halloween maps are up on the Monster Mash servers. Dive in and help defend your sweet addiction, but always remember...all your chocolate belongs to me! ;D
Majinga: Uoooohhhh hey Guys! im Majinga :D
DW_KarmaKat: Monsters are serving up tricks but there are some treats Monster Mash! Pumpkins and treat bags are falling. Can you grab the treats before a Titan rocks your world? :P
nikkitot: SIR how to get my IP adress unbanned? im banned for unknown reason -_-
DW_KarmaKat: Snow is flying and there's gifts and candy canes waiting to be scooped up! Luci and MiniB are decked out appropriately and Hell hath frozen over! ;) Slide on into Monster Mash! Happy Holidays, everyone!
DW_KarmaKat: To the loyal players in our my DW family, past and present...I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Be safe...stay warm...and have fun this holiday! :)
VIP3R: Hello once again everybody. Been a long time since I've shown my face around here (partly because my install of unreal wasn't valid anymore somehow). Hows everything going?
DW_KarmaKat: Hiya VIP3R! Sorry to hear about your software woe, but at least you can still find a new copy to purchase if need be. We're maintaining the status quo and looking forward to UT4!
VIP3R: Reinstalling old copy hopefully It doesn't crap the bed on me again. Glad to hear things are going good around here still. I had honestly forgotten about UT4, hope It's good.
MMA>T1meSh1fter: Happy easter everyone! :)
DW_StaticLan: HELLO! Is there anybody out there?????
DW_KarmaKat: Last time I checked, some were still breathing. ;) And if you'd get on Ventrilo, you'd hear for yourself! Good to see you surface for some air of your own, Static! Come tell us how it's going! :D
DW_StaticLan: I'll be on tonight.