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nikkitot: SIR how to get my IP adress unbanned? im banned for unknown reason -_-
DW_KarmaKat: Snow is flying and there's gifts and candy canes waiting to be scooped up! Luci and MiniB are decked out appropriately and Hell hath frozen over! ;) Slide on into Monster Mash! Happy Holidays, everyone!
DW_KarmaKat: To the loyal players in our my DW family, past and present...I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Be safe...stay warm...and have fun this holiday! :)
VIP3R: Hello once again everybody. Been a long time since I've shown my face around here (partly because my install of unreal wasn't valid anymore somehow). Hows everything going?
DW_KarmaKat: Hiya VIP3R! Sorry to hear about your software woe, but at least you can still find a new copy to purchase if need be. We're maintaining the status quo and looking forward to UT4!
VIP3R: Reinstalling old copy hopefully It doesn't crap the bed on me again. Glad to hear things are going good around here still. I had honestly forgotten about UT4, hope It's good.
MMA>T1meSh1fter: Happy easter everyone! :)
DW_StaticLan: HELLO! Is there anybody out there?????
DW_KarmaKat: Last time I checked, some were still breathing. ;) And if you'd get on Ventrilo, you'd hear for yourself! Good to see you surface for some air of your own, Static! Come tell us how it's going! :D
DW_StaticLan: I'll be on tonight.
adridas: Hey, i´ve got a little problem. A friend bought UT2004 and i was like "go to death warrant chicago" :D buuuut she gets "IP adress has been banned". As i said, she didnt own the game before and its not cracked sooooo... what can she do? ty for your time ;)
DW_KarmaKat: Have your friend contact us at: clandw (at) She'll need to provide her UT GUID (this is NOT your cd-key!!!) so we can research the issue. Thank you!
adridas: Ahh ok. Thank you. Ok she will contact you ;)
VIPER: Whats with this link spam all over the place?.
Guest_9872: Hey its me again. My friend wrote a message to "Contact us - Admin". I dont know if that was the right way. If it is we can keep waiting. We have time. But if that was wrong where shall she send a message to exactly? Greetz from Germany ;) and thx for your time Karma.
adridas: ehh the message was from me forgot to send the name
adridas: Sorry, it´s me again :D could some1 please answer how to change the "UT GUID" to get my GF on UT2004 chicago :D as i said, she wrote to "contact us" but there is still no respond. She can ask again or whatever she has to do so... Pls answer xD I´d like to play UT :D :D thx
Silly_Warlock: You should probably mail DW_KarmaKat. About GUID- it corresponds to CD-key, so in order to change it you need to change CD-key.
Guest_6265: Thank you very much. I ll do it ;)
DW_KarmaKat: Adridas, as I mentioned previously, have your friend contact us using: or she can email me directly.
Guest_2600: Ye she wrote to . Sorry I couldnt find your email-adress. And also sorry for being so irritating.
DW_KarmaKat: We haven't received any email recently. I did fill out a sample in the "contact us" form here and it went through just fine. No need to shouldn't need to apologize for asking questions as long as they are legit. ;) Perhaps she should try using the Private Message system through the forums?
Guest_5466: hi ppl
Guest_5466: who's the main admin here pls :P
S0l4: Hey Guys! I've a little problem, I can't connect to your server because it says "Your IP-adress has been banned from this server". :O I already red about this problem and a friend of mine said I should contact "DW_KarmaKat" because she can help to solve it. My mail adress is "", I can be reached there for more information or anything else. :D Thanks a lot! <3
DW_KarmaKat: Hello! If you need Admin assistance, you may email us at: clandw (at)
DW_KarmaKat: UchihaSola, you have mail at your account! :)
Hordes.Of.Chaos: Hi all. When I try to log into the server pops up a window saying

" Connection failed Downloading package ' DM- GeometryV4f ' failed: Server Refused to"

Plz Help me !!
DW_KarmaKat: We are currently having some trouble with the server's redirect. This is the cause of the "server refused to send" error messages. Please bear with us while we work to fix this issue. Sorry you guys aren't getting your UT fix, but we'll get this ironed out as soon as possible. Thanks!
Hollywood: KarmaKat, thanks for the efforts at this late hour.... going to paypal to make a donation.
Hollywood: forgot to log in before donating, but you know who it's from. Good luck KarmaKat :P
DW_KarmaKat: Hollywood!! You are da bomb! Thanks so much!
DW_KarmaKat: Redirects for Monster Evo and both Monster Mash servers are now working again!! :D Thank you to everyone who reported in with their emails, screenshots and forum posts. That was a big help in localizing the issue. Now....go stomp some monsters! :)
Hollywood: KarmaKat; nicely done, you've saved my Friday night... LOL :D
Hollywood: Cornflakes and I just failed to kill Lucifer on Shooting Range... seems we could just not do enough damage as we are both pretty high level. Any advice to an AM on what to do on such an occasion? was using nrg flak +4 with double enchantment and still could not keep adren up (keep it up old man!).... suggestions welcomed
DW_KarmaKat: Currently, for those situations where you have only high level players alive, Piercing weapons will do the most damage. It may not be enough to keep your Adrenaline fully supplied, but you will do more damage with Piercing than with Energy in those types of situations. Other than that...tap dance very, VERY fast! ;D