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Re: Change Logs

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:30 pm
by DW_Ant
Here's the change log for March 4th, 2015:

Monster Assault RPG
  • Fixed life cord duration. At max level it's now 120 seconds instead of 360 seconds.
  • Experienced healing will ignore friendly fire from damage types that ignored friendly fire (such as titan rocks and poison sliths).
  • Experienced healing now ignores damage taken from Life Cord and Aegis.
  • Healing weapons' Experience Healing is multiplied by the map's experience multiplier.
ME RPG Expansion
  • Powered weapons do not work if your health is greater than your max health.
  • Powered weapons do not work when in adrenaline combo.
  • Powered weapons do not work when using Enhanced Armor.
  • Powered weapons do not work from friendly fire.
  • Powered weapons considers the user's resistances before applying adrenaline bonus.
  • Fixed decimal placement for magic weapon descriptions for Cautious Earth, Cautious Energy, and Cautious Feather.
DW Monster Assault
  • Revised loading screen tips.
  • Friendly fire will not prevent player monsters from teleporting.
  • New intro music: Dragon Wars Imoogi.
  • Added logs to help debug artifacts.
  • Revised requirements for player monsters.

Re: Change Logs

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 2:08 am
by DW_Ant
Needed to apply a quick fix.
Here's the change list for March 7th, 2015:

Monster Assault RPG
  • Experienced healing does not ignore map exp multiplier when map exp is less than 1.
  • Experienced healing for healing weapons does not amplify experienced healing based on map exp healing since it already was (previously the map exp multiplier was applied twice).
  • Field Medic ignores map exp multiplier (this was broken if you purchased Field Medic after Experienced Healing).
  • Fixed ability level assignment for Life Burst and Sphere of Regeneration (this was broken if you purchased ExperiencedHealing after purchasing FieldMedic)

Re: Change Logs

Posted: Sun May 24, 2015 3:26 pm
by DW_Ant
Here's the change list for May 24th, 2015:

Monster Assault RPG
  • Replaced Team Player stat with Monster Slayer stat (number of times you killed a player monster).
  • Replaced Contributor with Vicious Monster stat (number of times you killed a player when you're controlling a monster).
  • For Aegis: Min deactivation interval is now 1 second instead of 2 seconds.
  • For Aegis: Min recast interval is now 1 second instead of immediately.
  • Enhanced Armor now has a limited damage capacity (4k per level).
  • Enhanced Armor will not grant the Paladin health higher than 5k.
  • Enhanced Armor damage absorb credit is scaled with the monster's damage scaling.
  • You cannot reclaim Enhanced Armor back from entering vehicles.
  • Removed ability: Vehicle Vitality. Players who purchased this ability will be refunded stat points.
  • Supports can now summon skaarj warriors and skaarj troopers as long as their summon count is less than 3.
  • Doubled damage for Implosion.
  • Sacrifice mana cost is now 300 instead of 400.
  • Sacrifice does 10% damage per level to the caster instead of 15% damage per level to the caster.
  • Sacrifice's self damage ignores the berserker's damage perk.
  • High Metabolism sound FX and visuals are displayed correctly to other players (instead of displaying the Armor Supremacy FX).
  • Medkits' threat value is reduced by 50%.
  • Built a script to automatically purge inactive accounts.
  • TransMechanic artifact is not given to player monsters.
  • When unpossessing a vehicle, the vehicle's original controller is restored. This is only noticeable when unpossessing autoturrets.
  • Removed redundant sentence from Life Cord ability description.
ME RPG Expansion
  • New Mechanic ability: Reserve (Mechanic is granted protection for a few seconds to give them a chance to exit the turret before it's destroyed).
  • New Mechanic ability: Weapon Melt (Melts weapons for scrap metal).
  • New Mechanic ability: Sentry (Summons up to 3 sentries).
  • New Mechanic weapon: Inferno Weapons (automatically torches all nearby monsters).
  • Lucky Weapon Combos are built for Weapon Craftsman.
  • Piercing Weapon Combos are built for Weapon Craftsman.
  • Mechanic's weapon masteries are now 15, 50, 90, 170 instead of 0, 30, 70, 135*
  • Arctic Wisp does not target friendly units.
  • Firewalls from Scorched weapons does not damage teammates.
  • Fire Shield, Arctic Wisp, Scorched Weapons' fireballs, and Magma Weapons' fireballs does not cause damage to the user.
  • Magma weapons, Arctic Ward, Chromatic, Chromatic Ward weapons does not react to friendly fire.
  • Imbued Traps does not roll magic weapons when respawning.
  • Imbued Traps will not cause the client to lose their ability to select their deployment weapons after entering vehicles.
  • Craft Turret overrides the turret's max health (1k, 1.5k, 2k health).
  • Either "AltActivateItem DestroyTurrets" or "AltActivateItem Destroy Turrets" in the console will destroy turrets for the Craft Turret ability.
  • Mechanics cannot craft turrets underwater.
  • Doubled burn damage for Scorched Weapons.
  • Burn damage (per hit) for scorched weapons is now 4-4+Modifier instead of 2-2+modifier.
  • Scorched Weapons are now copiable.
  • Powered weapons now scale with the monster's damage scaling. It'll grant more adrenaline for taking damage from monsters with higher damage scaling.
  • Retaliation weapons' retaliation affect now considers the user's resistances.
  • Fixed Knockback Amrils.
  • Sentinels now repairs vehicles even if someone else is the driver.
  • Sentinels now repair Shock Turrets if the Mechanic is using it.
  • Mechanics cannot summon more than one Sentinel at once.
  • Max poison resistance for Sentinels is now 95% instead of 100%.
  • You can't spend mana to recall sentinels if there aren't any sentinels to recall.
  • The correct mana cost is displayed when attempting to recall sentinels.
  • Mechanics can now select a particular metal type to use for Metal Fission.
  • Metal Fission now displays metal cost on UI.
  • Distributor now displays metal cost on UI.
  • Fixed index offset for altactivateitem <number> for the Recycle ability.
  • EMP Artifact and TransMechanic are only supplied to players server-side.
DW Monster Assault
  • The artifact ordering menu is now working.
  • The Circular artifact option is now working.
  • Removed artifact debugging logs.
  • Resurrection events will not cause friendly player monsters to suicide if they are not out of lives (ie: the player controlling the sentry in Robot Factory).***
Smart Monster Pack
  • Giant Coilbag's guided projectiles are now replicated to clients (players should be able to see the projectiles' curved motion).
  • Alt fire for Shock Air Drones toggles fire on/off when controlled by a player.
  • Shock Air Drones can aim directly down.
  • Revised teleporting behavior for Wraiths and Hell Time Hunters
  • Revised teleporting behavior for player controlled Wraiths (alt fire).
  • Mech Titan considers inheritance when taking damage.
Smart Monster Pack Sample
  • Reduced monster dodging frequency.
  • Monsters can't cast curses to players if the monster can't see their target.
  • If the level designer specified, the monster will destroy all spells it casted when the monster is slain.
DW Assault Mapper Tools
  • New property to the Adv Monster Spawner. bClearSpellsWhenKilled will remove all spells the monster casted when it's slain.
  • Removed bToggleInvulnerability from old monster spawner (bToggleGodMode still exists).
  • Old monster spawner now supports simulating number of players.
  • Implemented GameRulesCriticalFPM (level designers can now specify which friendly player monsters are critical to the map. Criticial friendly player monsters will not be killed when the player controlling it disconnects or suicides. The monster instead becomes abandoned where another player can control it).
  • Implemented DynamicFPMUseTrigger (Allows other players to control an abandoned fpm monster).
  • Reduced opacity for Glacier Blight by 50%.
  • Implemented DWTeleporter (allows the teleporter to consider specific actors).
  • Implemented PRIRelicCheck. If the player's weapon stats and vehicle stats satisfy what the the level designer specified, the player is given the map's relic.
  • When possessing ASWeakerLinkTurrets, the turret will not eat the player's artifacts.
  • Revised Action_Inventory for easier inheritance.

We've hit a new record regarding number of map updates. This change list contains 14 map updates!

New map: Albatross!


Author: Ryan Brucks
Converted to Monster Assault by: DW>Ant

From the ancient days of the Tournament comes a classic 1on1 arena, renovated and redesigned to once again mediate in the fate of bloodshed. Do not be fooled by its ostensible simplicity, for those who command design will always dominate in this arena.

This map was originally built as a tutorial for the monster spawner. The tutorial became obsolete when the new monster spawner was built. This map was already converted to Monster Assault, might as well put this map on the server.

New map: Cirban!


Author: Evan 'acc' Miller
Converted to Monster Assault by: Chris

Get ready to increase your kill-count. Or your death-count.

This scenario recreates the Rising Rebellion of 2274, on the planet Lunaer IV.
Miners, brutally opressed by their ruling overlords, staged a coup d'etat on the city of Cirban under the banner of the Rising Class (RC).
By quickly disabling Cirban's power and communications center, city officials were never able to send off distress signals.
Without aid from the sister planets, Lunaer I-V, Cirban fell swiftly and surely into the hands of the RC forces.

New map: Mythology!


Author: Frase
Converted to Monster Assault by: Chris

I do not believe in myths. DO you?

In the days of Atlantis, a mythical creature was solidified and buried deep within the mountains.
Many centuries later, a force tunneled into the rock, building defensive tunnels along the way.
Disguised by the ancient surface, attackers were fortunate to find the location just in time to launch an attack on the project in hope of preventing the forces intentions of awakening the creature.

New map: Outpost!


Author: ZedeX
Converted to Monster Assault by: Chris

One last mission. One last takeover. Location: Planet Z. Life-expectancy: Low.

The invaders reached your Outpost on Planet Z and stopped the communication between the Outpost and the Headquarters.
Now we can't get any information about the enemy.
Your mission is to re-establish the communication.

New map: Tarydium Mine!


Author: SithNight
Converted to Monster Assault by: Chris

It shall not fall in the wrong hands. At all costs.

During the war against the Skaarj Tarydium Mines were high priorities, the Tarydium crystals were a main source for weapons and power. After the war most of the mines were destroyed to prevent any further mining of Tarydium as well as to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. Since some of the mines were privately owned a few of the owners refused to shut them down because of the high profit they got off them. They were warned, however, that there is a possibility they may be found by another race, be killed, and have their Tarydium stolen. Such a scenario was never a concern to the owners but to their surprise it became a reality. The Hellions have invaded a mine on the rocky shores of Silex Island. Your goal is to infiltrate the Tarydium mine and destroy the main power generator to prevent any further mining of Tarydium.

Castle is back!
The map roster cycled through 6467 maps since Castle was last played.


Author: Andreas 'LuckyStrike' Koehler
Converted to Monster Assault by: Chris

Castle returns!!! And this time the monsters are expecting you.

Can you infiltrate the castle tower and stop the monsters data transmission?

Heated Escort is back!
The map roster cycled through 58308 maps since Heated Escort was last played.


Author: DW>Ant

Forced away from your hometown, your squad crosses through this desert to unite your team with the Alliance several miles to the North. During your journey, you found the Red Valley Passage. A tribe of barbarians uses this passage for hunting. Going around will delay you for too long. With few options, your squad agreed to cut through the Red Valley. You've armed your rifles and ready the tanks. It is certain, that this ride will be bumpy.

All Time High is updated.**

Divine Fortress is updated.
  • Dead players can now gain exp from experience triggers.
  • Score requirement for experience triggers start in the negatives so players entering late in the game may still receive experience.
  • Can't trigger the cutscene if the wall did not break.
  • Added a vehicle teleporter at the front door so players can take the vehicles to the inner walls early.
  • The drivers of vehicles cannot take damage.
  • Sniper ledge does not blow up after the Mech Titan is killed.
  • Replaced classic sniper rifle with widowmaker.
  • Door ignores friendly fire.
  • Players can take an air drone shaft to the main gate to supply a temporary shield.
  • Replaced fire shield power up with an ability to cast curse Fatigue upon all hostile monsters.
  • Increased main gate's damage capacity from 20k to 35k.
Nocturne is updated.
  • Goro will not destroy the scorpion when it's slain.
  • Players cannot trigger the button that opens the second highway more than once (second time would have caused the scorpion to be destroyed).
Rancid Mountain is updated.**
  • Reduced number of monsters at the door trap section (beginning of second raft) by 75%.
  • Reduced exp from ice waillords.
  • After triggering the virus objective, the level limiter for damaging monsters is set to 0-50.
  • The monsters after the virus objective now have positive scoring values instead of 0.
  • Increased level requirement that disables the translocator spawn.
  • Decreased experience distribution for second half.
Robot Factory is updated.
  • God mode at the beginning is disabled seconds after the first cutscene (to prevent players from getting killed when falling).
  • Flipped recommended player levels order (400-100) is converted to (100-400).
  • Vehicles are visible by default (then turned off in game). This enables late joining players to see the vehicles.
  • Scoring value for turret objectives is now 0. Instead it's replaced by team experience triggers.
  • Scoring value for satellite is now 0. Instead it's replaced by a team experience trigger.
  • Reduced total amount of experience given from objectives in early part of map.
  • Invisibility is disabled early in the map.
  • Mech Titan's experience is increased.
  • Arctic Sentry's damage is increased by 250%.
  • Skaarj and Mercenaries under ion cannon is destroyed when the ion cannon is destroyed.
  • Sentry hack time for the four hold objectives is now 10 seconds each instead of 15 seconds each.
  • Added super adren pill and health pack at the beginning of countdown sequence.
  • Increased experience for destroying AI generator and beating the map.
  • Increased damage for guided ice skaarj projectiles.
  • Disabled dedicated monsters.
  • Added resurrection event after the AI Generator is destroyed.
  • Weakened minions between post AI Generator and the bosses at the end.
  • If the AI Generator is destroyed while the sentry is at the sentry spawn room, the sentry is teleported out of the room to prevent it from getting trapped in there.
  • Replaced ending progress volume with proximity objective.
Use of Weapons Level 7 is updated.
  • Monsters are not cleared at the end to prevent crashing.
Xenomorph Colony Part 2 is updated.**
  • Queen is now vulnerable after it gets burned.
  • Runners (in the tank part) score value is now 0.01 instead of full exp.
  • Added team experience trigger after the tank section.
  • Increased player monster predalien score and interval requirements.
  • Added lighting by super hp pickup by twin elevator shafts.
  • Reduced healing by 50% in first cargo area.


Special Thanks to Silly Warlock for reporting and solving some of the bugs!

* Change log was applied in between server updates.

** Contains other changes, but it's not posted here to avoid spoilers.

*** This log was reverted due to a critical bug discovered shortly after updates.

Re: Change Logs

Posted: Sat May 30, 2015 3:16 am
by christmas
Monster Assault RPG
Monster Slayer stat (number of times you killed a player monster).
Vicious Monster stat (number of times you killed a player when you're controlling a monster).[/quote]
i want my contributor stat back :devil: :devil: :devil:
Enhanced Armor now has a limited damage capacity (4k per level).
Enhanced Armor will not grant the Paladin health higher than 5k.
Enhanced Armor damage absorb credit is scaled with the monster's damage scaling.[/quote]
good consideration making it related to damage.(who got this idea??? :slipssealed: )
from testing, its impossible to estimate when EnhancedArmor breaks.
you should consider making a HUD for it.
ps: 4k dmg absorbed/lvl is low.

Removed ability: Vehicle Vitality. Players who purchased this ability will be refunded stat points.[/quote]

[*]Doubled damage for Implosion.[/quote]
Implosion keeps getting buffed each update.....seriously.

Sacrifice mana cost is now 300 instead of 400.
Sacrifice does 10% damage per level to the caster instead of 15% damage per level to the caster.
Sacrifice's self damage ignores the berserker's damage perk.[/quote]
good enough. ps: Players who purchased this ability + 100 extra adr-bonus will be refunded stat points?

High Metabolism sound FX and visuals are displayed correctly to other players (instead of displaying the Armor Supremacy FX).[/quote]

Medkits' threat value is reduced by 50%.[/quote]
good enough.
a better improvement would be to relate it:
a. to the paladin's rank
b. to the level of the ability


Re: Change Logs

Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 9:34 pm
by DW_Ant
Here's the change list for May 31, 2015:

DW Monster Assault
  • Added client prediction for browsing artifacts. Browsing artifacts should feel instantaneous.
  • Refactored Resurrection events.
  • Resurrection events should not cause critical friendly player monsters to suicide.
Monster Assault RPG
  • All spirits reduces external damage by 50%. They do not reduce damage transferred from protection auras.
  • Suicides do not increment the Monster Slayer and Vicious Monster stats.
  • Restarted Monster Slayer and Vicious Monster stats.
ME RPG Expansion
  • New Mechanic ability: Resupply (Regenerates ammo for all weapons).
  • New Mechanic ability: Turret Mastery (Amplifies damage output when using turrets, and increases user defense when inside a turret).
Smart Monster Pack
  • BioBud monsters now spawn death actors when slain.
  • DW Titan's projectile speed is scaled with the titan's size
  • Gunwalkers and Goros custom skins are replicated to clients
DW Assault Mapper Tools
  • New actor: HealingZone. Regenerates targets within its collision radius.
  • PRIRelicCheck actor works even if the weapon requirements array is empty.
  • PRIRelicCheck actor will consider inheritance when checking vehicle requirements.

New map: Grand Canyon Night
Author: Anonymous
Converted to Monster Assault by: DW>Ant

Upon returning to the grand canyon, you found hostile forces settling in the canyon once more. This time, you sense a darker energy amidst. The plan is to put an end to this curse, and flood the city once more.

I had this map in development a long time ago. I stopped development when the someone else beat me to converting this map. The last two weekends I decided to finish up on my conversion since I was near completion.

Cirban is updated.
  • Change list is not available here.

Heated Escort is updated.
  • Added two resurrection shrines at the beginning.
  • Added trailers behind drone spawn.
  • Added recharging station for air drone at the beginning.
  • Removed spawn delay for shield packs.
  • Added health spawns at beginning.
  • The electric dragon is replaced by a fire dragon if there are only 2 or less players on the server (due to lightning resistant monsters).
  • Added dead body over knocked down sign.
  • Added shock turret by shield packs.
  • Amplified health for Helix vehicle.

Re: Change Logs

Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:04 pm
by DW_Ant
Here's the change list for June 13, 2015:

Monster Assault RPG
  • Mechanics can now purchase rank III.
  • Trans Mechanic ability now costs 2 stat points instead of 10.
  • Experience Triggers does not multiply the experience reward with the dead player multiplier if the player is not out of lives.
ME RPG Expansion
  • New Mechanic ability: Vehicle Bomb (Plant a bomb inside a vehicle, and it will detonate when the vehicle is demolished).
  • New Mechanic ability: Demolitions (Upgrades the user's grenade launcher to fire faster, reduce cooldown, and enhance explosion radius)
  • New Mechanic ability: Vigilante (Gives the Mechanic protection while holding a deployment weapon).
  • Max level for Resupply is now 3 instead of 4.
  • Armor Shards are now easier to spot (extra shiny).
DW Monster Assault
  • The event: MEPlayersDefeated is called when all players are killed.
  • Implemented new custom localized messages to have level designers to be able to have monsters chat.
Smart Monster Pack
  • Fixed custom melee attacks.
  • Goros now have an animation to play when performing a custom melee attack.
  • Bio Bud monsters can now damage multiple adjacent targets with melee attacks (just like other monsters already do).

All Time High is updated.
  • Removed debugging messages from all spawners to reduce log spam.
Grand Canyon is updated.
  • Scoring value for monsters prior to the giant titan is now 1 instead of 0.6.
  • Vents no longer crush players.
  • Added resurrection event before Ion Turret fight.
  • Removed doorway to weapon locker by the lift controls.
  • The pile of boxes by lift controls is no longer floating.
  • Added blocking volume around pile of boxes to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Doorway to the hallway closes when the lift controls are destroyed.
  • Added shark and ripper ammo by second objective.
  • Added weapon locker in shield generator building.
  • Reduced monster health by the lift.
  • Reduced monster damage by the lift.
  • Removed Ubi Rifle.
  • Revised giant titan boss fight.
  • Nali fighters by the cave locks are vulnerable to any attack.
  • Respawn delay for Ion Tanks is now 120 seconds instead of 3 seconds.
  • Added more stepping stones by cryo rifle to make it easier to jump out of there.
  • Added blocking volume around a wedge by cryo weapon to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Added more lighting by Cryo spawn.
  • Removed Energy Lance ammo by Cryo spawn.
  • The Necromancer speaks to the players.
  • Added moles, shrikes, advanced shrikes in forest area (based on number of players).
  • The necromancer boss now summons infinite weak skeletons.
  • Added team experience triggers for completing objectives.
  • Fixed explosion for destroying the Phantom Source.
  • Set global ambient light to 3.
  • Added resurrection event when the players jump down to the cave.
  • Added location names to each zone.
  • Forgottens team name is now the same as the Necromancer.
  • Removed simplified collision over the giant rock pillar that's covering the wall corner (by the giant titan boss fight).
  • Maledicts the Necromancer summons now have -50% cold resistance.
  • Monsters by the shield generator still spawn even if you decide to skip the lift triggers.
Tarydium Mine is updated.
  • Change list is not available here.

Re: Change Logs

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:42 am
by christmas
for those having trouble connecting to the server, since there is a problem with the re-direct server (which is expected to be restored shortly), you can get the required files from here:

[mod=DW_KarmaKat]I've removed the link. Redirect is now working properly. Do follow Christmas' advice about removing any files you might have installed manually. There will be conflicts with any future updates to Monster Evo and you won't be able to connect until you remove the files involved. Thanks for temporarily hosting that stuff Christmas![/mod]

these are all the files of the latest update 14-jun-2015 (which cant be found at the re-direct)

Just place files as is into the respective folders.

note: Once re-direct is fixed, it would be smart to remove these files (you got from here),
and automatically re-download these files from the re-direct.
These files here are safe to be used until next server update takes place.
Once next server update takes place, these files will cause you not to be able to connect to the server.

Re: Change Logs

Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 7:46 pm
by DW_Ant
Here's the change list for November 7, 2015:

ME RPG Expansion
  • New Necromancer ability: Soul Tap (Tag a monster to gain adrenaline whenever the monster is slain regardless who killed it).
  • New Mechanic ability: Energy Drone (Summon a ghost drone to harvest energy and scrap metal from monsters).
  • New Mechanic ability: Smart Deployment (The mechanic becomes immune to self damage from deployment weapons).
  • Summon Forgottens now cost 20 mana instead of 40.
  • Ethereal Forgottens now cost 40 mana instead of 80.
  • Skeletal Mage health and damage increased by 50% (this applies for champions, too).
  • Summoned Champions now have client-side hit sounds.
  • Every 30 seconds, the summoned champions will automatically be notified how much damage they need to do to be resurrected.
  • Mechanic's class perk will not retaliate against friendly fire.
  • Ghost of Anguish now cost 5 per level instead of 8 per level.
  • Ghost of Anguish explosion radius is now 15% per level instead of 10% per level.
  • Ghost of Anguish damage is now 100 per level instead of (50 + (25 * level))
  • Tainted Summons now cost: 5, 2, -1, -4 instead of 5 per level.
  • Weapon Craftsman now costs 3 per level instead of 15 per level.
  • Rejuvenating Waters weapon now increments 1 health, shield, adren, and ammo per 20 seconds per modifier.
  • Chromatic weapons are now copiable.
  • Chromatic weapons will grant the user 1 adrenaline per modifier per victim every other second instead of 1 adrenaline per victim every other second.
  • Modified grenades through the demolitions ability will not detonate from friendly fire.
  • Fixed error message when attempting to curse Iron Maiden from a vehicle.
Monster Assault RPG
  • Magic weapon makers now refund adrenaline if the user crafted a non magic weapon.
  • Prevented the ability from losing exp.
DW Monster Assault
  • Browsing through artifacts is handled client-side to remove lag and client server arguing. NOTE: This will break functionality if you use keyboard macros. If your macros rely on "SelectAbility" followed by an "ActivateItem" command, the command will not work as expected since browsing is handled client side, and the server will activate the previously selected item due to latency. Use ServerActivateArtifact and ServerAltActivateArtifact instead to immediately activate artifacts without having to browse to them.
  • Fixed browsing through artifacts when inside vehicles.
  • Implemented PlayLocalizedSound ability (demonstrated with local sound played through Soul Tap ability).
Smart Monster Pack
  • Increased melee range for player monster Wraiths.

Re: Change Logs

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:16 pm
by DW_Ant
Here's the change list for April 30th, 2016:

ME RPG Expansion
  • New Rank I Mechanic ability: Charged Field. Deploys a stationary turret that automatically shoots a variety of lightning attacks towards the nearest hostile.
  • New Rank III Mechanic ability: Weapon Fabricator. Grants user the ability to roll a weapon of their choosing (limited uses and doubled mana cost compared to Zerk's magic weapon maker).
  • New Rank III Mechanic ability: Armor Regeneration. Passively regenerates armor.
  • New Rank IV Mechanic ability: Polarized Fields. Allows user to possess at most 2 charged fields simultaneously.
  • New Rank IV Mechanic ability: Powered Translocator. Passively powers your translocator (faster launch speed, becomes indestructible, greater ammo recharge rate, and greater ammo capacity).
  • Removed Mechanic ability: EMP Field.
  • Removed Necromancer ability: Monster Possession. Stat points are refunded if you've purchase this ability. See DWMonsterAssault section for the reason why.
  • Cursing monsters is now a lot easier! There's a tolerance accuracy level, and you can now curse through friendly monsters and players. The monster closest to your crosshair becomes the cursed victim.
  • Reduced Summon Skeletal Mage strength by 25% (damage and health)
  • Soul Tap now gives 50% of the monster's Scoring Value instead of full scoring value.
  • AltActivateItem for Poison Ward now pauses the ability so that Venom Containment can take affect (similar to how Armor Supremacy works).
  • Fixed damage formula for Ghost of Anguish (before all ghost damage was doing level 1 damage).
  • Reduced Ghost of Anguish's damage by 25%.
  • Tainted Summons can now be used 8 times.
  • Tainted Summons now cost 6 mana per monster (instead of 50).
  • Energy Drone stat cost is now 7 per level instead of 10, 7, 4, 1.
  • Energy Drone rank requirements is now 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of 1, 1, 2, 3.
  • Reduced Energy Drone adrenaline reward by 50%.
  • Increased Energy Drone charge and discharge time by 50%.
  • Energy Drones can now chase targets when you select a target while inside a vehicle.
  • Energy Drones can now supply metal parts to the Mechanic regardless if the Mechanic is inside a vehicle or not.
  • Energy Drones now return back to the Mechanic instead of the vehicle when returning from a harvest.
  • Energy Drones will now mirror their negative Z-Velocity when it's approaching the zone's ZKill (prevents drones from disappearing when reaching too close to the bottom of the map such as Convoy, Thrust, and Argento).
  • Reduced Energy Drone's charge and discharge FX's opacity by 25%.
  • Sentinels now repair any nearby vehicle if it's empty or not. The sentinel will prioritize the vehicle the follow target is in. Then it'll prioritize based on closest vehicle and if it's empty or not.
  • Sentinel supplies are available for the public after 2 seconds instead of 6 seconds.
  • Removed Sentinel reserved message when the supply is not available for the public.
  • Sentinel supply drops always gives threat to the Mechanic regardless who the sentinel is following.
  • Rocket sentries are available at level 6 instead of 5.
  • Gatling sentries are available at level 11 instead of 10.
  • Fixed bug with Mechanic's hud that's easier to describe with an image:
  • Abilities that gives metal (such as Recycle, Weapon Melt, and Vehicle Salvage) now displays how much metal this ability will provide on the Mechanic's HUD.
  • Reduced Metal Fission adrenaline launch velocity by 75%.
  • Metal Fission adrenaline launch velocity is amplified 5 times when used while the game is over.
  • Nano Regenerative Ammo now costs 6, 5, 4 stat points instead of 6 per level.
  • Minimum modifier for Weapon Craftsman is now 1 per every other level. This does not set the magic weapon's modifier greater than its max modifier.
  • Weapon Craftsman cannot use copiable weapons more than once to generate other weapons (instead of noncopiable weapons).
  • Weapon Craftsman now records used weapons instead of generated weapons.
  • Added quick filter for Weapon craftsman's view recipe menu, where the filters are set based on the user's current weapon possession and weapon availability.
  • Fixed Weapon Craftsman's view recipe UI's filter's initial scroll position when using a quick filter.
  • Weapon Craftsman's view recipe UI's select all/none button is now a toggle instead of 2 buttons.
  • Weapon Craftsman's workshop UI now tags which weapon was used or not.
  • Added Weapon Craftsman UI page where the user can view all used weapons regardless which are in possession or not.
  • Fixed rare crash when viewing the Weapon Craftsman's create weapon confirmation page.
  • The Mechanic's modified grenade launcher now prevents user from picking up more than one grenade launchers (exluding weapon lockers).
  • Sacrilegious and Divine weapons now transfer to the nearest teammate when then previous user is slain.
  • Fixed damage formula with Chromatic Ward weapons.
  • Chromatic weapons no longer gives mana for poisoning zero score monsters.
  • Chromatic weapons only gives 1 mana per poison hit (instead of 1 mana per modifier per poison hit).
  • Doubled healing ratio for Vampirism weapons.
  • Retaliation weapons are now copiable.
  • Rejuvenating Waters ammo regeneration is now amplified by the user's ammo bonus.
  • Fixed Rejuvenating Waters description (it now states 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds).
  • Revised ability description for Enforced Hull.

Monster Assault RPG
  • Recall now costs 10 stat points per level instead of 15 per level.
Smart Monster Pack/Sample
  • Fire Drones' flamethrower damage is now 30-90 damage per second instead of 10-60.
  • Increased Fire Drones' fireball speed by 40%.
  • Increased Fire Drones' fireball splash radius by 40%.
  • Fixed flamethrower burning scale for Fire Air Drones with draw scale not equal to default.
  • Fixed ambient smoke FX for Fire Air Drones with draw scale not equal to default.
  • The falling death animation from Warlords will not double the killing bonuses when slain. This prevents doubled bonuses such as 2 souls for Necros, doubled mana for Supports (adren surge), doubled healing for Zerks (perk), and doubled metal drops from robot Warlords.
  • Ridable Electric dragons no longer deals friendly fire damage with their branched lightning beams.
  • Fixed MonsterName property for Advanced Huge Arctic Slith (use to say Advanced Huge Toxic Slith).
DW Monster Assault
  • All players now spawn with up to 3 reclamation coins! This value resets to up to 3 after each resurrection. If you have more than 3, then resurrections will not cause you to lose reclamation coins.
  • Entering vehicles will not cause you to lose or switch artifact selection.
  • Curses will not cause the player to switch artifact selection.
DW U2 Weapons
  • EMP Grenade Launcher now does 83 damage instead of 117.
DW Assault Mapper Tools
  • New curse: StaticDischarge - Reduces the victim's lightning resistance.

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Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 7:25 am
by El_Salvador_503
Hi all, hows everyone been. Im back and playing abit more hope to see you guys at Evo! :D