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Well here we are again with another update to the front page of DW. This time not by choice. The old code was corrupted and we have made it to the Google ban list again so ready or not, NOT! Here we are. I don't think there was any risk to users here just the site. There are multiple issues that we are still having with the new site, from things not displaying correctly on the front page because of code conflicts to the loss of some of the information in the forums. Upon this writing I can't test it till the move but I have a feeling that besides uploaded attachments being fubar that all internal links are going to come up bad also. I'm not sure either of these is fixable without just manually going through everything, don't see that happening. For the most part we should be really close to not having lost any data in the forums, anything that was saved in the front pages and profiles will be a loss. Sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully we'll get some of these other problems worked out in short order. Questions, comments or suggestions can be taken up in the forums.


DW>KarmaKat KecAkrobat, as long as you install UT2004 using the same cd-key as the one you used for your laptop, you should be fine. If you have a new/different cd-key, then you'll be starting as a new player. Please drop us an email for further details on character restorations. Thanks! Uncategorized (20.07.17, 18:43)(18:00)
DW>KarmaKat Butcher, email has been sent! Great to see ya! Uncategorized (20.07.17, 18:39)(18:00)
KecAkrobat Im playing on laptop and wanr to buy PC what do i do to play with same name and to stay same lvl. thx Uncategorized (18.07.17, 19:32)(18:00)
Guest Hi, It's Butcher, could one of you be kind enough to send me the server info fo ventrilo, I'd like to get back on the server. Also, I fell asleep at the keyboard so I really hope I didn't send anything previously to this. Uncategorized (17.07.17, 01:03)(18:00)
DW>KarmaKat Hi! Drop us an email at: clandw (at) clandw (d0t) org and we'll shoot ya the Ventrilo information. Thanks! Uncategorized (07.07.17, 19:13)(18:00)
Guest Hi, what is the ventrilo password again? Uncategorized (05.07.17, 01:37)(18:00)
Guest Ferp Uncategorized (01.07.17, 02:26)(18:00)
DW>KarmaKat BREAKING NEWS!!! Top Secret Climate Project Exposed…Participants Being Sent Back “DownStairs” It was learned today that a super secret climate change experiment initiated by the N.E.G. had failed miserably. The project head and his assistant have been exposed as fakes and are being relocated to warmer environs as punishment for their lack of results. “I thought our lab attire was FABULOUS”, said Mr. Lucifer, project lead. He further added, “We could’ve used a bigger freezer for the snowballs, though”. When questioned, his lab assistant, MiniB, laughed then farted out the most obnoxious cloud of green gas. This reporter theorizes that the gas emitted most likely cancelled out any chill gains from Mr. Lucifer’s abundant snowy missiles. This extreme lack of progress in global cooling is rumored to be the ultimate reason for their suspension. Agents of the Liandri Mining Corporation were identified as the original source of this tip but we have been unable to discover any further details on those responsible. However, we did manage a short interview with the persons running the testing facility. They were reluctant to give specifics but did indicate that the likelihood that something like this would occur again was very high indeed. Uncategorized (15.06.17, 21:00)(18:00)
DW>KarmaKat Seriously though…a true comedy of errors has ensued and I deeply apologize for the amount of snowballs you’ve all had to endure. Some events were out of my control and others, while in my purview, coincided with some real world issues. In other words…life happened to get in the way of me doing my due diligence. Thank you all for your continued support of Death Warrant! It means a lot that you guys enjoy playing on our servers year after year!  Uncategorized (15.06.17, 20:59)(18:00)
Guest Uncategorized (05.06.17, 11:05)(18:00)
Guest Uncategorized (05.06.17, 11:04)(18:00)
Guest Uncategorized (05.06.17, 11:00)(18:00)
Skittles Uncategorized (05.06.17, 10:57)(18:00)
DW>KarmaKat MUCH better, Skittles!! Thank you!! Uncategorized (05.06.17, 08:26)(18:00)
Guest hmmmm Uncategorized (05.06.17, 04:23)(18:00)
Skittles Test Uncategorized (05.06.17, 04:22)(18:00)
GiddyUP Well...this is new! Uncategorized (05.06.17, 02:25)(18:00)