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Early Mother's Day Surprise for Luci and Friends! In a surprise visit to MM Server 2, Lucifer’s Mum arrived amid deafening thunderclaps and great gouts of flame. Wherein she promptly took her errant son by the horn and, unfortunately for him, Lucifer’s best bud MiniB by the ear and marched them out onto the deck. “Much wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard”, said next door neighbor T. Slith. “I even saw the head of a fiery pitchfork over the fence!”, commented Mr. Slith’s flat mate Angus (no last name given). In the resulting conversation between Mum and Hell’s minions, it has been determined that the lower realms have ceased to be frozen over and the forecast will be sunny with not a chance in Hell of meatballs. Fireballs, on the other hand, are a distinct possibility!


DW>KarmaKat MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!! (25.12.2017, 03:25) (03:25) 0
DW>KarmaKat Ooops...well....the email address you used to sign up to the forums isn't valid anymore as it just bounced back to me. Send me an email with a good address for you and I'll edit your account. (23.12.2017, 04:11) (04:11) 0
DW>KarmaKat Terra, I've sent you an email. Hope it helps! (23.12.2017, 04:08) (04:08) 0
Terra cant login for some name and pass were saved/remembered but they dont seem to work and i cant post anything (05.12.2017, 14:09) (14:09) 0
Guest Hello guys! I am from hungary. Who is the boss here? The owner. Can we do a business conference? :D (23.11.2017, 19:16) (19:16) 0
Malcolm I don’t suppose you have a secret escape hatch in here anywhere? No? Then I suggest you run …. RUN!!!!! (22.10.2017, 03:25) (03:25) 0
StoryBot Malcolm opens the conference room door…looking down the hallway. (22.10.2017, 03:24) (03:24) 0
Malcolm I don’t give a flyin’ nalicow about your problems! Thunder Crash are the champions that the Tournaments deserve and we will prevail whether or not your precious company is attached to us or not! Huh!?!? What the hell is that noise? Sounds like Axon pukes screaming for mercy…. (22.10.2017, 03:24) (03:24) 0
Liandri Exec Now look here Malcolm! We’re not made of money and you’ll take what we give or you can find a new sponsor!! (22.10.2017, 03:23) (03:23) 0
StoryBot ….within the Liandri Corporation HQ… (22.10.2017, 03:22) (03:22) 0
Diva I know you get misty remembering past battles, Asp, but where is that fog coming from? This is a freaking desert! (21.10.2017, 20:08) (20:08) 0
StoryBot …and on SunTemple…. (21.10.2017, 20:08) (20:08) 0
Baird Eh! Bet one of those Nightmare dimwits left a door open. Probably that fancy pants Mr. Crow, more scattered than flak-shot, that one! (20.10.2017, 09:47) (09:47) 0
Ophelia Hey…I thought this place was shielded! Do you feel that cold draft? (20.10.2017, 09:47) (09:47) 0
StoryBot ….in a secure location…somewhere in the bowels of a frosty Deck 17…. (20.10.2017, 09:46) (09:46) 0
DW>KarmaKat Servers should be back now. Work being done at our co-locator apparently tripped a building wide power shutdown. It would seem things are still a little unstable. Not sure what's up with the contact form issue here on the website, we'll check that out. Thanks! (07.10.2017, 02:08) (02:08) 0
Guest Hope the servers haven't died (07.10.2017, 00:34) (00:34) 0
Guest And the SMTP server the contact form uses can't authenticate to send messages. =/ (07.10.2017, 00:34) (00:34) 0
Guest Servers down? (07.10.2017, 00:30) (00:30) 0
Guest yeah whats up with the servers (06.10.2017, 22:55) (22:55) 0