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by RTKintaro
Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:11 am
Forum: UT2004 General Discussion
Topic: Skins and Models! Show Us Some Skins!
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Re: Skins and Models! Show Us Some Skins!

Have been using YourPackage's UT3-to-UT2k4 Character exports (Currently only at Beta 1.9 release) And occasionally one of the KOS-MOS models - though the blue-haired version without the wings in the pack doesn't work online, haven't figured out w...
by RTKintaro
Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:50 pm
Forum: INV: Monster Mash
Topic: Post Your Screenshots (For INV)
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Re: Post Your Screenshots (For INV)

Just a little while ago on Chicago 1. Not quite a complete backflip. Actually looks like it's about to fail, spectacularly.
by RTKintaro
Thu May 21, 2009 10:07 pm
Forum: INV: Monster Mash
Topic: Kill Messages Suggestions
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Re: Kill Messages Suggestions

% was force fed a PB&J sandwich. % wanted to feel the power between [his/her] legs. (Suicide by Redeemer). % felt %'s power. (When pulverized by another players Redeemer or other super weapon). % tried to ride their Redeemer like a trusty steed. % tried playing "Ride the Bull" with a R...