Limitations to Energy Leech?

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Hi all, my character is an Adrenaline Master and I was doing some testing earlier today, trying to figure out why I was having such a difficult time keeping my Globe of Invulnerability active. I was testing Energy Leech, I am maxed in Energy Leech so I was wondering why the damage I was doing was seemingly having no effect on my adrenaline drain rate.

My question is: Does energy leech only regenerate adrenaline when you are not using an artifact? I checked the wiki for the answer but it simply stated energy leech's effect is: "Whenever you damage another monster/player, you gain 1% of the damage as adrenaline. Each level increases this by 1%. (Max Level: 5)"

Also, a side question is how much extra damage does a weapon do for each +1?

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The energy leech ability doesn't function when you are using an artifact (e.g. Globe, Boots, etc.) or running a combo (Booster).

Edit: The amount of extra damage any weapon deals per +1 varies dependent on the weapon's magic weapon type. For example, Vorpal grants +10% per modifier level, but most weapons are more like 2-5%.
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