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The First Of Us

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:35 pm
by NahasapeemapetiloN1k
IT GO's TO 1000!!
It took me 6 months of playtime (over 10 years) mowing down monsters, working with a team, looking for gold, enduring countless deaths, nuking the place, and killing luci every day :devil: .(sometimes killing flys alone waiting for a player to join to try and get a game going :doh: )
I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! (i've spent 6 months of time in much worse ways) :beer:
(When do i get my DW 1000 Baseball cap?) :bigsmile:

I have been streaming some games on twitch in hopes of attracting any new or old players to the server.
( 10 or 15 years too late perhaps)I will keep at it regardless(work in progress) .My twitch name is NahasapeemapetiloN1000 UT2004 category of course. :flower:

Playing so much can drive a person mad (ex: having a bad weapon set while others have top weapons and wont copy)
I was gonna make a long list of player names, the naughty and the nice.
The nice list would be to long and the naughty list would be too short.
One thing ive learned from playing so much is that everyone should play how they want (no talking no sharing whatever they please)
Have all the fun you can have all the time.(but keep in mind the effects of karma are very prominent in this game)
Thank You DW! and all the players that

(Special TY to currently active players)(I will forget many but here goes)
MOOKE (OG that started over at lvl 25 for all our benifits)
Briantheeverything (knows everything and helps in every capacity)
Peter_PL (Many mornings helped me with out me even asking)
Florimel (Fantasic player makes/shares weapons and can beat me on scoreboard)
Blown Up (Shows up in the wee hours when theres no chance,,, to make pierce ftw)
]Rough (Changes 4 diff characters on the fly to make server playable)
Suzi_uzi (called her wall mart or amazon the other day)
SD)Diver (Great Am and pro Diver)
TehRawrs (One of the first Adrenaline masters i ever saw when i started here)
Wine_flu (Classic Am Many years of weapons making)
Savagesarge (told me about insane creepy movie called mandy and is a helpful/entertaining teammate)
Axel (even though i think he trolls me and is the joker to my batman)
GamefanZYX (Fly tank master)
Cape_Law ( Helpfull am always good to have on team)
Trotyl (told me that i should try streaming on twitch)
FogDog (Helped me for a few weeks at key moments then vanished)
X_is my name (Made the most weapons for others out of anyone on both servers)
SharpJr (New player that did not speak english well, won me over by being a more helpful am than the high lvl am that shall remain unnamed, that was in the server at the time)
Azifel (Again new player that was super helpful at the right time)
Keith_From_Canada (best name on server)
Thank you to the other guys that are so close to joining the 1000 club.
Whos Next?
Lets keep this great game alive as long as we can.

Re: The First Of Us

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 5:56 pm
by DW_WailofSuicide
That's awesome Naha, congratulations on making it to Level 1000. Just in time for the full server reset that will be taking place on June 31st 2019. Enjoy!

Just kidding. In any case, I would love to be able to do some server updates to make things a bit nicer for you all. Perhaps turn off level-based monster scaling? Maybe make it an option that can be voted on. Not sure.

Re: The First Of Us

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:43 pm
by NahasapeemapetiloN1k
Ty Wail , I got a bit excited for the reset tbh, :devil:
So great to hear from you, and the idea of possible changes on the horizon is awesome. :yes: (maybe some sort of pierce maker or a drop of monster lvl max to like 180 or 190)I think its at 240? if thats the way it works.)
Its scary to think about changing something that has worked so
well for so long ,But the players are few so it may help rather than cause new issues.

Heres a link from twitch to the video of the moment I hit 1000
exactly at 20:19 to commemorate the year :evilgrin: :star:

Re: The First Of Us

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:48 pm
by DW_WailofSuicide
Yeah I actually saw this issue coming years ago (like... 2009 years ago). What I'd like to do is make things vote-able but I don't really know if I would want to dip back into UT2004 modding seriously to go about doing that. On the other hand, doing something to just reduce the enemy level scaling overall is doable without delving too deeply into development.

Re: The First Of Us

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:19 pm
by NahasapeemapetiloN1k
Good games are still happening , we just have to farm them and wait for them to grow. :flower:
How about a test of max monster @ 185-195-200 ext ext till find the sweet spot (Just for a few days,hours? to see what its like)I think many wont even notice.
we do have globe and pierce ,double thing, nukes,vorp,poison,hiding, so you dont want to make to easy.
I think a big part of the reason the server is still active in 2019 is the insane difficulty!(in fact a player said that yesterday)
Edit> Flora just suggested simply making the mwm more abundant . (this would work nice if its possible)

Re: The First Of Us

Posted: Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:32 pm
by Stealth
Grats Naha.