cypressx using portal gun to kill teammates

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in tanked, cypressx is using portal gun to teleport teammates near monsters
it might be ok for high level players, but for low level players trying to level up, they could be instantly killed (died 4-5 times when teleported while crafting weapons)

he is even admitting it in chat

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I was there, and when he would shoot a portal under me it would just send me to kill the monsters faster.
So Im guilty of laughing and enjoying the fun, I remember saying " best use of portal gun ever"
( to be clear,I didnt know he killed you i was talking about how I was popping up in diff -places)
But its wrong to do this to players trying to lvl up and play serious. I think he learned his lesson and wont do it again.
I apologize for participating in this moral turpitude.
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