Hello DW! My map: DM-VaporRevB-MM (Vapor Mining Plant)

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Hi gang. I have been playing on MonsterMash Server 2 for a while now (level 306 WM) and have decided to sign up for the fourms. And as a housewarming gift, I present to you this map that I made seven years ago, but never distributed it to more than one server.
The reason why I haven't done this earlier was because this map was stuck on an old windows XP system that was horribly infected with Vundo. As such, it takes forever to start it up and even longer to get access to the C drive. So I finally got off my ass and got my old maps transferred over. This is one of them.
Not to worry about the virus, it infected only system files, and when I copied my maps over I scanned them with two different antiviruses, edited them slightly on this computer (windows vista) and saved them as new files under different names. So i'm confident they are clean.

I modified this from the original, non MM version in these ways: Added adren spots, added mp5 (weapon base for AR), added nuke layer, added steorra to secret spot. I didn't make either of them easy to get (nuke mines are in a spot that hurts you, and good luck finding secret spot without being shown or looking in editor :devil:)

I sent a copy to Bomzin already, but while I'm waiting on his reply I'm posting it here for anyone to try out.

Here it is: Vapor Mining Plant on Saturn

zip size: 5.63 MB
map size: 13.2 MB
texture package size: 5.9 MB
total unzipped size 18.6 mb (sorry :sdoh: )
if there are any problems with the map or custom textures let me know.
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Very nice map Crazy. I liked traveling via vapors in the pipes.
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It's a really awesome map. The attention to detail excels from what most mappers submit.
We would love to have your map on the server, however there are some minor issues that needs to be addressed before it goes live on the server.

  • The 25 fast adrenaline pills respawn too quickly. Your map should not allow players to gain more than 5 adrenaline per second in a safe location.
    What you could do is delete one of super adren pills and increase the spawn time to 5 seconds, or keep both of them but increase the spawn time to about 10.
  • You also have too many pickups. Each pickup takes up a channel. It's a networking thing. The more channels you have, the greater risk for packetloss. Try deleting some repetitive pickups:
    -1 ammo pickup per weapon. You can decrease the spawn time for ammo if you want.
    -The clusters of adrenaline pills should be replaced with a super adrenaline pill.
    -Reduce the number of health vials.
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