Here's a specific forum for discussing potential maps, maps that need a vacation and optimizations and modifications for better playability.
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1337 Haxor
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Started a new thread.

My comment is I LOVE IT.

Low fps for me but I have an old slow computer 7900 gs ko card.

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IMO it's a terrible map. Should have stayed with UT3 and rot in video game hell.
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It is a pretty good map, much better than many of the more popular maps on the server anyway (2 versions of Spambox, 2 versions of Deathdome, 2 versions of Bitchslap, Grit Nights TMU, Minus-TMU-Nightwolf, Gunshop, etc).

What I don't like:

Spider Mines (bandwidth wasters)
EONS Scorpion (trivializes movement between nodes)
Jump Boots (just annoying & unnecessary)
Relatively low performance at the center nodes (it's not terrible but it could be better)
Suicide Nukes

What I am curious about

The permalocked nodes. I think the map might play even better if they were converted to primaries, which link to the current near primaries (which would become secondaries). Just a thought...
1337 Haxor
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Team last night was able to comeback after getting a few core hits off or own with little concentration on forward nodes which happens rarely in this stage of the game.I feel like the game play is excellent on this map with plenty of room for the sniping etc that's needed by some.

Low fps for me kill off any action at all in the middle nodes I just heal something or run away from that area.

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Played this map for the first time the other week. Personally I think it is awesome. Always fun to see a new map being played on the server for sure!
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