Origin of your in game name?

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Hey guys, I was just thinking today about some of the names I've been seeing lately, and how I'm sure they have meaning somewhere and to someone even though I have no clue what they mean or what they stand for. So let's hear about your in game name and where it came from.

I'll start off. Back in the mid to late 80's, when 300 baud modems were all the rage, I got hooked on this chat program someone had set up. It was pretty simple. It was set up on an Apple II (which had 8 expansion slots) and you put 8 modems in there, and hooked up 8 phone lines. Eight people (and one for the console) could get online together and just type to each other. It was completely addictive! And I look back on that and say, wtf was I doing! :compress: I don't have any friends left from that time, but there were some cool people, and we did get together once in a while for movies, etc.

Anyway, I was born, raised, and lived all but 4 of my 37 years in New Jersey. Back around that time in the mid to late 80's , NJ was (and still is to some degree) famous for having a large number of toxic waste dumps. Me, being the sarcastic sob that I am, decided to wear my state pride on my sleeve, and therefore nicknamed myself Toxic Waste.

Pretty stupid, huh? And here's mofre info on the system. It was called DDial.


So let's hear it!

Rich (TW)
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While attending college I decided to diversify from my academic life and join a fraternity. Upon induction into the fraternity I was given the name 'Animal'. I guess I may have gotten a little out of control at some of our weekend functions or something, can't really recall. But since my name is Dan, many would combine the two into 'Danimal'. So now I use the nickname for logons and such.

By the way, me joining a fraternity extended my college stay by about two years. It was worth it though!
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Purity's a white stuffed kitty I got in the same week I started playing UT2004. Therefore, Purity_the_Kitty was born. :)
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Well I have always been into things oriental iv done martial arts since I was 14 the language style etc really interests me. So when i started playing online games years and years ago I had to think up a name for my characters a little research and Kaeolian was born its not a proper name but sylibals joined togerther from names.

After spending time in EQ, LOM, Horizons etc... I decided it was time for some FPS and here I am on UT at DW with the rest of you guys and gals.
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No real story behind my name.

I'm simply a man who enjoys fondling sweaters.

Ok not really. But if you've seen the movie Wet Hot American Summer then you can probably guess what/who inspired my name.
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Its my first name, with an exclamation point after it.


That would have been my forum name but the exclamation point wasn't allowed in the code for it on the site. It works well as a UT name because it makes people run after me when they see the name I guess.. Dumb!
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During breaks between classes in college a bunch of us would head over to someones apartment and play games for about 2 hours. My name emerged from sessions of Soul Calibur 2 on the game cube. One of the characters in this game would shout Namu, Namu, Namu, Namu.... Really fast after he beat the crap out of someone. One of my friends took this phrase and would repeate it at random times for the next year and a half. When going to create a character for MMORPG Guild Wars I needed a unique name, and I created Namushiri Curegana. Typing out that longer name was not always fun, so I shortened it to Namu and have stuck with it for now.
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Well in my case Rob is my name so if you dont want to die then you have to kill me cause I wont stop unless you stop me so i formed killrob.
Sounds corney now that I have actually explained it. LOL
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I read a lot of books about vampires I have at least 100 or more. my fave is a set by Brian Lumley called Necroscope there is a clan of evil vampires called the Frenczy's thery are the meanest and very tricky so I picked my name from thoes books i like.
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Damnidge came out of just wanting a name that sounded cool, fit my personality, and had a play on words or spelling as most of my names are a play on words. "damnidge" is kind of a combo of damnation with damage, or simply taking souls and causing massive amounts of destruction.

Aliases are aliases for a reason - my new ones are a secret :thumbleft:
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