Origin of your in game name?

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When I first started play UT2004 it was on a larf while working a noc job at nights... ( nothing to do but watch monitors hope nothing breaks ). So sitting there hopping on my first server... I thought to myself... what's a great name for fragging people... My thoughts drifted in and out of appropriate but not too generic characters and terms... and I settled on Johnny the Homocidal Maniac. A great comic ( one of like 2 I've ever read ) done by creator of Invader Zim. Nny was the Nick name of Johnny and what he preferred to go by.

Most people pronounce it Ninny. Which works out well for me as I'm pretty much anything but in game.

I alias mostly these days as it became a hastle in pubs when people I know or people who have played against me in the past began to target me specifically...

I had a secondary alias of Dalek for a while when I played with Phx. I did that just because I wanted to avoid the stigma of being me for a bit. Also yelling "EXTERMINATE" a lot was fun.
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Link Big Duke 6
He's an Insane Soldier, and loves his music.
I've always loved blow'n stuff up too.
I've used this name since digital racing in 2003,
only other game I play.
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Aravona form of Avalon - the legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend :)
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Dynadin - One of the unnamed knights of the round table.
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I chose Apok@lypse, because i have always played Apocalypse on PSX.
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just my name... lets play!!!
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This came up the other day on vent, so I thought that I would post it for anyone that cares to read it.
When I was playing UT I downloaded many skins, but the one that I liked far more than any other was Bender Bending Rodriguez, (Designated Bending Unit 22) from Futurama. So when I started playing online, it just seemed like Bender would be the right name to use.
Even though I'm not playing UT anymore, the name has stuck.
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My name ÿ is a ASCII character, just a single character thats all I need, I used to use my real name but had problems with people following that name to other servers to pick on me, etc so now I use single ASCII characters on each server I play.
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Annoyed wrote:My name ÿ is a ASCII character, just a single character...
Interresting, but if you want to play in our server you will need a real name that everyonne can see so they can identify you, so try to think on someting better. We don't accept racial or sexual slang has name either, so please chose a name that dosen't fall in this category. Anything else will do.
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Well to start off, the Sgt part came from being a E5 in the Army at the time of making the name. Lex came from me likeing Lex Luthor in the superman stories. Though my normal name I go by in games is Limbo and Lobo. Both came from me playing football in high school and college. Hit a guy as defensive tackle and the coach said I knocked him into limbo and some1 said I was just like the character Lobo. So, for me now I would go with CptLex but that means starting all over in UT2k4 :|
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