Origin of your in game name?

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Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:55 am

This'll be my first posting, been signed up for a while but never did anything. Might as well start here.

The origin of my username was experimental a few years back on my Bro's Xbox 360, but it eventually stuck. 'TheCorrupt' then became something of meaning to me. - The Mind can be a dark thing, but the Heart is what we all are true to in the end. -

I hope this'll answer any questions pertaining to my username. I'm generally friendly with everyone when I play on Monster Mash Server 2, so it'll be good to see more friendly faces, or in the case of UT2004, character skins.

I'll end this post with a motto I use very frequently online, Semper Fi (Translated from Latin to English, Always Faithful). OORAH! :salute:
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BrianTheCorrupt - M/MM: Lv 638
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BrianTheGunzerkr - WM: Lv 318

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