Welcome to the Death Warrant Forums. Please take time to introduce yourself and the game you are playing with us so we can get to know you a bit better.
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Sup DW!

I've been a regular on DW for a little over two years now and it's about time I get over here to introduce myself... Now where to start?

I'm 22 years old and have been playing UT since it came out in March 2004 and have pretty much floated around servers and communities. I've also played many gametypes over the year such as Invasion, DM, Instagib BR,and TAM> I'm very happy where I am playing now which is at HOC is which is a freon server and of course, DW.

DW is a fun place to play and I enjoy it very much and I don't hesitate to let it show either! Hence the whole mumbo-jumbo jibberish that you get when I am on. Anyways, great people make a great community!

I have many favorite maps which include Tanks A lot, Gunshop,Enchantment,Volcano High, Desertlands,Sirrco Nights... Basically, any map with a Levithan gets my attention. (DW needs more Leviathan maps) But I also love a map where I can use a SSR or a Lightning gun.

I'm in my third year of college with three more to go. I'm majoring in History and plan to teach at a community college.

See you guys on the server!
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Hey Term I was wondering if you're the same person on Youtube as DWTerminator? If you are... dude I totaly like videos and ratings
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ALTON! Thanks for the welcome!

DWterminator is not me, doesn't even sound like me.
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Hey Terminator, you hacker.
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go away nobody likes you
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DW_Skittles wrote:go away nobody likes you
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Hey Terminator. Glad to see you here.

Nice job on reaching to your third year of college. I personally think the first year is the toughest, but it ultimately depends on the courses you take.

Soon, you'll be an alumnus if you pull through ;)
The difference between successful people from others is
not in the lack of strength,
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Welcome. I'd say nice to meet you but I already met you, when the damn server went down I came back to the forums after months of not being around. :scool:
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Nice to meet levi camper you.
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Term is my Levi pro hero.. :thumbright:
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