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Griefer. He sits in valuable vehicles, turrets, or just runs around and does nothing.

General douchery.
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yeah . . .

joe has talked to him a lot i think.

i've tried and failed.

he's a lot like ~LilJ~ . . . if anybody can think back that far.

not malicious just noobalicious.

a lot.

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DW_Jimmythedentist wrote:. . . not malicious just noobalicious.
So, you guys are of the opinion that this person in the demo is actually making an effort to play the game?

More than LilJ, it's reminds me of this guy.
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My impression is that this is a little kid. In fact, I think there is a guy who plays as "dad" with him sometimes and is his dad (seen dad switch to be on his team).

His behavior at the bender in your demo says to me "he wants to man a gun in the bender, but doesn't know how to switch seats, so he waits for someone to come along and drive for him".

He tries to shoot things when in the turret (not much to shoot at and only notices enemies after someone else shoots at them), and the bender (he's shooting the node at the end of the demo).

I think he only knows how to shoot, jump and scroll wheel his weapons. He can't fly the raptor so good, can't switch seats in a vehicle, probably can't type and/or doesn't know how to start chat in game (so never responds to anyone - might not even notice/read the text).

I could, of course, be wrong - but IMO, ppl that intentionally troll aren't that inept (i.e. they don't intentionally fly a raptor like they don't know how to fly a raptor).

I have generally given him the benefit of the doubt when the server isn't full, but that won't last forever.
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Dirt if you can give me a chance I will work with him and make him the player we all want him to turn out to be. Look how well I did with Pastor..... :bigsmurf:

wp game contact email.
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Well, I try to keep an open mind and when I watched it I didn't see an inept/young person attempting to play. I just seen someone doing alot of sitting and avoiding the enemy, but, you guys are right. If it happens to be a kid I assume try to exercise patience rather than risk him having a...bad experience. I suppose at some point he'll either get sick of sitting and try to do something or just go play another game.

Ya know, my wife and I decided not to go the kid route. Damn kids are still meddling in on my leisure time. :stongue:
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Wait... somebody married you? :stongue:

For me, I'm not sure I would have ever found UT if it weren't for becoming a parent. I'm not really a TV person and when the house had to stay quiet for really early bed times, that's when I stumbled across the online multiplayer glory that is blasting the bad guys!

Then some years later, I got to see the look my wife gave me when we showed her the demo. My daughter got the last kill of a tdm match... she knows the ass smack taunt key :-)
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