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BloodRayne wrote:Death I've been trying to dl the Tribes Model Pack from your link, but the link isn't working. :scratch:
Try this one

Tribes Model Pack ... einfo.html
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Nice Tribes skins. I am an old Tribes fan, never really got into vengeance. But still a nice skin.
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I found some cool skins because of this forum and I wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted and the admin(s?)!!!!!

Quake 4 Marines / Strog (and also MacTom's cool Tyrant bots): ... files.html

:idea: For fun I've been screwing around with skin switching, ie going into the upl files of different models and switching out their skins. For convenience I keep all my upl's in one file I call AllBots.upl (pointed out to me by the gentleman who made Botmanager)

Before you say that this is messed up take a look at some screens:

(oops- One cool skin-switch I forgot to take a screen of is the Hell Knight with a Strog Berserker skin.)

The 411 - Just switch out the text that says body skin And / Or face skin.
Make sure you re-name the model so it does not conflict with the original.
For Xample:

Of course you can have both (or Multiple) skins of any model, they just can't be named the same.

You can do this cheap ass kind of "skinning" with any models; most do not line up well. And different models have their textures assigned differently (face and body skin reversed, etc, etc.)
But it's quite fun to screw around with.

Certain textures that tend to lay symmetrically work well.
*the Unreal 2 Soldier skins (from the big pack on filefront)
*the skin for the T2000 model (its just gold, and it looks good on robot models, like the battledroid).
* if you want to turn any model, face/body or both into an energy creature, use the face skin from the FireDrake model.
*the awesome ChromeCyberdemon skin looks cool on almost anything
*the Zombie pack skins (as in Zombies of Nightmare) can look cool if you play with 'em.

And some models are just put together from parts of the original game.
Try changing the Death in Trax hoverbot model so it uses the Corrosion body/face skin that comes with the game. Or the Dreadnaught model looks really cool with the Exile Xan skin for the body and the Sidonious skin for the face.
And obviously, you need the server running this stuff if you want to play with friends. Have fun and peace
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I'm disappointed.

I read the thread title and thought some of the female members were going to get naked


continue on with your 3D model nerdgasms
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Here's The Aida skin from U2 w/ voicepack containing her voice as well. ... einfo.html

NOTE: There are 2 UTX files. One of them is just for her profile picture and the other one is for in game.
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"I read the thread title and thought some of the female members were going to get naked*sigh*"
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T:"continue on with your 3D model nerdgasms"

1 nerdgasm coming up.
:idea: What if you think a teamskin is the greatest and want to play it all the time? For xample, I wanted to use the ChromeCyberDemon's gold and green skin in regular DM-

if U open the texture file you'll see the skin name extensions. Just create a new Upl line named "GreenCyberDemon" or "LeanMeanGreenKillingMachine" or whatever and add the extension to the name of the skin:

change to:

now you are green/gold/red/ or blue all the time
Will this work for any model's team skins? Hmmmmm.... Maybe??
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Just one atm, the KouRyuu. Pretty popular though.

Try not to shoot me when I use the metroid model next though :blackeye:
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Okay, well here are the skins i have (that i know not many people have anyway, if there's no link I'll try to find it as soon as i can)

Necris Lauren (I use this one a lot) -
http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.c ... uren;43045

Warhammer 40k Skin Pack *NOTE: Apparently this skin pack may not work with everyone for unknown reasons, don't know if that's completely accurate or if its their computers fault, anyway just a heads up so you don't stress out if it doesn't work.* -
http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.c ... Pack;89096

Halo skin pack *NOTE: I am not sure if this is the exact place i found the pack, if someone can find a English site that has it please let me know lol* - ... entid=3355

Halo 2 Master chief skin pack - ... einfo.html
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Umm ..... noob here , why dont i see ur skins in game and how do i get
one for myself?
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