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Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:17 pm

So here is the skinny. A little while back we took on the task of doing some updates on the Web site. Just by shear timing alot of the things we installed were still in a release candidate mode. That along with some errors in judgement between things functioning on the front page and the phpbb3 forums just didn't pan out through all the updates of everything. Take for instance the arcade that was just fine until doing a update on the forums.

At current time in a effort to take everything to a stable version here on the forums we have some things going haywire again. So as we speak a duplicate forum is being produced that will be alot cleaner on the backend and hopefully in the next couple days we will get everything moved. Nothing will change on your part with the exception you may find the forum down for a day sometime over the weekend.

So beer with me for a couple of days and we'll get this straightened out.
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