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Anything and everything related to the Evolution server.
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Welcome back, Sal.

Hope to see you around.
The difference between successful people from others is
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Here is the change list for May 15, 2016:

ME RPG Expansion
  • New Rank IV Mechanic ability: Auto Turrets - Deploy up to 3 turrets that'll attack nearby hostiles.
  • New Rank IV Mechanic ability: Metallurgy - Transform 50 armor for parts.
  • Summon Regeneration now heals summons every 3-5 seconds instead of 4-7 seconds.
  • Sentry health increases 250 health per level instead of 500 health per level.
  • Reduced base damage for Gatling Sentries by 50%.
  • Sentinels can no longer repair vehicles through walls.
  • Sentinels can no longer repair vehicles beyond its reach.
  • Sentinels no longer repairs hostile turrets.
  • Sentinels no longer heals Dragons.
  • Weapon Fabricator's number of uses is recorded across the assault duration (instead of resetting every time the Mechanic dies).
  • Powered Translocator now costs 10 stat points instead of 24.
  • Armor Regeneration's max level is now 6 instead of 10.
  • Revised prerequisites for Armor Regeneration.
  • Armor Regeneration now costs 7 stats per level instead of 5 per level.
  • Removed shield regeneration limit for Armor Regeneration (it now regenerates up to the Mechanic's max shield).
  • Vehicle Salvage can no longer salvage equipment crafted by other Mechanics.
  • For abilities like Charged Field and Craft Turret: fixed turret placement when colliding against a wall.
  • Lightning FX for Charge Field now activates when the device is fully extended.
Monster Assault RPG
  • Running Fury now costs 4 mana per second instead of 7 mana per second.
  • Fury's activation interval is now 0.2 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
  • Rage Weapons now ignore the Berserker's damage perk.
  • Revised Fury's ability description.
DW Monster Assault
  • Hit sounds now accumulate before playing the sound. This will allow multi-hit attacks such as flak cannon shrapnel and large splash radius attacks such as Shock Combo and Bio Rifle to consider all hit targets before playing the hit sound (resulting in a much lower pitched sound).
  • Monsters will not lose who they are hunting if the target decides to enter/exit vehicles or switch seats. This logic is placed in the vehicle fix mutator.
  • Renamed Reclamation Coins to Friendly Monster Tokens.
Smart Monster Pack/Sample
  • Xenomorph Eggs may automatically open if it detects a hostile nearby. Its range is very limited, and it only checks periodically.
  • Xenomorph's instant head shot kill may only trigger if the Xeno's health is less than 200.
  • Replicated face hugger hugging animation to client.
  • Fixed Face hugger hugging animation's orientation and rotation.
  • Invulnerability hunter no longer becomes stuck when taking damage.
  • Added function to allow monsters to attack a target
  • DWScriptedMonsters may now configure what conditions are needed for it to jump.
  • The Guardian monster can no longer jump when controlled by AI.
Torlan Evolution is updated
  • Fixed pathing. Monsters now know how to navigate around the map.
  • Fixed shock turrets' enabled state at objectives 1, 2, 5, and 6. They'll become enabled as soon as the objective is completed.
  • Fixed end game camera.
  • Fixed collision and lighting over power cores.
Robot Factory is updated
  • Fixed experience trigger for destroying the AI Generator.
  • Added resurrection event for destroying the last shield component.
  • Significantly increased arctic sentry's experience from completing objectives (Shield component objectives, AI module objectives, and bringing the sentry to the docks).
  • Removed the minimum score requirement for the link turret objectives' experience triggers.
  • Added cyber demon and mech titan blocking volumes around their spawning area's perimeter.
  • Reduced view range for enemy turrets by AI Core so they won't shoot at players by the AI module.
Albatross is updated
  • Decrease boss's HP and damage.
  • Relic is now a team relic.
  • Bio rifle ammo rapidly spawns.
  • Increased end game experience.
The difference between successful people from others is
not in the lack of strength,
not in the lack of knowledge,
but rather in the lack of will.


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ME RPG Expansion
  • New Rank 4 Mechanic ability: Overcharge. Spend metal and mana to amplify damage for a few seconds.
  • New Rank 4 Mechanic ability: Vehicle Repair. Spend metal to repair the vehicle you're in.
  • New Rank 1 Monster ability: Hunter Scholar. Grants the player monster tokens for killing monsters.
  • New Rank 1 Monster ability: Token Cache. Passively gains monster tokens while you're alive.
  • Mechanics can now purchase Rank IV.
  • Mechanic ability order can now be configured through the artifact menu.
  • Sentinels no longer attempts to repair dead vehicles.
  • Regrouping sentries and drones no longer plays the regroup sound more than once at the same time.
  • Charged Fields no longer shoots at friendly deployed turrets.
  • Charged Fields no longer shoots at the door in Divine Fortress.
  • Crafted Turret's hp is now 1000, 2000, 3000 instead of 1000, 1500, 2000
  • Auto turrets no longer shoots at friendly deployed U2 Turrets.
  • Vehicle Salvage can no longer salvage key vehicles (such as the escort vehicle in Divine Fortress).
  • Vehicle Salvage can no longer salvage U2 Turrets more than once.
  • Vehicle Salvage can no longer salvage U2 Turrets deployed from others.
  • Vehicle Salvage can now salvage the Mechanic's own crafted turrets more than once.
  • Vehicle Bomb can now be deployed even if the Mechanic is a passenger of the vehicle.
  • Metallurgy can now be casted when inside vehicles.
  • Mechanics must have Armor Shards level 3 to be able to purchase level 3 Armor Regeneration.
  • Mechanics must have Armor Shards level 5 to be able to purchase level 5 Armor Regeneration.
  • Fixed metal cost on Mechanic's HUD when attempting to craft a link turret.
  • Fixed Smart Deployment when using the Hydra Grenade Launcher.
  • The Weapon Fabricator's selected magic type is set at the time when rolling was activated instead of the time the weapon was actually generated.
  • Putrid Expiration no longer overrides the monster's current curse.
  • The Necromancer does damage from Agonizing Demise instead of the summon so that the Necromancer can hear the hit sounds.
  • Cooldown for Revivification is now 4 seconds instead of 0.
  • Ghosts of Anguish now does 50 damage per level instead of 75 damage per level.
  • The number of pending ghosts for Ghost of Anguish can now be set even if the Necromancer does not have enough mana or souls. The ghost will not spawn until the Necromancer meets the requirements.
  • Magma weapon's fire wall now does ~48-96 damage per second instead of ~12-24 damage per second.
  • Wind Shield, Fire Shield, Arctic Wisp, and Poison Supremacy no longer reacts to friendly fire.
  • Revised Energy Drone ability description.
  • Revised Sentinel ability description.
  • Revised Smart Deployment ability description.
  • Revised death messages when slain by a Charged Field.
Monster Assault RPG
  • New Rank I Paladin ability: Replenish - Activates an aura where it'll slowly but efficiently heal self and all near by allies including monsters.
  • Removed minimum level limiters for all maps.
  • Fixed bug where monsters ignored the victim's resistances if the monster was slain before the projectile landed.
  • Resistances now apply from nonmonster attacks (such as lava, torches, Wraith, rancid Mountain's poison river, etc...).
  • Flawless victories now increases end game experience by 15%.
  • It's now a 5% chance to pickup or spawn with a magic weapon instead of 0.5%.
  • Level up color FX is based on the player's class.
  • Fixed bug where the players could not view other player's abilities.
  • All summoned monsters now have vehicle crushing resistance.
  • All summoned monsters now have 80% vehicle resistance.
  • Fixed friendly monster's post death damage output (such as Volcanic Slith's ultima).
  • Fixed bug where friendly monsters and summoned monsters could not gain as much xp as a survivor.
  • Fixed bug where damage scaling abilities (such as Fatigue and Fury) reduced/gained the amount of xp gained per damage.
  • Summoned Volcanic Slith's ultima will be active if the slith was alive for 2 minutes (instead of basing on how much melee damage it did).
  • Aegis now heals the Paladin 2 hp per second for each player inside the Aegis radius.
  • Aegis now heals up to the Paladin's max health instead of half of their max health.
  • Armor Supremacy no longer disables the Paladin's perk.
  • Paladins can now instruct their spirits to remain stationary.
  • Paladins can now desummon their spirits.
  • Spirits are now immune to vehicular damage.
  • The Resurrection Spirit no longer ignores the presence of other spirits. Without Spirit Mastery, the Spirit cannot be summoned if the Paladin has an active Guardian.
  • Doubled the resurrection Spirit's health.
  • Spirit Mastery now increases the maximum number of spirits the Paladin may possess simultaneously.
  • Spirit Mastery now costs 5 per level instead of 3 per level.
  • Medkits now cost 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 instead of 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 stat points.
  • Adren Surge and Energy Leech now works for fpms and monster summons.
  • Reloading other players' ammo through Reloading weapons now costs 40 mana instead of 50 + (10 * modifier).
  • Vigor now ignores friendly fire.
  • Guardian and Specter auras ignores friendly fire.
  • AltActivateItem for Ammo Pouch now reloads 3 times the ammo ammount for a single weapon.
  • For all magic weapon makers, mana is refunded if rolling a magic weapon was cancelled, interrupted, failed, or when you suddenly lost adrenaline while rolling weapons.
  • Healing weapons will now easily heal up to the player's super max health instead of one below the super max health.
  • Revised Retaliation death message.
Smart Monster Pack/Sample
  • New console command for dinosaurs and doom monsters: 'Roar' - plays the roar animation and sound.
  • Monster's alternate skins are now called on server. This adjusts the following:
    • Zombie dinosaurs, predators, and spinners are considered undead.
    • Zombie dinosaurs, predators, and spinners are now immune to poison damage.
    • Zombie dinosaurs, predators, and spinners have -30% physical resistance relative to their normal state.
    • Zombie dinosaurs, predators, and spinners have -30% fire resistance relative to their normal state.
  • Monsters can no longer cast Fatigue to targets driving vehicles. This change also requires an update from MonsterAssaultRPG (InvCurse) and DWAssaultMapperTools (Fatigue).
  • Xenomorphs can now explode into an acid shower when overkilled
    • The acid explosion is activated when the xenomorph has less than -74 health, or if they were killed from a fire or explosive attack.
    • While active, the xeno acid shower does an area of affect damage that'll poison all nearby hostiles periodically. The players closest to the center will take the most damage.
    • The acid spreads reaches at maximum range (200 uu) in about 1.5 seconds.
    • The maximum damage from the acid shower is 113 damage (excluding damage multipliers).
    • The acid shower will follow the xenomorph's velocity.
  • Xeno acid giblets now does 43 damage instead of 85.
  • Xeno acid giblets now does poison damage instead of physical.
  • Xeno acid giblets will damage a target at most one time instead of once per server tick.
  • Reverted doom monster's halved damage and health when spawning as a pm.
  • Summoned monsters from Maledict and Archvile will now clear when the owning monster was forcibly cleared.
  • Summoned monsters from Maledict and Archvile now expires 30 seconds after their owner was slain.
  • Summoned monsters from fpm Maledicts and Archviles are now friendly.
  • Metroids now have -35% cold resistance.
  • Seeker Tractor beams can now pull AI monsters.
  • Reduced Giant Coilbag's guided projectile seek strength by 50%.
  • Mole's cadaver skin is green if the mole is green.
  • Skeletal Magii can now have custom attacks.
  • Exposed Skeletal Magii particle FX for make it easier for monster customization.
  • Revised Doom and Ice Lord death messages.

DW Monster Assault
  • The driver of the Leviathan no longer glitches out when the Leviathan is destroyed when deployed.
  • Doubled projectile speed for Leviathan's side turrets.
  • Increased Leviathan's side turret's projectile's splash radius by 50%.
  • Alt fire for Leviathan's side turrets zooms.
  • Leviathan's defense increases by 50% when it's deployed.
  • Passengers can now leave the passenger turrets even if the Leviathan is deployed.
  • Players will be kicked for idling. The tolerance is set to 10 minutes. On the ninth minute, there will be a warning message with sound.
  • Monster teleport button on the player monster menu is enabled for friendly player monsters.
  • Player monsters can now teleport 20 seconds after getting hit (instead of 60 seconds).
  • Revised error messages when attempting to teleport/suicide immediately after a hostile hit you.
  • Revised gametype description.
  • Revised loading screen tips.
  • Removed extra space from scoreboard title.
DW Assault Mapper Tools
  • Implemented Retaliation inventory item. By default, it'll return 10% damage to the attacker.
  • Implemented the MapCheck actor. This actor will scan all SpawnPoints and Monster Spawners, and will log out any errors it finds. Here's an example output is logged when I was using this for Confexia.

    Code: Select all

    ScriptLog: =============MAPCHECKER BEGIN================
    	ScriptLog: MapChecker Error:  Could not find monster spawner or thing factory that uses:  AS-Confexia-ME-Beta-1.SpawnPoint844.  The SpawnPoint's tag is:  SpawnPoint
    	ScriptLog: MapChecker Error:  Could not find monster spawner or thing factory that uses:  AS-Confexia-ME-Beta-1.SpawnPoint1173.  The SpawnPoint's tag is:  SpawnPoint
    	ScriptLog: MapChecker Error:  Could not find monster spawner or thing factory that uses:  AS-Confexia-ME-Beta-1.SpawnPoint1494.  The SpawnPoint's tag is:  SpawnPoint
    	ScriptLog: AS-Confexia-ME-Beta-1.AdvDWMonsterSpawner67 has an invalid monster class entry.  The MonsterClass at index 1 (MonsterName=WarLord is not found on monster roster.
    	ScriptLog: The MapChecker detected 4 error(s).
    	ScriptLog: =============MAPCHECKER END================
  • Implemented TriggerRedirect actor to work around UT2004 bug where simultaneous triggers could cause a scripted trigger to skip actions.
  • Implemented 'DoNothing' scripted triggers to work around the UT2004 bug.

DW U2 Weapons
  • Hit sounds, rpg abilities, weapon masteries, magic weapons, and power ups now work when damaging U2 Turrets.
  • U2 Turrets are now protected from friendly fire.
  • U2 Turrets can now be picked up by the owner (press Use near the turret).
  • When deploying the 9th laser trip mine or land mine, the oldest mine will be destroyed instead of being prohibited from deploying the 9th mine.
  • You can no longer attach laser trip mines on teammates.
  • U2 weapons no longer drop when a Mechanic Salvages a turret.
  • Cryoarithmetic Equalizer does cold damage.
  • Reduced crosshair size by 25%.
  • Fixed max ammo bug conflict when using as Cryoarithmetic in a RPG setting.
  • Cryoarithmetic Equalizer weapon is now associated with the Rifle Mastery.


New map: Confexia!

Author: Stefan Baier
Converted to Monster Assault by: DW>Ant

2049: Once the proud capital city of a powerful militaristic nation, Celeste has long fallen to the devastation of the Great Wars. Now being used as a military stronghold, the citys remnants serve as a battlefield to fend off an invading army. The great fortress Confexia, with its massive steel walls, provides outstanding protection against any attack inside the city. The invaders will face a humiliating defeat if they fail to convert several outposts outside of Confexia, before mounting an attack on the great fortress herself.

This map comes with custom music. Be sure to download the music pack here to be able to hear it: ...

New map: Gauntlet!

Author: Glenn 'SuperApe' Storm
Converted to Monster Assault by: DW>Ant

Your team has been on this moon searching for the Skaarj Air Base for weeks.
On today's patrol, you're ambushed by overwhelming hordes of Skaarj and their Warlord. You are the only member of your team to escape, finding what looks like an ancient tomb.
The Skaarj will not follow you inside for some reason.

Do you dare enter?
Do you have a choice?

Outpost is back!

Author: ZedeX
Converted to Monster Assault by: Chris
Map Update by: DW>Ant

One last mission. One last takeover. Location: Planet Z. Life-expectancy: Low.

The invaders reached your Outpost on Planet Z and stopped the communication between the Outpost and the Headquarters.
Now we can't get any information about the enemy.
Your mission is to re-establish the communication.
  • Removed min level limit.
  • Enabled all adrenaline combos.
  • Replaced U2 weapons with DWU2Weapons to apply elemental damage and dps balances.
  • Changed damage type of steam death volumes from lava to burn.
  • Steam now does 8 damage per second instead of 70 per second.
  • Revised blocking volume placement behind the steam.
  • Converted electric death volumes damage type to DamTypeLightningRod.
  • Reduced sparks damage (by the portal at the bottom) from 1000 per second to 13 per second (added blocking volume behind it).
  • Removed collision from all wall light fixtures.
  • Increased falling damage volume by the spawn from 100 to 10000.
  • Expanded lightning death volume in center room to fill the entire caged area.
  • Added various debrie under sloped floors and pipes.
  • Fixed dish movement for the second cutscene.
  • Falling antenna tower that breaks open the entrance can now crush players under it (500 damage).
  • Added Camouflage meshes.
  • Improved AI navigation.
  • No paths across the fallen antenna.
  • Revised the recommended number of players.
  • Changed map music from Skaarj Assault to Absolute Zero.
  • Increased radius for first objective trigger.
  • Added god mode during cutscenes.
  • Added 2 more seconds to the second cutscene run time.
  • Reduced score value for relic from 150 to 100.

Simulation is back!

Author: DW>Ant

This is the virtual arena where many warriors experienced some interesting scenarios. Although the inaccuracies of an actual assault simulation don't really benefit the dreamers directly, this simulation enhanced the dreamers into well-rounded tactical fighters. Who knows when their skill of launching Nali Cows into a portal will come in handy? Or maybe the simple requirement of team collaboration, itself, is what makes these dreamers better when they exit the simulation.
  • Easy game 1 monsters' score value is now 0.1 instead of 0 (to enable rpg abilities).
  • Easy game 1 monsters' damage scaling is now 25% instead of 33%.
  • Added a total of 2k health packs.
  • Added a total of 1k adrenaline.
  • Lowered instant kill volume to be under the teleporter that's under the map.
  • Added damage volume (60 damage per second) above the teleporter that's under the map.
  • Easy game 1 xp award is now 50 instead of 10.
  • Medium game 1 xp award is now 150 instead of 49.
  • Hard game 1 xp award is now 300 instead of 149.
  • Hard bonus round xp is now 700 instead of 399.
  • Fixed friendly fire for normal game 1 friendly monsters.
  • Tripled spawn interval for infinite hostile monsters for medium game 1.
  • Added event protection (using the TriggerRedirect) for normal game 2 monster and player deaths.
  • Reduced monsters' damage scaling for hard game 1 by 50%.
  • Enabled player monsters.
  • Added custom player monsters.
  • Reduced relic difficulty.
  • Renamed relic.
  • Added music change when running bonus round.
  • Monsters now explode into triangle pieces.
  • Nalis and Nali Cows no longer move for normal game 1.
  • Nalis and Nali Cows health multiplier is now 5 instead of 16.
  • Nalis and Nali Cows are instantly killed when they fell from the arena.
  • Revised text for hard game 1 introduction.

Grand Canyon Night is updated.
  • Replace Cryoarithmetic Equalizer with the new RPG Cryoarithmetic Equalizer.
  • Marines' Cryoarithmetic Equalizer's damage multiplier is now 1.25 instead of 1.5.
  • Reduced resistances for Mercury robots that appear before the Ion Turret objective. It's now 35% physical, 20% fire, 20% cold instead of 75% physical, 75% fire, 75% cold.
  • Damage scaling for Mercury robots that appear before the Ion Turret objective is now 0.6 instead of 1.
  • Added event protections from Brimstone's dialgue (fixes bugs such as broadcasting the fpm message too early).
  • Monsters that spawn around the suspended lift in the first open area now has 0.5 scoring value instead of 0.
  • Moved slanted box position from spam hallway.
  • Reduced health multiplier for general monsters for the Ion Tank assault from 0.5 to 0.25.
  • Fixed tree collision at Zombie Dinosaur area.
Robot Factory is updated.
  • Due to a fix in the RPG code where resistances applies to nonmonster attacks, the Glacier Blight curses reverted their effect where it reduced its damage based on the victim's cold resistance.
  • Added Sentry charging station at the Ice Sentry spawn.
  • Added 2 minutes to the ending sequence's time limit.
  • Added trigger protections regarding the Glacier Blight scripts.
The difference between successful people from others is
not in the lack of strength,
not in the lack of knowledge,
but rather in the lack of will.


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To celebrate Monster Evolution's 5th anniversary, the server is getting a major update!

Here are the change logs for November 11, 2016.

ME RPG Expansion
  • The Mechanic class is now public!!
  • Removed Enforced Hull ability.
  • Removed Craft Spider Mines ability.
  • Removed the first 5 levels of Resurgence.
  • Resurgence level 1 now requires rank III.
  • Resurgence level 1 now requires 35 stat points instead of 10.
  • Soul Tap now gives mana equal to 33% of the monster's scoring value instead of 50%.
  • Reaping Energy now costs 4 stat points per level instead of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
  • Reaping Energy now increases summoning costs by 5% per level instead of 10% per level.
  • You can now configure Skeletal Magii's summon elemental priority through altactivateitem. Special thanks to Silly Warlock.
  • Summon Skeletal Magii's base health and damage multipliers is now 1 instead of 1.125.
  • Summon Demon's now has a new command: AltActivateItem Demon=<DemonClass> to selectively choose which demon type you wish to summon.
  • Summoned Vagary's default damage scaling is now 90% instead of 75%.
  • Summoned Sabaoth's default damage scaling is now 80% instead of 60%.
  • Iron Maiden now returns 10% damage per level when the cursed monster strikes a vehicle or monster.
  • Iron Maiden no longer retaliates retaliation damage.
  • Ethereal Forgottens cannot be petrified.
  • Added ambient glow to scrap metal pickups.
  • Reserve now costs 5, 4, 3 stat points instead of 5 per level.
  • AltActivateItem on Charged Field now temporarily disable Charged Fields (toggles).
  • Charged Field's Volley attack's projectile's base damage increment amount from each level is now 1-3 instead of 2-5.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't purchase level 1 Weapon Fabricator when your Weapon Craftsman level is less than 10.
  • Building a Minigun turret now costs 3 scrap metal and 2 motors instead of 5 scrap metal and 3 motors.
  • Fixed friendly fire with deployed Mechanic turrets while the Mechanic is inside another turret.
  • Charged Field now costs 1 sensor instead of 0 sensors.
  • Fixed bug where the Mechanic's Translocator sometimes prevents you from changing weapons.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't send all three sentries to follow someone.
  • Fixed bug where Vehicle Repair wouldn't repair the vehicle's to its fullest potential when you're using the ability as a gunner.
  • Fixed bug where Resupply gave supply rates one above the current level's rate. It was supplying ammo at these rates: 90, 70, 50 instead of 110, 90, 70.
  • Increased Resupply and Nano Regenerative Ammo regeneration interval by 10 seconds.
  • Armor Shards now costs 8 mana per level instead of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 mana.
  • Summoned advanced Fire Drone will now try to keep its distance from its targets.
  • The Sentinel control panel's regroup and destroy drone controls are invisible if the drone is not alive.
  • Fixed bug where the Sentinel's control panel was not displaying the summoned drone's health.
  • Added the following alt activate item commands for Summon Sentinel (good for key binders):
    • SetMovement <bool>
    • ToggleMovement
    • SetIgnoreEnemies <bool>
    • ToggleIgnoreEnemies
    • Summon <DroneName>
  • Added the following alt activate item commands for Summon Sentry (good for key binders):
    • SetMovement <bool>
    • ToggleMovement
    • Sleep <sentry Index (optional)>
    • Awake <sentry index (optional)>
    • ToggleDormancy <sentry index (optional)>
  • Fury weapon's damage increase is now 5% per modifier instead of 3% per modifier.
  • Poison Ward now reduces curse duration by 0.2 seconds per modifier per second while it's held.
  • Weapon Craftsman's weapon filters is now remembered across UI sessions, user lives, and game sessions.
  • Mud weaons now have a chance to summon a temporary Earth Dragon upon slaying an enemy.
  • Chromatic Ward now increases the user damage by 1%-2% per modifier instead of 0.5%-1% per modifier.
  • Chromatic Ward and Vampirism weapons will instantly transfer to another teammate if the former user was slain and not recalled.
  • All freezing-based weapons such as Freezing, Mud, Freezer Burned, and Chromatic can now freeze every target instead of at most 1 target per second.
  • All freezing-based weapons such as Freezing, Mud, Freezer Burned, and Chromatic now have a 100% chance to freeze targets instead of 50%.
  • Fire Ward now ignores friendly fire.
  • Poison Supremacy now works with weapons that do elemental damage (such as Hydra Grenade Launcher, Cryo Equalizer, Flamethrower, etc...)
  • Reduced Energy Drone's FX opacity.
  • Energy Drone now plays charge and discharge sounds.
  • Revised Poison Supremacy ability description.
  • Revised Summon Sentinel ability description.
  • Revised Summon Sentry ability description.
  • Revised Chromatic Ward's description.
Monster Assault RPG
  • New rank III Paladin ability: Supplements. Grants users temporary resistance boost for picking up medkits.
  • New rank I Berserk ability: Weapon Dispenser. Allows berserkers to quickly distribute their copiable weapons.
  • New rank I Monster ability: Drone Enhancements. The Air Drones you spawn as will always be advanced.
  • Monster Strength ability is back!
  • Monster Vitality ability is back!
  • Monster Resistances ability is back!
  • Removed Pickup Trap ability.
  • Max level is now 250 instead of 200.
  • Removed exp limit gain when you're at max level.
  • Reduced experience needed to level up. Level up requirements now increases by 60 xp per level instead of 80 per level.
  • Reduced weapon mastery requirements by ~25%.
  • Berserkers can now purchase max level of Recall.
  • Increased Shout radius by 50%.
  • Only facehuggers are immune to Shout (instead of monsters with max health less than 50).
  • Renamed Perpetuating Soul to Life Reserve.
  • Spirits no longer automatically regroup to the Paladin when anchored.
  • Temporary god mode giving abilities (such as Summon Spirit, Companion Sacrifice, Life Reserve, and Vehicle Salvage) no longer conflict with each other (where losing one temp god mode will disable god mode for the other).
  • Temporary god mode now displays in the player's rpg stats menu that they have 100% all resistances while they're protected.
  • Lung Capacity now costs 2 per level instead of 3, 5, 7, 9.
  • Treasure Hunter's max level is now 3 instead of 2.
  • Treasure Hunter's stat award is now 30, 45, 60 instead of 30, 100.
  • Treasure Hunter's level 2 can now be purchased when you have 75% of the relics.
  • Cautiousness now requires rank 1, 1, 2, 3, 4 instead of rank 4 for all levels.
  • Cautiousness now costs 15 stats per level instead of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35.
  • Monster Strength, Monster Vitality, and Monster Resistances' required rankings are 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 instead of 1, 1, 1, 2, 2.
  • Necromancers can now purchase Monster Vitality and Monster Resistances.
  • Mechanics can now purchase level 2 Authoritative Keeper.
  • Starting resistances is now -30 instead of -25.
  • Starting adrenaline is now 100 instead of 75.
  • Persistent abilities such as Adrenaline Syringe, Weapon Fabricator, and Resurgence is now remembered when the player reconnects to the server.
  • Player monsters no longer affect Recall.
  • Players' health bonus no longer override's ridable dragon's health.
  • Lucky weapons no longer summons mines and turrets.
  • Experience Triggers no longer give experience to spectators.
  • Refactored Experienced healing to be consistent with Healing Weapons, Field Medic, and Replenish.
  • Experienced Healing now applies to Replenish.
  • Healing weapons now refers to original damage instead of resisted damage.
  • Summoned Shrikes now have a summoning Halo.
  • Summoned Skaarj Warrior now requires rank II instead of III.
  • Summoned Slith now requires rank III instead of II.
  • Summoned Skaarj warrior starting cost is now 10 instead of 15.
  • Summoned Slith starting cost is now 15 instead of 10.
  • Summon Skaarj Warrior mana cost is now 150, 188, 225, 263, 300 instead of 165, 218, 270, 323, 375.
  • Summon Slith mana cost is now 165, 218, 270, 323, 375 instead of 150, 188, 225, 263, 300.
  • Summon slith's minimum survival time to be able to summon ultima upon death is now 60 seconds instead of 120 seconds.
  • Summoned Skaarj Lord's base melee damage is now 55 and 65 instead of 40.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't view other players' abilities through the RPG Menu.
  • Critical Player award may be given to players upon map completion.
  • The Vicious Monster award is given from the number of monsters you've killed as a monster instead of number of players you've killed as a monster.
  • Reset Vicious Monster awards.
  • New award: Survivor - granted every time you're alive during a major resurrection event.
  • Replaced Monster Slayer award with Survivor award.
  • Removed Haste's and Power Jump's 10x level prerequisite.
  • You can now configure the resistance + interval per click in the RPG stats menu.
  • The stat caps are refreshed when a class or rank was purchased.
  • Added Cryoarithmetic Equalizer to the RPG stats menu tooltip when hovering over Rifle Mastery.
  • RPG Stats' death counters are ignored when the game allows the player to immediately respawn. This change also requires DWMonsterAssault and DWAssaultMapperTools updates.
  • Reduced Aegis FX opacity by 25%.
  • Fixed bug where the stat cost for Companion Sacrifice displayed incorrect values when you don't have Summon Skaarj Branch nor Summon Feral Branch.
  • Revised Replenish ability description.
  • Revised Shout ability description.
  • Revised Vigor ability description.
DW Monster Assault
  • Monsters with a minimum score requirement cannot be summoned as a hostile player monster.
  • It no longer costs a friendly monster token to summon a monster that doesn't have a score requirement. If the player is out of friendly monster tokens, the menu will display the limited selection.
  • The friendly monster token button in the player monster menu is active by default.
  • Removed friendly monster token greeting messages from player monster menu.
  • You can summon a friendly player monster behind the target your camera is following.
  • Removed Dedicated monsters.
  • Removed deprecated variables from player monster roster: MonsterName and MinKills.
  • Revised the player monster roster.
  • Updated loading screen tips and message spammer to reflect new player monster changes.
  • Players now have protection from self damage when their projectile hit an ally in front of them. While protected, the player will be immune to self damage for 1.5 seconds. Protection will not be granted again until 45 seconds after the first incident.
  • Monster Tokens and friendly tokens are now recalled when reconnecting to server.
  • Idle Kicker now detects movement when driving vehicles.
  • Fixed friendly fire with gunners doing self damage to vehicle.
  • Fixed friendly fire with friendly player monsters doing damage to vehicles.
  • Fixed friendly fire from late projectiles when leaving vehicles.
  • Fixed friendly fire from vehicles attacking other players' translocators.
  • Added a 3 second protection when forcibly ejected from vehicles. This protection will only protect the ejected player from vehicle explosions and crushing vehicles. This will reduce damage by 75% with a health gate at 30 hp.
  • Fixed bug where you lose the ability to browser through abilities.
  • An ability is automatically selected when the player spawns.
Smart Monster Pack/Sample
  • The following monsters can no longer drown:
    • Robots
    • Things (such as Xenomorph Eggs)
    • Undead
    • Sliths
    • Face Huggers
    • Chestbursters
    • Xenomorph Drones
    • Xenomorph Runners
    • Xenomorph Predaliens
    • Xenomorph Praetorians
    • Xenomorph Queen
  • Xenomorph acid shower max radius is now 768 instead of 200.
  • Xenomorph acid shower max damage is now 161 instead of 113.
  • Custom Facehugger's skins are now replicated online.
  • Revised dragon animations.
  • Doubled acceleration for ridable Wind Dragons.
  • Reduced acceleration for ridable Earth Dragons by 25%.
  • Ridable Ice Dragon's attack speed reduced by 10%.
  • Ridable Fire Dragon's attack speed increased by 25%.
  • Increased speed for Wind Dragons by 50% when someone is not riding it.
  • Reduced speed for Earth Dragons by 25% when someone is not riding it.
  • Nature Dragons now does poison damage instead of physical.
  • Nature Dragon's default physical resistance is now 20% instead of 30%.
  • Nature Dragon's default poison resistance is now 60% instead of 45%.
  • New console command for player monster dragons: 'Land'. When entered, the dragon will no longer be flying until jump is pressed.
  • Added Roar command to Xenomorphs and Raptors.
  • There's now a 5 second minimum interval for the roar command.
  • When controlling an Air Drone, client-side projectiles no longer fire (preventing it from looking like two projectiles are shooting at the same time).
  • Ridable dragons no longer shoot projectiles client side.
  • The function FireProjectile is no longer called on the client. This will prevent some player monsters from looking like they're shooting two projectiles at the same time (such as the gasbag).
  • Player monster Nali Cow now uses default health instead of 10k.
  • Player monster skaarj now uses default health and speed instead of 70% health and 80% speed.
  • Removed player monster's Xenomorph Queen's 1.5 multiplier to speed and health.
  • Player monster Air Drone Bomber's health is now 30 instead of 5.
  • Player monster Air Drone Bomber's rating is now 5 instead of 2.
  • Player monster skeletal magii are no longer advanced magii.
  • Player monster Shaft Air Drones no longer target allies.
  • Fixed player monster Toxic Air drone attack behavior.
  • Alt fire for Grass Titan now summons a shield. The shield cast interval is 30 seconds. The shield lasts for 5 seconds unless it takes 350 damage before that time.
  • Fixed bug where the grass titan's shield would immediately disable as soon as it takes any damage.
  • Can't damage self with a Burning Skeletal Magii's fire shield spell.
  • Renamed 'Skeletal Mage' to 'Cyclone Skeletal Mage'
  • With the exception of the Burning and Frozen Skeletal Magii, the Skeletal Magii trailing projectile FX fades away instead of suddenly disappearing.
  • Hostile Bomber Drones no longer detonate when a hostile player monster stands next to them.
  • Heavy friendly monsters such as titans and queens no longer can do significant damage when crushing enemies they land on.
  • Petrified monsters will use their default idle animation when they come into view.
  • Player monster Advanced Seeker's tracter beam now uses the red beam instead of standard Seeker's yellow beam.
  • Fixed Advanced Huge Arctic Slith's name (it use to claim that it was an Advanced Huge Toxic Slith).
DW U2 Weapons
  • Flame thrower's primary fire's base damage is now 10-14 instead of 8-9.
  • Flame thrower now does fire damage instead of physical.
  • Fixed bug where foggy maps would determine the flamethrower's range.
  • EMP Grenades now do 61 damage instead of 83.
  • EMP grenades' splash radius is now 420 instead of 380.
  • Toxic grenades now do 24 damage per second instead of 16.5 damage per second.
  • Reduced incinerate grenades FX opacity by 75%.
  • Reduced recall distance needed to recall a deployed turret.
  • Deployed turrets will automatically self-destruct when their owner was slain.
  • Renamed class name of DWU2Weapon's TurretController class to DWU2TurretController (avoiding a bug in the editor's actor class browser where you could not expand the TurretController due to name conflict with UT2k4's TurretController).
DW Helix
  • Reduced Helix minigun fire opacity down to 30%.
  • Helix now spawns with pickups. By default, it'll carry 3 link gun ammo, 1 minigun ammo, 1 rocket ammo, 1 flak ammo, 1 health pack, and 1 shield pack. Maps can override these pickups.
  • Max crushing damage for helix is now 30 per move.
  • Changed sounds for Helix side minigun's fire sounds.
  • Fixed bug where the Helix booster FX does not despawn when the Helix despawns because of distance.
  • Fixed accessor errors when leaving the Helix vehicle.

Confexia is updated.
  • All weapon lockers are now at default scale.
  • Armadillo now has 5k hp instead of 450.
  • Fixed collision over wall above the maintenance tunnel's exit.
  • The Crusader can only heal vehicles.
  • Health packs that provides super healing now wears a yellow skin.
  • The adrenaline before the armory entrance objective now gives 200 mana instead of 50.
  • Fixed collision at end of road (right above the armory entrance objective).
  • Added blocking volume over armory entrance wall. This volume will move when the armory entrance objective is destroyed.
  • Fixed collision along side building that's next to the suspended auto turrets that's at the armory entrance.
  • Fixed ghost wall collision right at the doorway of armory player spawn.
  • Fixed ruined building frame collision that's across from the computer objective next to the second link turret spawn. This frame is next to the window of the ruined building.
  • Moved broken TV set that was hiding under the terrain.
  • Added resurrection event when the fortress's force fields were disabled.
  • Moved vehicle raptor spawn location.
  • Moved cicada to raptor's old spawn location.
  • Placed helix vehicle in cicada's old spawn location.
  • Third dragon trigger is now visible.
  • Fixed particle FX for dragon spawn.
  • Removed exposed anti portal that's next to the wall by the anti-air objective.
  • Fixed third C4 appearance when deployed on fuel depot objective.
  • Increased ambient glow for C4.
  • Rage Seekers now takes damage for damaging targets (20% damage return).
  • Fixed collision for yellow lights (projectiles were able to pass through them).
  • Removed shield pack by Mech titan spawn.
  • Renamed map title from 'Battle of Celeste' to 'Confexia'
  • Objectives can only be destroyed by players on foot.
  • Reduced destroyable objectives health by 50%.
  • Fixed exposed anti portal that's next to the second xenomorph secret (on other side of wall).
  • Removed 3 path nodes that were outside of level bounds.
  • Fixed 3 floating path nodes.
  • The following items were repositioned because they were floating:
    • Concrete blocks on top of first road (next to the crusader spawn).
    • Light pole next to tank production objective.
    • News stand next to tank production objective.
    • Fuel tank next to tank production objective.
    • Debri next to tank production objective.
    • Light pole next to Ice Lord spawn (near tank production objective).
    • Stairs to the Fire Sentry balcony just before the armory's entrance objective.
    • Support beams right next to the armory player spawn.
    • Light pole outside of armory player spawn.
    • Broken wall near the second link turret (on other side of chain fence).
    • Boxes near the second link turret (on other side of chain fence).
    • Boxes next to the second link turret.
    • Wall next to Hydra grenade launcher spawn.
    • Floating Grenade Launcher spawn.
    • Tech generator near second link turret spawn (next to computer objective).
    • Wall in interior section right underneath the computer objective that's next to the second link turret.
    • Light pole near the anti-air objective.
    • Bridge support next next to fury titan spawn near anti air objective.
    • Wall on hill between fuel depot player spawn and shock turret.
    • Broken building wall right next to fuel depot.
  • The following items were repositioned due to Z-fighting (flickering when two meshes are overlapping each other):
    • Building supports above the flamethrower spawn.
    • Building (that's right before the armory entrance objective) exterior corners (under the road above the dusty tunnel).
    • Building (that's right before the armory entrance objective) frames that's right next to the road.
  • The following items are collision wedges fixes where a player could have fallen into and not escape:
    • Corner of tank production objective (along side fortress wall).
    • Behind hill that's behind the auto turrets next to the Armory Entrance objective.
    • Corner in room inside interior section right underneath the computer objective that's next to the second link turret.
    • In the corner under the road that travels through the fortress entrance.
    • Under wall on hill between Shock Turret and Fuel Depot player spawn.
    • Across from fuel depot player spawn under the balcony that connects to the broken building. The wedge is behind the boxes under that balcony.
    • Disconnected wall next to the upper power relay objective.
    • Couple of terrain holes in corners of Mech Titan spawn area.
  • The following items were fixed since they had an exposed hole one could see through (and sometimes fall through):
    • Entrance (walls and ceiling) to the interior second right underneath the computer objective that's next to the second link turret spawn.
    • Top of broken wall that the grenade launcher rests on.
    • Terrain next to top of hill that's next to the grenade launcher spawn.
    • Top of wall under the road that travels through the fortress entrance.
    • Wall above the fortress entrance.
    • End of wall near the anti-air objective.
    • End of wall by the invulnerable grass titan spawn.
    • Across from fuel depot player spawn under the balcony that connects to broken building.
Dragon Tower is updated.
  • Players no longer take falling damage when jumping from the plane.
  • Removed terminal velocity physics volume.
  • Dragons can no longer go near the flags.
  • Moved dragon spawn over by C so that the spawn is no longer directly over C.
  • Replaced ~400 dynamic glass windows with static windows. Some gameplay affecting windows (such as the restaurant) remain.
  • Fixed broken patrol routes.
  • Revised monster patrol behavior.
  • Removed tables and chairs near flag A inside the restaurant.
  • Mercenaries infinitely respawn at 90 second intervals when their flag is taken.
  • There can now be at most 60 mercenaries (20 per flag) at a time.
  • Nali Fighters and dragons are now 0 score.
  • Replaced 40+ anti portal brush actors with a few anti portal BSP surfaces.
Gauntlet is updated.
  • Fixed collision wedge by mushrooms at the beginning area.
  • 3 Nali Cows/Rabbits spawn at the beginning instead of 10.
  • Added collision for krall statues surrounding the first weapon locker.
  • Fixed bio glob pillar rotation animation.
  • Replaced Bio Rifle ammo in portal room with link gun ammo.
  • The average level requirement to trigger the air drone bombers is now 190 instead of 100.
  • The second ship is now visible.
Heated Escort is updated.
  • Using new Helix vehicle.
  • Players no longer spawn with the link gun.
  • Added link gun spawn at first area.
  • Added Target Painter at first area.
  • The Crusader can only heal vehicles.
  • Fixed terrain collision wedge next to boxes near resurrection shrines.
  • The old pawn that controls the Air Drone is teleported to an isolated room.
  • Fixed bug where vehicles would suddenly explode when touching the sides.
  • Fixed broken spawn points by first checkpoint.
  • Ice waillords will always spawn if the average level is high.
  • Improved flying monster pathing.
  • Pickups by the crane are respawnable.
  • Pickups by the crane do not spawn until the crane is activated.
  • Fixed collision wedges by crane and at other side of valley.
  • Cyber demon now damages all nearby hostiles within close range.
  • Removed Cyber Demon objective exp.
  • Removed score for planting the beacon.
  • Fixed grammar error in 'wait for bomber' objective description.
  • The infinite monsters at the end will stop spawning when the barricade is destroyed.
  • The final objective now gives 50 xp instead of 35.
Mythology is updated.
  • Snipers at the beginning now does double damage instead of 10% additional damage per average level.
  • Added blocking volume over acid river. That volume moves when the objective is completed.
  • Removed delay spawn from shield packs at beginning.
  • Weapon locker pairs share the same weapons.
  • Merged the two lockers with completely different weapons on top of the elevator shaft into one single weapon locker.
  • Removed lockers at the final objective's monster spawn.
  • Removed fatigue spell curse at the first force field ambush area.
  • Moved the first facehugger/predalien spawn from the force field to on top of the ledge.
  • Moved predalien (by the elevator shaft) spawn to the room up in the ceiling.
  • Revised collision around the hole in ceiling (by the elevator shaft).
  • Removed unused player starts by the predalien's new spawn (above the elevator shaft).
  • Revised progress volume text.
  • Extended the cave entrance's progress volume.
  • Removed path node under terrain.
  • Removed unnamed and duplicated spawn points in intro area.
  • Removed floating path nodes at final area.
  • Improved pathing at first area.
  • Added navigation through the force field at xeno cave.
  • Xenomorphs' max resistances are 75% instead of 100%.
  • Increased mass to skeletons so that they could swim in final area.
  • Added blocking volumes along side the hills at first area.
  • Can't stand on light fixture above the water at the last area.
  • Added camouflage meshes.
  • Added Satore, Skaarj, and Xenomorph player monster options.
  • Encroaching the last objective would not cause its collision counter part to remain stuck closed.
  • Level range is now 200-450 instead of 200-300.
Outpost is updated.
  • Removed shield pack's delayed spawn at beginning.
  • Added a second shield pack at beginning.
  • Filled area under the stairs at the beginning with snow.
  • Moved the Use Trigger objective position to be in front of the wall that blows up.
  • Removed first objective's 'None' text display.
  • The intro wall can only be triggered once.
  • Reduced outdoor monster jump spots height by 25%.
  • Fixed collision wedge in corner of terrain.
  • Fixed collision wedge in corner of building.
  • Moved the fan grate so that the hugger behind the fan can get out of there.
  • Monsters cannot open any door by bumping into it.
  • Removed alternative access to the queen chambers through the pipes.
  • Players outside will forcibly be teleported inside when the objective to open the queen chambers opens.
  • Revised decorations for the spiral ramp rooms.
  • Repositioned various equipment at queen spawn.
  • Revised collision at queen spawn area.
  • Fixed grammar in dish objective description.
  • Doubled the number of portal exits to the communications room.
  • Added resurrection event right before the escape sequence.
  • The establish communication objective's script sequence no longer breaks when interacting with the terminal multiple times.
  • Invisibility adrenaline combo is disabled for the escape sequence.
  • Removed custom player monster roster to use default player monster roster.
  • Enabled friendly player monsters.
Robot Factory is updated.
  • Ion Turret now ignores monsters (summons and fpms).
  • Fixed Blackheart, minigun, fire, and shotgun air drone spawns at factory entrance (they were spawning Krall instead).
  • Super sniper before the frozen chamber room now does double damage instead of 10% per average level.
  • Added Glacier Blight trigger protections to prevent skipped actions when multiple players or monsters spawn.
  • Arctic Sentry's damage scaling is now 1.0 instead of 2.5.
  • Reduced boss showdown counter by 45 seconds.
  • The Victory trigger can only be triggered by a survivor instead of any pawn.
  • Added protected event for the victory trigger (the unprotected event may cause the scripted trigger to skip certain sequences such as the victory cutscene).
Use of Weapons Level 7 is updated.
  • 4 soul pickups in boss room now respawn at 90 second intervals each.
  • The boss projectile factories are no longer destroyed when the boss is defeated. Instead a limitation volume appears over the projectiles.
Utopia Part I is updated.
  • Removed Isolated combat.
  • Added damage volume over flaming bunker.
  • Added various blocking volumes to handle mine blasting.
  • Increased collision radius of the first password panel.
  • Fixed collision wedge on upper ledge of greenhouse building.
  • Changed method of getting access to redeemer across from greenhouse.
  • Removed experience trigger by first redeemer spawn (since it's much easier to get this redeemer now).
  • Replaced redeemer with Ice Redeemer.
  • Goros in foggy area are wearing their default skin instead of nali skin.
  • Revised first major courtyard's perimeter blocking volumes.
  • Crusader now only heals vehicles.
  • V girders in second trial room now has precise collision.
  • Added 3 risky experience triggers in second trial (250 xp each). Mine blasting is encouraged.
Vindication is updated.
  • Renamed map title from 'Monster Evolution Vindication' to 'Vindication'
  • Removed jumppad.
  • Added health pack in place of jumppad.
  • Added 2 health vials near health pack near second rhinog spawn.
  • Revised collisions and placement for all crates in level.
  • Bent pipes over walkway next to force field objective controls.
  • Slightly moved facehugger spawn in waillord area.
  • Added blocking volume over door frame outside of sniper rifle spawn exit.
  • Stretched blocking volumes near ledges to the tank spawn.
  • Mechanics can no longer salvage the tank.
  • Added pathing to super shield spawn.
  • Repositioned barrels at final room.
  • Replaced rare beam waillord with Ice Beam Waillord.
  • The Ice Beam Waillord can now cast Glacier Blight.
  • Ice Beam Waillord scoring multiplier is now 3 instead of 1.5.
  • Health multiplier for Ice Beam Waillord is 1.5 instead of 1.
  • Removed custom skin for rare Beam Waillord.
  • Removed flak ammo by rare Beam Waillord spawn.
Xenomorph Part I is updated.
  • 30 experience is given to the team when they gain access to the living commons.
  • 200 experience is given to the team when they gain access to the living commons (only applicable with a large team where part of the team must travel through the hellbender tunnels). This award is only given if the original data stick carrier did not drop the stick, and the carrier picked up the data stick before the door opened.
  • The xenomorph that busts through the vent during the hell bender tunnels is now 0 score.
  • Fixed lighting in hellbender tunnels (where some surfaces were solid black).
  • Bravo team are now 0 score monsters.
  • Removed floating light flare in facehugger vents.
  • Added a second locker in final room.
Xenomorph Part II is updated.
  • Added a second weapon locker at each major spawn.
  • Repositioned the pair of boxes (in facehugger room) that could cause players to get stuck between them.
  • Added a 50% team progress volume at the exit of facehugger cargo room.
  • Reduced likelihood of xeno illusion to spawn.
  • Removed bright light FX from florescence lights in tunnel between the two cargo rooms.
  • Second praetorian room locks the player in until the praetorian is slain.
  • Removed facehugger spawn that spawns too close to the players near the xenomorph grate trap.
  • The pipes connecting to the furnace in the nest now connects to the terrain.
  • Reduced the dips in terrain between the furnace and throne room.
  • Moved the debri to the right of the nest elevators down an inch.
  • When the chain link fence is forced open, the players are trapped down there until the lift is called. Players behind will forcibly be teleported to the fence.
  • Blocked off the space under the ramp in front of the nest exit.
  • Repositioned boxes next to ramp in front of nest exit.
  • Added blocking volume over debri.
  • Hard mode is disabled.
  • Enclosed open terrain with walls.
  • Improved pathing outside.
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Here are the change logs from November 17, 2016.

Monster Assault RPG
  • Fixed level 3 Treasure Hunter prerequisites.
  • When Implosion is activated, adrenaline syringe is disabled.
ME RPG Expansion
  • Max charges for Charged Field's nova attack is now 4 instead of 8.
  • Attack interval for Charged Field's nova attack is now 2.5 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds.
  • Charged Field's Nova charge regeneration rate is now 22 seconds instead of 11 seconds.

Outpost is updated.
  • Moved god mode event from post queen objective to establish communications objective.
  • Added few more blocking volumes at corners.
Vindication is updated.
  • Added numerous collision volumes at tight areas.
  • Revised box placement and appearances.
  • Increased tree trunk collision precision.
  • Improved aerial pathing in second exterior area.
  • Reversed water direction appearance near force field controls objective.
  • Replaced "N.E.D." text with "N.E.G." for introduction cutscene.
  • Fixed grammar error for introduction cutscene.
  • Fixed bug where the invisible wall over tank objective does not move despite its visuals moving.
  • Added relic.
Dragon Tower is updated.
  • 8 mercenaries will spawn for each flag the players own (instead of 20 each flag).
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The difference between successful people from others is
not in the lack of strength,
not in the lack of knowledge,
but rather in the lack of will.


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Nice work Ant.
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can some one post the binds again? :P
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Here are the change logs from May 6th, 2017.

ME RPG Expansion
  • Auto Turrets is back!
  • Vehicle Bomb is back!
  • Hunter Scholar is back!
  • Tained Summons is back!
    • Vehicle Bomb requires 1-3 circuits (based on level) instead of 1 circuit for all levels.
    • Vehicle Bomb requires 3 scrap metal per bomb instead of 2 scrap metal per bomb.
    • Vehicle Bomb now requires 90 + (10*level) mana instead of 50.
    • Vehicle Bomb now costs 10 stats per level instead of 3 stats per level.
    • Vehicle Bomb levels 6-8 now requires rank IV.
    • Vehicle Bomb now does multiple (distributed) damage events over time (much like a redeemer) instead of a single damage event (much like Sacrifice).
    • Vehicle Bomb now increases explosion radius by 10% per level.
    • Vehicle Bomb's base distance is now 2000 instead of 2500.
    • Vehicle Bomb no longer auto detonates when someone reenters an armed minigun turret. This update also requires DWMonsterAssault update since it replaces Minigun Turrets with DWMinigunTurrets.
    • Hunter Scholar now gives 25% bonus tokens per level instead of 50% bonus tokens per level.
    • Hunter Scholar max level is now 8 instead of 4.
    • Hunter Scholar rank requirements is now 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4 instead of 1,2,3,4
    • Hunter Scholar now costs 15 stats per level instead of 5 stats per level.
  • You can no longer salvage ridable dragons.
  • Mechanics can no longer deploy auto turrets, manual turrets, and charged fields on movers.
  • Mechanics can no longer salvage other Mechanic's crafted minigun turrets. This update also requires DWMonsterAssault update since it replaces Minigun Turrets with DWMinigunTurrets.
  • Fixed bug with Crafted Turrets that would cause the mech (driver) to be vulnerable if the Mech reenters the turret.
  • Players can no longer enter Mechanic's crafted link turrets.
  • Link Turrets no longer heal from link guns.
  • Revised auto turrets' projectile spawn offset.
  • Charged Fields now ignore lightning immune monsters.
  • Removed 100 mana requirement for Polarized Fields.
  • Arcane Reclamation now drains the summoned monsters' max health instead of instantly dropping their max health to 5.
  • Death Ward now ignores friendly fire.
  • Death Ward now retaliates 30% per level of the absorbed damage instead of 10% per level of the absorbed damage.
  • Immortality resurrection no longer breaks SummonRegeneration.
  • PutridExpiration and Agonize Demise now works for Revived and Forgottens (not Ethereal forgottens).
  • Forgottens base mana cost is now 30 instead of 20.
  • Ethereal Forgottens base mana is now 60 instead of 40.
  • Summoned Forgottens' health increases by 25% per level instead of 10% per level.
  • Tainted summon's threat formula is now divided by number of summons, instead of duplicating threat for each summon.
  • Reduced footstep volume for summoned Skeletons and Skeletal Magi.
  • Updated client message for Skeletal Magi, "Can't support any more skeletal magi."
  • Changed Summon Giant Gasbag's summoned gasbags (these changes also require SmartMonsterPack updates):
  • Fixed Piercing weapons when applied to weapons that uses DamTypeRPGParent damage type. This fixes weapons such as Cryoequalizer and Hydra Grenade Launcher.
  • Piercing weapons now converts 25% of the damage to magic damage.
  • Chromatic Ward's damage increases by 2-3% per modifier instead of 1-2% per modifier.
  • Sacrilegious weapons now increases damage by 4% per modifier instead of 0%.
  • Divine Weapons now reduces all damage intake by 3% per modifier instead of 0%.
  • Explosive Rejuvenating Waters is now the same as normal rejuvenating waters. Supplies 1 shield, 1 mana, 1 health, 1% ammo per modifier every 20 seconds instead of 1 shield, 2 mana, 3 health, 1.5% ammo with the modifier decreasing the interval.
  • Summoned Earth Dragons from mud weapons will now attempt to spawn in multiple locations around the slain target.
  • Summoned Earth Dragons from mud weapons life duration is now 18 seconds per modifier instead of 35 seconds.
  • Summoned Earth Dragons from mud weapons health is now default instead of 500.
  • Inferno weapons now increases burn radius by 10% per modifier.
  • Inferno weapons now damages monsters 6 damage per second per modifier instead of 3 damage per second per modifier.
  • Inferno weapon's description mentions that the burn effect is not amplified if more than one Inferno weapon is burning a single target.
  • Added particle FX when a user is holding an Inferno weapon.
  • Increased Scorched weapon's burn damage by 25%.
  • Increased Scorched weapon's burn duration by 50%.
  • Fixed bug with Magma weapon FX would eventually detach from user.
  • [OFFLINE ONLY]Cheating Magic Weapon Maker's AltActivateItem command can specify what magic weapon to roll.
  • Auto turret's ability description mentions that AltActivateItem will switch to Salvage Turret mode.
  • Fixed typo in Chromatic Ward description.
  • Revised Death Ward's ability description.

Monster Assault RPG
  • Players can now see their summoned monsters' health on hud!
  • Ability descriptions now appends auto generated descriptions. The auto generated descriptions mentions the ability's stat costs for each level, rank requirements, total cost, and max level.
  • Removed the max level and stat costs from ability descriptions.
  • In the Personal Stats Menu, maps will have an asterisk before the name if the player found that map's relic.
  • In the map's stats menu, the description will mention relic name if the player found that map's relic.
  • Mechanics can now purchase Weapon Dispenser.
  • Weapon Dispenser's menu will initialize checkboxes to select weapons that will not replace an existing magic weapon in possession.
  • Weapon Dispenser can no longer be casted upon tossed weapons.
  • Weapon Dispenser can no longer be interacted with during cutscene. The dispenser's client list also clears during cutscenes.
  • Optimized magic weapon maker modifier generator function. It now calls a single Rand function rather than iterating at most 50 times until it produced a positive weapon.
  • Supplements now works with Advanced Medkits.
  • Medkits that failed to spawn will refund the Paladin's adrenaline.
  • Fixed damage formulate for Vehicle Mastery.
  • Vehicle Mastery now amplifies damage knockback.
  • Resistances and defensive abilities now applies to the driver and vehicle when taking damage.
  • Removed Armor Supremacy pause functionality.
  • Berserkers can no longer select Life Reserve after they used that ability.
  • Berserker's retaliation strength is now at 50% instead of 25% when the Berserker takes damage inside vehicles.
  • Berserkers will now gain experience from Sacrifice based on the damage done to monsters instead of gaining threat. The experience gained ignores level limits.
  • Support's Implosion requires 15 minutes to charge before the player can use it.
  • Fixed bug with FriendlyMonsterController where when it possessed a monster, it would reset the monster's sight radius. This fix allows summoned monsters to see targets within its intended sight range. Summoned monsters' sight radius is now based on the summon ability instead of 2k uu.
  • AltActivateItem for Support's regroup summons ability will instruct monsters to either defend the support's current position, or follow the support. Details are added in Summon Manta and Pupae ability descriptions. 'AltActivateItem Help' for the regroup artifact will display keybind options.
  • When recalling summoned monsters, the summoned monster will stop its attack on its current enemy (unless the enemy was spotted again). This update also requires ME RPG Expansion updates to apply to Necromancer and Mechanic summons.
  • Summoned Shrikes now cost 100 mana, and 150 mana for Advanced Shrikes instead of 150, 188, 225, 263, 300 mana.
    • Summoned gasbags will now spawn with FriendlyMonsterControllers. This will give xp and adrenaline credit when the small gasbags hits targets.
    • Summoned gasbags now have halos.
    • Summoned gasbags now time out 90 seconds after spawn.
    • Regrouping Giant Gasbag will also regroup its summoned gasbags.
    • Summoned gasbags now have amplified projectile speeds.
  • Weapons that uses DamTypeRPG damage types no longer completely overrides the magic weapon's element type (such as burning weapons converting some of the damage to fire damage). Now 75% of the damage is the weapon's natural element type, and 25% of the damage is the weapon's magic element type.
  • Each level of Loaded Enforcer increases the minimum modifiers for Reloading and Infinite weapons. Each level increases the minimum modifier by 1 where level 1 could produce reloading weapons +0.
  • Loaded Enforcer max level is now 5 instead of 2.
  • AltActivateItem for Reloading Weapon Maker now toggles the reloading weapon's ability to reload other player's ammo.
  • When reloading other players with Reloading Weapon, the reloading overlay material is rendered over the player that received the ammo bonus.
  • New overlay material for Reloading weapons.
  • Revised ability descriptions that reduces a portion of damage remaining. The following abilities are affected:
    • Poison Supremacy
    • Summon Demon
    • Tainted Summons
    • Chromatic Ward
    • Aegis
    • Life Cord
    • Guardian
    • Specter
    • Supplements
  • Added mana cost in Field Medic's ability description.
  • Revised Fury ability description.

DW Monster Assault
  • Player monster menu now displays the monster's resistances.
  • Added option in DW Menu's RPG ability settings to bind ActivateItem. This change also required how RPG detects custom key binds. If the defaults are U, then the artifact hints are displayed on hud.
  • The DW Menu's RPG ability settings will prompt the user if they want to save their changes before they close the menu if they made changes that were not saved to configuration files.
  • Players spawning in are protected until they move, damage targets, or 12 seconds elapsed.
  • % macros are now case sensitive. Upper cased letters displays the maximum, and lower cased letters displays the current. This applies to mana, shield, and health.
  • Fixed %s (for shield) macros when players are inside vehicles.
  • %a now displays the player's selected ability.
  • Fixed precision issue with Regeneration combo where if the player's max health was amplified (by Oak Sage for example), the shield wouldn't regenerate even if the client is at max health.
  • Added console command 'DW_PrevItem'. This command will select the previous item client-side only (doesn't require a server response). The RPG now defaults to this command with the [ key. However, if players with custom keybinds will still reference PrevItem. Custom binds should be updated to DW_PrevItem to browse through abilities faster.
  • Melee monsters are now able to hit deployed DWLeviathan from the sides.
  • The event MESafeModeResurrection is broadcasted if a resurrection was instigated due to SafeMode. In some maps (such as DeathBox), the players are resurrected if everyone dies since that map has SafeMode activated.
  • Fixed missing animation warnings when browsing monsters in the player monster menu.
  • Fixed range for doom monster search index in monster roster. Doom monster range is now 108-147 instead of 108-247.

Smart Monster Pack/Sample
  • Monsters can no longer heal beyond 50% of their super max health when absorbing damage due to its element type.
  • Fixed rare crash when xeno giblets are infinitely spawning.
  • Xenomorphs no longer pounces through players. It will stop when colliding with players.
  • Xenomorphs can no longer pounce while in the air.
  • Drone and Predalien melee range is now 70 instead of 150.
  • Runner melee range is now 70 instead of 50.
  • Player monster xenomorph melee range multiplier is now 2x instead of 1.5x.
  • Player monster xenomorph speed multiplier is now 1x instead of 75%.
  • Player monster xenomorph health multiplier is now 1x instead of 75%.
  • Fixed legless xenomorph chat animations.
  • Fixed legless xenomorph idle rest animations.
  • Face huggers can now face hug player monsters just as easy as hugging summons (now follows the same code path).
  • Ridable dragons' max health will be preserved even when the rider mounts/dismounts the dragon.
  • Fixed missing dragon state. This would have caused the dragons to become unresponsive.
  • Changed manta melee behavior. They still struggle to hit tagets, but that is intended.
  • Mantas are now able to strike players without collision.
  • Manta melee range is now 64 instead of 256.
  • Giant manta melee range is now 188 instead of 512.
  • Fixed Ranged Attacks for Dilophosaurus. Note: the monster spawner must set bHasRangedAttack for the Dilophosaurus to spit.
  • Fire Air Drone's flamethrower can no longer burn targets through walls.
  • Shock Air Drone's beam can no longer be reflected. However the chain lightning can still be reflected.
  • Fixed Archvile's flame attack element. It now does fire damage.
  • Lurve Dragons now do poison damage instead of lightning damage.
  • Being a fire elemental, the Fury Titan is now a Thing type instead of Feral.
  • Fury Titan now has 125% fire resistance instead of 90%.
  • Fury Titan now has -40% cold resistance instead of 0%.
  • ImperialMale/Female now has 15% vehicle resistance instead of 25%.
  • BloodEagleFemale/Male now has 40% vehicle resistance instead of 60%.
  • BloodEagleLightFemale now has 25% vehicle resistance instead of 33%.
  • BloodEagleLightMale now has 33% vehicle resistance instead of 50%.
  • PhoenixFemale/Male now has 40% vehicle resistance instead of 60%.
  • PhoenixLightFamle/Male now has 25% vehicle resistance instead of 40%.
  • Mercury now has 50% vehicle resistance instead of 75%.
  • Monster's vehicle resistance is only applied when the damage type is a vehicle damage type instead of applying vehicle resistance whenever the attack is inside a vehicle. This means that attacks such as mines, charged field, shout, etc... is no longer resisted by the monster's vehicle resistance regardless if the attacker is inside the vehicle or not.
    • Riding Dragons are no longer considered vehicles.
    • Auto turrets are not considered vehicles.
    • Manned turrets are considered vehicles.
  • For monsters with custom attacks and without custom melee attacks, fixed bug when players stand too close to the monster the monster would simply stand there.
  • For monsters that summoned other monsters, fixed bug where the monster's AI assumed that it summoned a monster regardless if the summoned monster failed to spawn or not.
  • Monsters no longer explode when reacting to friendly fire. MonsterController::FindRoamDest was calling Suicide.
  • When monsters take damage, they no longer dynamically load the rpg damage type. Instead the damage type is casted.
  • Added sounds to Volcanic Slith's ultima.
  • WOSSliths now disable their collisions when slain.
  • Fixed slith swimming animations if it spawned underwater.
  • Fixed Warlord swimming animations.
  • Brutes are now Mutants instead of Feral.
  • The player controlling the Fire Air Drone can no longer see the flamethrower effect when in first person.
  • BioBud's corpses' acceleration is based on the monster's current physics volume's gravity instead of the monster's acceleration.
  • Renamed seeker (the one with the light) with Guardian Seeker to avoid name conflict with Seeker (the one that pulls players).
  • Coilbag's friendly name is now Coilbag instead of Gasbag.
  • Reduced Sentry footstep volume.
  • Fixed gasbag animation error when gasbags are in a walking state.
  • Fixed Nali Cow idle animation accessor error.

DW Assault Mapper Tools
  • Implemented wiki generator scripts that reads through various actors to produce wiki text about monsters, maps, and magic weapons. This update also requires DW Monster Assault for the commands.
  • Implemented DWProximityTrigger where it could check multiple conditions before invoking its event. Currently there are two conditions the level designer could choose from:
    • Check if there are hostile monsters within distance.
    • Check if instigator has a particular inventory item.
  • Fatigue no longer permanently affect players if it expired while the player is holding a critical objective (such as Argento's power core).
  • Implemented new scripted action that can enable/disable player spawns for new players entering the game. This update also requires DWMonsterAssault update.
  • Implemented Client Timer Actor. Allows a function to be called client-side only. You can see an example of this used in Argento with the dust kicking up as players move around the desert.
  • Implemented new monster spawner state: SpawnAllNoPause - This will attempt to spawn all monsters and will continuously check if it can spawn more monsters despite reaching the max number of monsters at once limit.
  • Fixed bug with Burn inventory items where the max damage was always equal to min damage. Now the damage ranges from min to max. This affects various burning-related entities such as Scorched weapons.
  • Added flags to Action_Inventory scripted action where you can add/remove inventory items to hostile and/or allied monsters.
  • Implemented Scripted Action: Comment - leaves a message for level designers.
  • The Shield spell now has a strength variable to make it easier for overriding. Defaults to 50% strength.
  • MapChecker now runs its script on PreBeginPlay instead of PostBeginPlay to eliminate false positives when finding spawn point references to monster spawners that already destroyed themselves.
  • Added GetFriendlyName function for spells (for the wiki generator).
  • Fixed AdvMonsterSpawner monster roster accessor error when searching for a monster name with a name mismatch, and if the author did not did not provide a hint where the monster could be found in roster.
  • Fixed bug with MonsterSpawner's PlayerRange when it's equal to 1. If the PlayerRange.Max was equal to 1, then it would have activated if there was at most 1 player instead of meaning 100% of server population.

DW U2 Weapons
  • Implemented DWU2 Rocket Launcher for future fixes.
  • The DWU2 Rocket Launcher takes 3 seconds to reload instead of 3.5 seconds.
  • When empty, the DWU2 Rocket Launcher takes 3.5 seconds instead of 4 seconds.
  • Widowmaker pickups now refer to DWU2Widowmakers instead of U2Widowmakers.
  • Alt fire for U2 turrets will destroy the old deployed turret, and places a new one.
  • Players recovering their turrets no longer spawns a turret pickup. Instead it directly adds to ammo counter.
  • Level-specific friendly turrets no longer attacks player-deployed turrets.
  • Level-specific hostile turrets now attacks player-deployed turrets.

DW Helix
  • Fixed spelling error with Dual Helix Minigun Turret name.

New monster pack: Monster Evolution Music Pack 5-6-2017
This music pack includes the missing music files for Forgotten Fane.
It is also worth noting that every map now has a relic! Cirban's relic is removed.


New Map: Death Box!
DeathBox.jpg (58.6 KiB) Viewed 14000 times

Author: DW>Ant

Within this isolated space station, there lies a crowded room. With no where to run, no where to hide, the only surviving tactic is to arm your defenses. In one way or another, there will be blood.

Note: This is intended to be a secret map, and will be removed from map voting list after tests.

New Map: Fallen City!
Author: Phil Cole, Rogelio Olguin
Converted to Monster Assault by: DW>Ant

Following the human/skaarj war, many of Earth's cities lay in ruins. When the New Earth Government attempted to assert its authority over these areas, they were confronted by many rebel groups, often covertly financed by the great corporations, which had established bases in the destroyed cities. This scenario recreates the destruction of a rebel command center by NEG forces. In keeping with the historical battle, the attacker's insertion point is a distance away from the command center, because of the heavy anti-aircraft protection around the bunker.

Outpost is back!
  • Can no longer control the turrets by pressing Use next to them.
  • Added objective names.
  • Revised objective descriptions for wiki generator.
  • The upper terminal to gain access to the control room below is now an objective.
  • Changed "Additional Data have been successfully transmitted." to "Additional Data has been successfully transmitted."
  • Removed unused player starts.
  • Removed lockers from unused first defender spawn.
  • Added 2 more teleportation destinations to antenna control room.
  • Revised appearance and fight sequence for queen fight.
  • Added lockers to lower section. Added shotgun.
  • Added music change during queen fight.
  • Doors at lower sector are no longer unlit.
  • Added hydra grenade launcher and flame thrower to antenna control room.
  • Add decorations under walkway in center room.
  • Support beams under walkway in center room are closer to the wall.
  • Ceiling support beams in center room only appears if average level is 124 or below.
  • If average level is 124 or below, then players are teleported out of pipes when reactor switch is activated.
  • Added doors to spiral ramp rooms. They'll open when reactor switch is activated.
  • Added wall infos near pipe entrances.
  • Alternate exit from pipes are closed until the escape sequence requires the players to travel back up the pipes.
  • Level limit monsters is now 200-550 instead of 200-350.
  • Level limit objectives is now 150-350 instead of 200-350.
  • Purple xenomorphs now have 50% fire, 50% physical, default poison resistances instead of fire immune, physical immune, and poison immune.
  • Blue xenomorphas now have 50% cold, default fire, 50% lightning, default physical, default poison resistances instead of cold immune, 0% fire, lightning immune, 0% physical, 0% poison resistances.
  • Facehuggers wearing the fire skin now has 75% fire resistance instead of 0% fire resistance.
  • Moved tower closer to wall in the room next to main entrance (where the players respawn).
  • Replaced first objective from event objective to use trigger objective.
  • Increased collision radius of first use trigger objective by 50%.
  • The first use trigger objective can only be used once.
  • Players now spawn with shock rifle, link gun, flak cannon, and rocket launcher.
  • KR-Infiltrate plays during escape sequence.
  • Added blocking volumes under destroyed area where the antenna falls into.

Abyss is updated.
  • Fish are now infinite.
  • Added distance requirement where fish cannot spawn within 2500uu within the closest player.
  • Increased number of spawn points for fish.
  • Scuba gear only spawns if the average level is 99 or below.
  • Monsters can now travel through door.
  • Disabled dinosaur, bosses, and dragon player monsters.
  • Flooded minigun turrets should disappear if the original was destroyed.
  • Revised monster aggression for terminals 1 and 2.
  • Maximum level limit for monsters is now 325 instead of 200.
  • Maximum level limit for objectives is now 275 instead of 160.
  • Revised end game camera.
  • Terminal explosion effects and debri are rendered online.
  • Improved pathing for cacodemons in upper floor.
  • Placed blocking volumes over terminals.
  • Added relic.

Argento is updated.
  • Lowered ZKill location.
  • The triggers to initialize the second power core objective can only be triggered once, and initially active to false. This prevents the initialize power core objective sequence from skipping.
  • Removed movement modifiers (haste, fall damage, double jump, and collision).
  • Monsters now uses DWU2Flamethrowers instead of U2Flamethrowers.
  • Fixed typo in map default music. It now plays Ghosts of Anubis.
  • Optimized laser fences so that each fence is one mover instead of 8 movers.
  • Add and revised player-only blocking volumes over force fields and rocks.
  • The other two laser fences at the center are disabled when the force field generator is destroyed.
  • Removed Iso Combat.
  • Added blocking volume under tents.
  • Level limit monsters is now 130-340 instead of 75-225.
  • Level limit objectives is now 125-300 instead of 90-275.
  • Maximum recommended level is now 175 instead of 150.
  • Added missing support so that the cables by the second power core objective are attached to something.
  • Added pathing across center laser fences.
  • Added dust FX to all characters walking on the desert.
  • Revised camouflage.
  • Revised recommended number of players.

Confexia is updated.
  • Added secret to DeathBox. If players are able to find the secret, then the server will switch to DeathBox after Confexia.
  • Player monsters are no longer able to obtain relic.
  • Replaced shrikes with angus.
  • Level limit monsters is now 200-600 instead of 150-600.
  • Level limit objectives is now 150-450 instead of 120-450.
  • Fire sentries now damages all nearby targets when it dies.
  • Fixed fire sentries' burn fx aura.
  • Added concrete block behind locker next to disable force field terminal to prevent players from getting stuck behind the locker.
  • Revised vehicle collision over the fuel depot's support structures.
  • Toxic seeker's plague duration now lasts about 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds.
  • Fixed mesh hole on trim of tower's roof next to fuel depot.
  • Fixed Z-fighting on trim of tower's roof next to fuel depot.
  • Fixed wedge between debri next to fortress entrance.
  • Ice lord at the beginning will spawn if there are 10-32 players instead of 6-32 players. A vagary or bruiser will take its place instead.
  • Fixed terrain wedges along side wall next to fuel depot spawn.
  • Added head and side coverings at player spawn next to fuel depot.
  • Added small shield pack at player spawn next to fuel depot.
  • Removed fire area next to player spawn next to fuel depot.

Convoy is updated.
  • Added minigun turret at beginning.
  • Added pathing to top of first vehicle.
  • Hatches at first vehicle are closed until players complete the first hold objective.
  • Shifted locker, shield, and health to center of first vehicle.
  • Shield at first vehicle spawns immediately.
  • Added author name.
  • Removed jumppads from nali sniper ledges.
  • Added minigun turret, sniper ammo, locker, shield pack, and health pack on second floor of center vehicle.
  • Center vehicle's controls will now open both side doors.
  • It's now possible to access the upper floor of center vehicle when side doors open.
  • Added monsters to second half of map.
  • WailLords at forward weapon cache scaling is now 50%.
  • WailLords at forward weapon cache health multiplier is now 75%.
  • WailLords at forward weapon cache speed multiplier is now 75%.
  • Level limit monsters is now 80-250 instead of 100-150.
  • Level limit objectives is now 80-175 instead of 100-150.
  • Added ceiling decorations to Nexus missile vehicle.
  • Archvile can now cast shield.
  • Added god mode during ending cutscene.
  • Revised camouflage.
  • Revised recommended number of players.
  • Enabled Bio Bud and Air Drone player monsters.
  • Disabled Xenomorph player monsters.
  • Players now spawn with minigun, shock rifle, flak cannon, and sniper rifle.
  • Added keg spawn on roof of Nexus Trailer.
  • Revised pathing by forward weapon cache.
  • Added relic.

Cubes 4 All is updated.
  • Fixed rare bug where if you killed two zombies at the same time while the trigger is on its second 1 second wait time, it would skip the open yellow door event.
  • Removed Iso combat.
  • Level limit monsters is now 90-220 instead of 50-150.
  • Level limit objectives is now 50-115 instead of 50-75.
  • Recommended number of players is now 2-5 instead of 6-10.
  • Added smooth collision over debri in High Hall (big dark room).
  • Fixed typo in Raya Idol return room objective.
  • Added objective locations, descriptions, and defender objectives.
  • Added spawn points to the unused spawners that spawn 1-4 skaarj snipers in attic-combs.
  • Linked Ice Skaarj spawn point to the unused spawner in attic-combs.
  • Added default music - Demon Crater (UB-Crater).
  • Music changes to Nali Chant (UB-NaliChant-S1) when Raya Idol is picked up.

Divine Fortress is updated.
  • Link turrets now shoot at monsters.
  • Doubled health for link turrets (3200).
  • Disabled remote turret control terminals.
  • Added friendly U2 turrets throughout the fortress region.
  • Added friendly fire auto turrets near final door.
  • Added friendly link turrets near final door.
  • Friendly monsters now ignore stealth alerts.
  • Added 2 shock turrets on sniper's ledge.
  • Added 2 shock turrets at corner of wall.
  • Revised army movement during cutscene.
  • Added super shield on roof of hallway above the first door on the interior side.
  • Added grenade launcher and lightning gun to bottom locker.
  • Each base xp trigger for each wave is: 0, 50, 65, 80, 95, 110, 125, 140, 155, 170, 185, 200, 215 instead of 0, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 75, 100, 100, 100.
  • Base end game xp is now 1250 instead of 650.
  • Replaced friendly fire dragons with advanced shock air drones.
  • Those shock air drones will not spawn until the first door is destroyed.
  • Replaced burning skeletal magi with shaft air drones equipped with bombs.
  • Door can no longer take more than 250 damage from a single hit.
  • Amril ammo respawns instantly.
  • Replaced mine layer pickup ammo with Colosseum's mine layer pickup ammo.
  • Vehicle teleporter can no longer telefrag players.
  • The following vehicles in the fortress area can no longer be salvaged: Ion Tank, Crusader, Hurricane, Armadillo, Goliath, SPMA, and Link Turrets.
  • The crusader can only heal vehicles instead of all nearby allies.
  • Replaced Widowmaker with classic sniper rifle.
  • Doubled health for first door.
  • Increased health for second door by 50%.
  • Removed custom player monster options.
  • Added default player monster roster options. All monsters except for Xenomorphs are available.
  • Added resurrection event when Immortality shrine is activated.
  • Vehicles in garage respawns in 3 minutes instead of 6 minutes.
  • Ion Tank, Armadillo, second bender, and second hurricane now spawns at wave 4 instead of 11.
  • Link heal multipliers for Ion Tank, extra hurricane, and second amadillo is now 0.35 instead of 2.0.
  • Replaced friendly monster token shrine with resurrection shrine.
  • Replaced turret drop button with door force field button.
  • Replaced fatigue curse button with a power up that reduces all damage intake by 75% for 5 minutes.
  • Removed shaft air drone fpm trigger.
  • Repositioned Saturn in space skybox.
  • Revised defeat cutscene.
  • Revised victory and defeat end game camera angles.
  • % player threshold needed to skip the large cutscene is now 50% instead of 75%.
  • Base xp for watching the large cutscene is now 100 instead of 80.
  • Respawn time for ultra double damage (60 second double damage) above the door is now 3 minutes instead of 6 minutes.
  • Respawn time for redeemer and EONS Nuke Layer is now 2 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
  • Fixed spelling error in location names "West outter road" and "East outter road"
  • Changed miniboss projectile sounds for rock projectile.
  • Replaced miniboss wooden door projectile with rusted beam.
  • Revised level description.
  • Added lighting to inner courtyard area.
  • Added location volumes to the following areas: inner courtyard area, upper sniper tower, top of inner courtyard walls, first gate, super weapon area, super adrenaline buildings, shoulder platforms, weapon container and ammo container.
  • Fixed location name for rooftop of east wing.
  • Fixed elite mercenary attacking behavior during large cutscene.
  • Revised monster aggression during defeat cutscene.
  • Replaced triggered death events with damage volumes during defeat cutscene.
  • Mercenaries during the defeat cutscene fights back.
  • Added ice redeemer.
  • Converted Wave12-13 monster spawners with AdvMonsterSpawners to support interval spawners without interruptions and without forcing auto replace monster when slaying a monster.
  • Wave 12 automatically expires 7 minutes after it started.
  • Retreating skaarj in victory cutscene now runs instead of walks.
  • Revised monster AI during victory cutscene.
  • Reduced victory cutscene length for second camera angle by about 7 seconds.
  • Increased victory cutscene length for first camera angle by 2 seconds.
  • Removed simplified collision over antennas on top of vehicle garages.
  • Number of kills needed to complete wave 12 is now 40 instead of 30.
  • Increased maximum number of monsters at once for wave 12 by one for each monster type except for grass and fury titans.
  • Ice Beam Waillords are added, and they share the same spawner with advanced beam waillords.
  • Wave 12 monsters gain reinforcements when wave 13 begins (about 25% extra monsters during wave 13 with less number of monsters at once).
  • Added two small shield packs on top of center tower.
  • Revised some of the text in intro cutscene.
  • Replaced Flamethrower with DWU2 FlameThrower.
  • Replaced Shark Rocket Launcher with DW Shark Rocket Launcher.
  • Fixed spawn points that did not have associated monster spawners.
  • Cleared extra info field in map properties that mentioned music usage (since wiki now lists the music the map uses).

Dragon Tower is updated.
  • Replaced existing relic with new relic.
  • Removed hard mode.
  • Added moving 3D stairs over escalators. These are only rendered if the game is in high detailed mode.
  • Escalators now moves pawns on it.
  • Revised pathing through escalators.
  • Removed messages that mentions xp reward.
  • Removed floating light under escalators next to vehicle garage.
  • Removed 5 scripted triggers that were associated to breakable glass (but the glass wasn't breakable from last beta).
  • Removed 2 lights inside world geometry.
  • Revised recommended number of players.
  • Disabled player monsters.
  • Revised map description.
  • Map's extra info now lists the game rules.
  • Fixed pathing through the window panels to the restaurant.
  • Fixed mercenary aggroing triggers.
  • Added aggro event when flag area is entered.
  • Cleared legacy player states to fix strange map transfer bug with Rancid Mountain. Say the map is coming from Use of Weapons Level 7, the player's health, weapon, shield information is saved in ini. Since this map has reference to legacy variables so that its information can be passed to Rancid Mountain, the player states persist through this map. If Rancid Mountain was played after Dragon Tower, Rancid Mountain will recognize that the previous map was Dragon Tower, and it will recall the saved player state data (which was saved from Use of Weapons level 7), and recovers the player's weapons, health, shield, mana in Rancid Mountain.
  • All hostile monsters now have Vehicle Salvage capabilities.
  • Removed windows in building across from flag B due to Hall of Mirrors.

Forgotten Fane is updated.
  • Added zoning.
  • Added location names to each zone.
  • Added pathing through doorways.
  • Added pathing in beginning section.
  • Removed health vials beyond level boundaries near entrance gate.
  • Removed old dedicated monster spawn area.
  • Added collision to mushrooms at front gate.
  • Increased water depth to prevent fall damage in beginning.
  • Fixed water seam at edge of first lake.
  • Revised team progress volume locations so that it touches the gate/door.
  • Required team % for the first progress volume is now 50% instead of 75%.
  • Fixed Nali intro message.
  • Fixed overlapping water volume in ending fall.
  • Removed hidden ledges in ending fall.
  • Removed extra steam emitter on water next to trials area.
  • Fixed misaligned ladder under giant krall statue.
  • Players no longer have to jump to get off of ladders.
  • Added link ammo in middle of trials.
  • Added a small gap after the 2 ladders in trials.
  • Revised the ledge next to final ladder in trials.
  • Added a few dim lights at a few spots in trials area.
  • Added decoration to the last ladder in trials.
  • Removed water visuals inside the gasbag/krall spawn pit under the giant krall statue.
  • Added trim at the corners of the gasbag/krall spawn pit under the giant krall statue so that players without power jump can jump out of there if they jump down into there.
  • Added lighting in the gasbag/krall spawn pit under giant krall statue.
  • All kralls that shoot ice balls are now elite kralls (2 spawners were affected).
  • Added chain decorations that are attached to weight blocks.
  • Weight blocks can now collide with players.
  • Added disintegration FX and sound when weight blocks are destroyed.
  • Fixed player spawn location for third resurrection shrine.
  • Paladins can no longer jump from first krall boss area to the upper ledge area.
  • All player monsters except for OSM monsters are disabled.
  • Added relic.

Gauntlet is updated.
  • The final ship at the end will fly through any encroacher.
  • Your character will be shown flying the ship during the victory cutscene.
  • Increased view distance fog in beginning area.
  • Fixed collision wedge in corner of building outside.

Grand Canyon Night is updated.
  • Land Mines no longer prevent skeletal mage gates from opening.
  • It's no longer possible to jump inside the arctic skeletal mage gate before it opens.
  • It's no longer possible to get stuck behind boxes in spam hall.
  • Cave exit opens when players reaches the end of caves.
  • Fixed hp spawns on the wall next to ion tank spawns.
  • Increased cliff collision precision on side of cave entrance.
  • Fixed bug where Brimstone would speak when players were defeated outside of Necromancer boss fight.
  • Expanded monster blocking volume extents to the roof of Brimstone's castle.
  • Removed ledge of the back of the boat.
  • Revised monster collision volumes by the docks.
  • Players can now teleport to the docks before the second Necromancer boss fight starts.
  • Moved hay stack by burning skeletal mage area closer to corner to prevent skeletal magi from hiding behind it.
  • Fixed collision wedges by hay stacks and pipes in Necromancer boss fight area.
  • Added infinite pickup spawns after the Necromancer was defeated. Added berserk hunter in supply room.
  • Improved pathing green titan area.
  • Added giant doors under wall to green titan area.
  • Moved 2 ion tank spawns to behind behind the building for shelter.
  • Desert infinite monsters doesn't clear until the house objectives are disabled.
  • Deleted vehicle factory and path nodes beyond level boundaries.
  • Fixed mesh hole on edge of caverns to the Cryo weapon spawn.
  • Moved cryo weapon to its own spawn away from locker.
  • Replaced Shark Rocket Launcher with DW Shark Rocket Launcher.

Heated Escort is updated.
  • The map's experience multiplier is restored.
  • Player monster damage scaling is now 1.0 instead of 1.5.
  • Fixed disconnected flying pathing at end section and beginning section.
  • Helix health is now 15k instead of 20k.
  • The air drone cannot complete the proximity objectives until the area is clear from hostiles.
  • Ice Beam Waillords over checkpoints now spawns if the average level is 190+ instead of 100+.
  • Simplified sign collision.
  • Added visual indicators over each checkpoint.
  • Restored super shield and redeemer spawns by cyber demon area.

Lobby is updated.
  • Added death volume and gravity volume in outer space (for regrouped summoned monsters).
  • Removed black corners around planet earth.
  • Removed black corners around nebula.
  • Nebula is now animated.
  • Revised doorway appearance across from hangar entrance hallway.
  • Removed marines.
  • Disabled player monsters.
  • Revised objective description.
  • Lighting is sharper on the floor on hangar entrance hallway.
  • Added DW and Monster Evo logos.
  • Added flares to lights outside.
  • Added flares to ceiling lights.
  • Removed DM-Flight ships.
  • Added relic.

Mythology is updated.
  • Added one way blocking volume to building entrance.
  • Added one way blocking volume to xeno ledge.
  • Elevator no longer crushes players.
  • Scoring value for destroying the final objective is now 200 instead of 0. Score is distributed to the players that damage the objective.
  • Plasma sentries now wear the bluish material.
  • Flak sentries now wear the orange material.
  • Plasma sentry's resistances are now consistent throughout the map (25% fire and 50% lightning resistance).
  • Fixed skins for Ion Sentry.
  • Fixed destroyable objectives' collision.
  • The second destroyable objective no longer pushes nearby players back when it's destroyed.
  • Increased dragon head collision size.
  • Removed minimum level requirement.
  • Fixed dog statue's fire emitter in net play.
  • Raised panels by infinite skeleton spawns.
  • Fattened collision slop over hanging light at dragon statue room.
  • Added wolf sound when dog statue trigger is disabled.
  • Added flare emitters over samurai statues when activated.
  • Added queen sound when queen spawns.
  • Skeletons now spawn at a 2-3 per second rate per spawner.
  • Skeletons no longer immediately replace other skeletons when one is destroyed.
  • Relic is now a team relic.
  • Removed period from relic name.

Nano Technics is updated.
  • Added covers to the dishwater's silverware basket since the ladders were causing crashes in editor.
  • Added third key frame to platform that travels across lightning gates.
  • Revised objective names and descriptions.
  • Removed isolated krall spawn (from old player monster system).
  • In the coffee machine, the blocking spheres over the objectives now ignores encroachers.
  • Removed mesh emitter from dragon spawn fx.
  • Fire dragons now do 50% damage.
  • Fire titan's vulnerability time is now 40 seconds (initial) and 48 seconds (subsequent) instead of 26 seconds (initial) and 34 seconds (subsequent).
  • Disabled Dinosaurs, Xenomorphs, and Air Drones player monsters.
  • Removed unused Trigger_ASRoundEndXPMod.
  • End game xp is now 250 instead of 100.
  • Fire titan score multiplier is now 3x instead of 1x.
  • Added multiple spawn points for Sawyers.
  • Added few more spawn points for Fat Zombies.
  • Added multiple spawn points for Cerubs.
  • The exit coffee machine objective is disabled until Wraiths and Seekers are killed.
  • Added guard rails by teleporter in first section.
  • Added more flying path nodes in first section.
  • Added map description.
  • The recommended number of players is now 1-8 instead of 2-15.
  • Revised camouflage.
  • There are now 2 lockers at the beginning.
  • Added blocking volume over the two lockers during cutscenes.
  • Fridge and coffee machine pipes now collides with karma ragdolls.
  • Restored ring FX for first delivery core objective.
  • Reversed portal direction in dishwasher.
  • Added space in "Fire Titan Killed" text.
  • Doubled cherubs' sight radius.
  • Added ending camera angle.
  • Added message to crouch to apply repairs for first delivery objective.
  • Wraiths and seekers no longer lean against the closed cage when aggroed early.
  • Added relic.

Nocturne is now updated.
  • You can no longer kill zombies through door in portal room.
  • Relic now ignores mechanic turret kills.
  • Removed iso combat.
  • At the end of every other wave in portal room, the entire team respawns to safety.
  • Fixed floating lantern at beginning (near mole spawns).
  • Reduced damage capacity for redeemer secret.
  • Added blocking volumes preventing players from going up to the roofs.
  • The relic is now team-based.
  • The relic's kill credits is now accumulated rather than requiring one player to get all of the kills.
  • Metal monsters are now considered robots.
  • Metal monsters now have -25% lightning resistance.
  • Metal monsters now have 65% poison resistance.
  • The Electric metal slith has 25% lightning resistance.
  • The Invulnerability hunter's resistances are default still.
  • Ghost monsters are now considered undead.
  • Ghost monsters now have 80% poison resistance.

Robot Factory is updated.
  • the ending trigger is now automatically triggered when the ships land.
  • Turrets can no longer be salvaged.
  • Increased damage and accuracy for sentinel turrets by ion turret.
  • Replaced queen souls with emperor souls at end spawn area.
  • Added 2 grass titan souls at end spawn area.
  • Added 2 skaarj lords and 4 pupae souls at end spawn area.
  • Players spawning under the Ion Cannon now has 6 seconds of invulnerability (identical to DeathBox spawn protection).
  • Monsters no longer clear when the Ion Turret is destroyed.
  • Added collision to debri under wall by first objective (where the sentries stand behind the third link turret).
  • The Arctic Sentry Prototype chambers now casts glacier blight to vehicles.
  • The Arctic Sentry Prototype chambers now casts Glacier Blight to all allied monsters.

Sub Rosa is updated.
  • Players are no longer able to jump on wall before the gate is destroyed.
  • Removed jump pads on wall around main gate.
  • Removed translocator pickup under terrain.
  • Super shield on the right room next to main gate is available in easy mode.
  • Locker in the left room next to main gate closes in hard mode.
  • Removed redeemer.
  • Replaced super shock rifle spawn with super shield and keg o health.
  • Added mine layer to second locker next to front gate (next to double damage) to be consistent with the right locker.
  • Weapon ammo counts in right locker next to front gate (next to double damage) is now the same as the ammo counts in left locker next to front gate (next to super shield).
  • The lockers that become available when the vault opens now have consistent weapons. Both lockers now have bio, shock, link, minigun, flak, rocket, sniper instead of Bio, link, flak, sniper in one, and minigun, link, rocket launcher, shock in the other.
  • Minigun turret on hill at the beginning now faces the other way.
  • Minigun turrets on bridge at the end is rotated 180 degrees.
  • Fixed typo in objective completion message when completing the vault objectives. "I'm getting some very strange readings..." instead of "I'm getting somevery strange readings..."
  • Removed suspended turrets between vault and vault key rooms.
  • Reduced damage and accuracy for suspended turrets.
  • Removed extra turret spawn at the last objective.
  • Removed X's from map title.
  • Difficulty is no longer randomly selected if the players did not start the game in time.
  • Revised text at the beginning.
  • Revised difficulty voting area appearance.
  • Hard mode level limit monsters is now 150-400 instead of 150-275.
  • Hard mode level limit objectives is now 150-300 instead of 150-275.
  • Easy mode level limit monsters is now 70-210 instead of 80-105.
  • Easy mode level limit objectives is now 70-140 instead of 80-105.
  • Recommended level range is now 50-220 instead of 80-200.
  • Enabled player monster air drones.
  • Removed customized player monster options with null classes.
  • Added resurrection event when assault begins.
  • Removed hidden resurrection trigger at beginning.
  • Replaced time-sensitive resurrection shrine at antenna alignment objective with a forced resurrection event when antenna is aligned.
  • Revised pathing through the front door.
  • Revised pathing through the doorway after the keys were stolen.
  • Revised pathing through the vault's doorway.
  • Removed wall panels covering in statue room (at first room).
  • Removed player spawns at front gate and at front door.
  • The door that closes behind players when the keys are stolen will crush when encroached.
  • Players trapped behind that door will be teleported to the key room.
  • Placed blocking volumes over blue ceiling in key room.
  • A minute after the keys are stolen, the spawn will update to spawn new players above the doorway (where the air drones spawn).
  • Removed monsters that spawn behind the players when the keys are stolen.
  • Added sniper rifle to lockers in vault.
  • Added shock, link, and sniper to the locker by the keys.
  • Removed locker by antenna (preserved the locker by super shield).
  • Removed locker in side rooms at the end.
  • Removed unused vehicle factories.
  • A minute after the vault shuts, poison gas will spew out from vents causing damage to everyone that did not enter xenomorph room (hard mode only).
  • Fixed issue where the data stick wouldn't disappear after picking it up.
  • Nali fighters at the end have 2x damage multiplier instead of 6x or 8x.
  • Nali fighters at the end have 2.5x score multiplier instead of 5x.
  • Moved sniper spawns that were inside blocking volumes.
  • Removed minigun turrets under terrain.
  • Removed floating tree leaves at the end.
  • Increased collision precision over the mesh with the lights where players could stand inside them before.
  • Removed ending jump pads.
  • Added flying pathing to end area.
  • Deleted unused player starts and portals.
  • Revised camouflage.
  • Fixed the following spawners with missing monster classes: Spawner83 (Raptor), Spawner44 (Raptor), Spawner53 (Angus).
  • Removed super shield and mine layer ammo that's beyond level boundaries.
  • Fixed mesh holes under the wall/gate next to the truck at the beginning.
  • Added ASRoundEndXPModifiers where beating the map in easy mode will grant 300 end game xp, and beating the map in hard mode will grant 750 end game xp.
  • Removed hard mode's end game xp trigger where the xp reward ranges from 0-100 based on your score.
  • Added relic.

Utopia Part I is updated.
  • Reduced beginning wait time to 1 minutes instead of 3 minutes.
  • Fixed building collision next to garrison and bunker at beginning.
  • Players can no longer get stuck behind boxes in corner by the first locker.
  • Fixed Z Fighting with Monster Evo logo on building in first courtyard.
  • Players outside the trial area are teleported in hidden passageway when players reach the third trial room.
  • Added extra info describing the map's inspiration.
  • In the first courtyard, there's now one spawner for each Monsta spawner. As the particular spawner gets destroyed, it'll also disable its associated spawner (reducing maximum number of monsters at once, and slowing down the Monsta spawn interval).
  • Fixed the following spawn points: SpawnPoint99, 125, 216, 227, 229. This diversifies monster spawns for Nali fighters in garden amubhs room, Nali Fighter snipers near armory entrance, ground monsters in first courtyard, and tentacles in hidden passageway.
  • Fixed Imperial ally spawn during sniper intro cutscene.
  • Fixed relic discovered notification.

Utopia Part II is updated.
  • Added extra info describing the map's inspiration.
  • Added ResurrectionNoXP event when pipe to the Capitol Courtyard opens.
  • Slaying the titan will now reward 200 xp to the team instead of 50.
  • 50 xp is granted to the team for entering the falling city sequence.
  • 100 xp is granted to the team if an individual makes it to the sewers.
  • The red hallway after the titan room opens when the cutscene finishes.
  • Removed blocking volumes over the ledges by the beginning.
  • Added blocking volumes over by the pipes from part I.
  • The timer to close the sewer (at the beginning) begins when a player left the sewer.
  • Capitol door closes 90 seconds after the window to the titan room opened. Players trapped outside will respawn inside the capitol.
  • Players can no longer rush the cutting the vent after the titan room by spamming the Use Key. This also makes it impossible to break the sequence.
  • Added ResurrectionNoXP event right before the victory cutscene.
  • Infinite mercenaries will now spawn when the window opens instead of when the players are near the window.
  • For the infinite mercenaries during the titan fight, there are now at most 12 mercenaries at once instead of 4 at once.
  • For the infinite mercenaries during the titan fight, mercenaries now spawn once per 2 seconds instead of once per 4 seconds.
  • Enlightens that spawn after the Mech Titan is defeated now spawn in their own Aerial spawn points instead of sharing with ground units' spawns.
  • Warlord's damage scaling in titan room is now 50%.
  • Ice Skaarj damage scaling in titan room is now 50%.
  • Slightly reduced window width to titan room.
  • Added cages to the sides of the window to titan room.
  • Titan's damage scaling is now 20%.
  • Titan now has 0% lightning resistance instead of default.
  • Changed energy beam in titan room to from Ion tank's damage type to lightning damage type (due to monster's vehicle resistance changes).
  • Titan now throws a guided lightning bolt instead of insta kill rocks.
  • Added ambient lighting to various skyscrapers and meshes that were pitch black in the falling city sequence.
  • Fixed skyscrapers that would turn pitch black when you flew too close to them.

Vindication is updated.
  • It's no longer possible to kill monsters before or during intro cutscene.
  • Repaired flying pathing over by broken wall that the tank destroys.
  • Blood projections no longer projects on actors and weapons.
  • Added blocking volume to sloped corner next to lightning gun spawn to prevent players from getting stuck there.
  • Level limit monsters is now 135-400 instead of 125-200.
  • Level limit objectives is now 125-300 instead of 115-200.
  • Enabled xenomorph player monsters.
  • Added infinite monsters at the end (in the ledge area by predaliens). Monster classes are based on average level.
  • Fixed unused nali fighter spawn point by the tank.
  • Bubbles in the water at the beginning pops instead of fading.

Wangara I is updated.
  • Player monsters can no longer fly over the force field at the end.
  • Changed objective message from "Kill all brutes in cave" to "Kill brutes in cave".
  • Added default music - Level3.
  • Ambient ships that flies overhead now toggles visibility when they start and end movement.
  • Fixed terrain hole that didn't connect with cliff at the last force field.
  • Blood projector inside the ship during victory cutscene is no longer displayed on roof of ship.
  • Burning Ice Skaarj at the beginning no longer wanders when idling.
  • Added redeemer secret.
  • Remoed OSM instructions from map description.

Wangara II is updated.
  • Titan is now a robot type.
  • Removed redeemer during victory cutscene.
  • Increased damage threshold for relic trigger.
  • Added default music - KR-Roughinery.
  • Removed OSM instructions from map description.
  • Recommended number of players is now 1-6 instead of 1.

Xenomorph Part I is updated.
  • Players are resurrected before the Bravo team objective begins.
  • Leviathan can no longer be salvaged.
  • Spectators can now watch cutscenes.
  • Added barrel under stairs next to gate controls in bender tunnels.
  • Extra xenomorphs spawn in the long route in bender tunnels (at most 4 at once).
  • Bravo team assault sounds will only play if players are still with them. The loop terminates if the players enter the vent.
  • Using default player monster options (Xenomorphs only).
  • Revised water surface appearance (increased resolution, new material, increased UV tiles, changed lighting, two sided, and revised movement physics).
  • Removed crash message from loading screen.
  • Renamed data stick with key card.
  • Fixed predalien introduction spawn in water pipes.
  • Revised objective names and descriptions.
  • Added numerous blocking volumes around walls and buildings outside.
  • Recommended number of players is now 2-10 instead of 12-16.
  • Players will spawn dead if they join the game while players are going through hell bender tunnels.

Xenomorph Part II is updated.
  • Progress volume after the facehugger cargo room now times out after 90 seconds.
  • Added vehicle barrices next to trailer vehicle at the beacon.
  • The tank can no longer be salvaged.
  • Removed hard mode.
  • Player monsters can no longer interact with button to lobby or the button that activates the elevator to the nest.
  • Player monsters can no longer pickup the Praetorian eggs.
  • Player monsters are disabled during the queen fight.
  • Added numerous blocking volumes around walls and buildings outside.
  • A lesser queen spawns if average level is above 200. If killed, 240 xp is granted. This underdeveloped queen does not need to be burned to be vulnerable.
  • Player monster queens can no longer activate the furnace trigger.
  • Using default player monster options (Xenomorphs only).
  • Removed crash message from loading screen.
  • Spectators can now view cutscenes.
  • Fixed unused spawn points: 209 (Face hugger spawn in cargo room), 322 (egg in nest), 385 (infinite xeno spawn in nest).
  • Revised objective names and descriptions.
  • Recommended number of players is now 4-10 instead of 12-16.
  • New players will spawn dead if they join during the 15 minute countdown.
  • Xeno hallucination automatically expires in 2 seconds.
  • Fixed pathing in first praetorian room where pathing no longer tells monsters to go through hand rails.
  • Moved box closer to wall in first praetorian room.
  • Placed blocking volume around boxes left side of door in first praetorian room.
  • Placed blocking volume around box under stairs in first praetorian room.
  • Placed blocking volume next to panel in upper corner of first praetorian room.
  • Replaced ladder at the end with a pile of boxes.
  • Added ambient sound for the extraction ship even if the ship stopped moving.
  • Added smoke FX when extraction ship arrived.
  • Replaced Shark Rocket Launcher with DW Shark Rocket Launcher.

I'm starting to get dizzy by the end of this. I didn't deeply review this change list. Please forgive any typos or grammar. If something seems unclear, feel free to ask questions about it.
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