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Monster Evolution is updated!

Monster Assault RPG
  • Added bonus XP multiplier events. Just like for map xp multipliers, records are scaled to the current bonus event.
    • A +25% bonus XP event is now active for the duration of this weekend!
  • The Support's summon preferences are now saved to the client's ini file. The browse selection type (eg: browse through all summoned monsters, tiered monsters, or strongest only) and the option for the ability to automatically select the next strongest affordable monster if the current selected monster is too expensive to summon is now remembered across maps.
  • Changed the following for Summon Skaarj Troopers:
    • Disabled ducking
    • Attack rate is now 0.2 seconds instead of 0.4 seconds.
    • Shielded attack rate is now 0.1 seconds instead of 0.7 seconds.
    • Shield chance is now 10% instead of 20%.
    • Skaarj Trooper's retaliation triggers regardless if the attacker is the trooper's current target or not.
  • Changed the following for Summon Skaarj Snipers:
    • Disabled ducking
    • Attack rate is now 0.75 seconds instead of 1.9 seconds.
    • Shielded attack rate is now 0.4 seconds instead of 1 second.
    • Shield chance is now 10% instead of 50%.
    • Skaarj Sniper's retaliation triggers regardless if the attacker is the sniper's current target or not.
    • Skaarj Sniper's retaliation now strikes the attacker instead of the sniper's current target.
  • Changed the following for all brute summons:
    • Enabled 'Gut Attack' animation to allow the brute to strike their targets when close rather than stretching their arms forward and shooting behind their target's head.
    • Increased damage output by 50%.
    • Summoned brutes may be dense, but at least their thick skin comes with a perk. They can now resist all damage intake. This ability is compounded with the monster's resistances.
      • Lesser Brutes resist 10% of all damage.
      • Brutes resist 15% of all damage.
      • Behemoths resist 20% of all damage.
  • Raptor summoning cost is now 310 instead of 260.
  • Disabled summoned raptors' hit animation to prevent them from excessively biting their targets every time they take damage.
  • Supports' summons max health is now rounded to the nearest whole number, allowing their health bars to turn blue when they regenerate to max health.
  • Implosion now protects all monsters in pulls, rendering them immune to all damage until it implodes.
  • Implosion now distributes experience to the team. The caster gains an additional 35%. Level limitations are now ignored.
  • Vengeance no longer gives 4x adrenaline for slaying monsters.
  • Vengeance now makes the Berserker temporarily invulnerable until it detonates. This will provide the Berserker xp credit for damaging monsters. When negating damage from the invulnerability, the Berserker's knockback momentum is multiplied by 32! The Berserker will perish after the Vengeance explosion.
  • Fixed bug where Vengeance and Retaliation are not purchaseable if the Berserker did not purchase any abilities.
  • Specters, Guardians, Life Cord, and Aegis can now protect players from environmental damage and when the attacker is not found (eg: when a monster is killed before their projectiles land and Xenomorph acid blood). These skills do not protect players from self damage though.
  • Iron Legs no longer affects summons and player monsters.

ME RPG Expansion
  • New Rank I Monster Ability: Bone Enchantments - When spawning as a Skeletal Mage, you will gain their advanced spell casting capabilities.
  • New Rank II Necromancer Ability: Plated Bones - Increases Summon Skeletons' physical resistance by 2% per level (up to 10 levels).
  • New Rank III Necromancer Ability: Soul Forging - Fuse multiple souls to summon a skeletal mage of an element of your choosing regardless of the souls used.
  • Summon Skeletal Magii now have distinct portraits and names depending on the summon mode.
  • Physical Skeletal Mage is now named Cyclone Skeletal Mage.
  • The Sentinel panel now uses ratios instead of hard thresholds when configuring when their drone should spawn health, ammo, adrenaline, and armor.
  • Supports can now purchase Summon Regeneration. The ability moved from Necromancer Class to Misc Abilities in the RPG class dropdown.
  • Summon Regeneration no longer requires Summon Zombie or Summon Skeleton.
  • Craft Turret ability description no longer states that level 4 requires rank 3 since the max level is only 3.
DW Monster Assault
  • All player monsters options are now available at the start of the match instead of waiting for each monsters' cooldown period before becoming available.
  • Spectators can no longer follow friendly monsters. Summoned monsters and human controlled monsters can still be viewed.
  • The idle kicker can now detect vehicle movement.
Smart Monster Pack
  • Advanced Burning Skeletal Magii can now cast level 5 Fire Shield where it would resist 50% of the fire damage rather than 10%.

DW Assault Mapper Tools
  • Glacier Blight's vehicle damage scaling is now 1.0 instead of 0.4.
  • Players no longer become immune to Decay and Glacier Blight when they jump in a vehicle that renders the driver immune to damage (eg: passenger seats). Instead the damage is transferred to the vehicle.
  • Adv DW Monster Spawner changes
    • Removed TriggerChance based on the number of players and levels. TriggerChance for conditional variables remain.
    • Fixed a bug where TriggerChance is computed after it was used for the first time. It's now calculated before it's used.
    • Added a NewChanceToSpawn fields to allow the spawner to overwrite its ChanceToSpawn based on various conditions. The spawners can now differentiate between trigger chances (react to trigger events) and the ChanceToSpawn (when triggering for the first time, this variable determines if the spawner should be dormant or not).
Gauntlet is updated
  • Added 2 health pickups in the monster teleport room.
  • Added super shield pickup in the monster teleport room.
  • Increased XP reward for the dinosaurs and goro in the cages by 20%.
  • Added 4 health pickups in the hangar.
  • Added super shield and keg health in the hangar.
  • The infinite Air Drone Bombers' health multipliers are now 5% instead of 20%.
  • Increased XP reward for the Skaarj and Warlord in the hangar by 50%.
  • Level limits for XP gained from damaging monsters are now 90-210 instead of 50-160.
  • Level limits for XP gained from completing objectives are now 75-155 instead of 50-115.
Nano Technics is updated
  • Reduced health of dishwasher rust objectives by 50%.
  • The end boss is now a fury titan instead of a regular titan. Its appearance remains the same due to shielding mechanics.
  • The lava in the oven is now a liquid (instead of being able to fall and walk under lava).
  • End game XP is now 175 instead of 100.
  • Level limits for XP gained from damaging monsters are now 90-220 instead of 75-150.
  • Level limits for XP gained from completing objectives are now 60-150 instead of 30-115.
Seraphim Falling is updated
  • Added windows, floor grates, ceiling vents, ambient sounds, and revised lighting in certain areas.
  • In the first spawn: replaced the two nonrespawnable health packs (total healing 50) with DW Health Packs (repeat touch health packs). Total healing is now 200.
  • In the second spawn: replaced the health pack (total healing 25) with DW Health Packs (total healing is now 600).
  • In the room outside the gas room: replaced the two nonrespawnable health packs (total healing 50) with DW Health Packs (total healing 150).
  • Added 200 adrenaline at both spawns.
  • Added 2 respawnable shield packs in the second spawn.
  • Chestbursters will spawn instead of face huggers when the average level is 1-50.
  • Fixed bug where killing 2 or more undead at the same time still gives the relic.
Temple Run is updated
  • The shield pack at the beginning now spawns immediately.
  • Added a second shield pack at the beginning.
  • The warlord ambush now triggers when there are 2 or more players instead of 5 or more players. If there are 2 or more players, the ambush happens 50% of the time.
  • The warlords in the ambush are no longer zero score. Instead their score multipliers are now 1.25.
  • There are a total of 5 ambush warlords instead of an infinite number of warlords.
  • Added 8 flanking skaarj that will assist the warlords in the ambush.
  • When the ambush happens, the player spawn points are now outside instead of the middle of the ambush.
  • Slight adjustments to lighting.
  • Added adrenaline in the super shield secret.
  • Added two weapon lockers (at ship and cave) to allow weapon copying.
  • Revised the second redeemer secret to make it easier to discover (change logs are intentionally vague).
    • Order of operations can now be executed in any order rather than a specific order.
    • Added feedback to progressing the secret.
    • Added more steps involved for secret.
    • Changed the monsters for secret.
Thrust is updated
  • Added Air Drones throughout the map. Each area can spawn 2-4 drones (easy mode), 4-8 drones (hard mode).
  • Fixed pathing through the door by the sniper rifle ammo spawn after the pressure tank objective.
  • The very same door by the sniper rifle ammo spawn no longer toggles open/close every time a monster is slain.
  • Player monter drones are enabled.
  • Fixed the possibility of trapping players inside the doors behind the guidance missile since the doors can now only open (they cannot close once they open).
  • Revised oil tanks' collision.
  • Added a small box for the skaarj snipers on top of the oil tanks.
  • Extended the team progress volume at the end so players could hide inside the ship when waiting for their allies.
  • Bridge support beams are now touching the bridge.
  • Closed off the gap between the arcs and the terrain at the beginning spawn.
  • Added player blocking volumes over the first hill by the beginning spawn.
  • Fixed bug where the rocket thrusters are always on. They are now turned on upon activating the launch sequence.
  • Renamed AS-ME-Thrust to AS-Thrust-ME for alphabetical sorting purposes.
  • Level limits for gaining XP from damaging monsters are now 115-275 instead of 90-180 (easy mode).
  • Level limits for gaining XP from damaging monsters are now 175-350 instead of 150-225 (hard mode).
Xenomorph Colony Part II is updated
  • Placed a blocking volume between the treads of the tank at the extraction site.
  • Runners in the vents (after the goliath tunnel) no longer have high resistances and damage.
  • The runners in those vents (after the goliath tunnel) now provide XP.
  • There are a total of 2-6 runners that may spawn in those vents after the goliath tunnel.
General log warning fixes
  • Fixed log warnings when trying to access null variables from the following:
    • Killer from DWScriptedMonster::Died function.
    • Killed from ASGameInfo::Killed function.
    • Killer from ASGameInfo::NotifyKilled function.
    • P from ASGameInfo::CheckEndGame function.
    • Mechanic from MechanicSentinelController::FindMechanic function.
    • Mechanic from MechanicLinkController::FindMechanic function.
    • PlayerReplicationInfo from ArtifactSentinel::UpdateSentinelMaster function.
    • PlayerReplicationInfo from ArtifactSentry::UpdateSentryMaster function.
    • C from FriendlyMonsterController::SameTeamAs function.
    • InstigatedBy from DWScriptedMonster::TakeDamage function.
    • InstigatedBy from RPGRules::AwardEXPForDamage function.
    • InstigatedBy from RPGRules::NetDamage function.
    • Instigator from AbilityLifeSiphon::HandleDamage function.
    • FireMode from RPGStatsInv::OverrideFireRate function.
    • MoveTarget from ScriptedSmartBrute::RangedAttack function.
    • Controller from DWScriptedMonster::TakeDamage function.
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A hotfix is applied today.
  • Implosion no longer gives XP credit for over killing monsters. When a monster is killed, XP is given to based on the damage needed to slay monsters instead.
  • Removed Lucifer from the player monster roster.
The difference between successful people from others is
not in the lack of strength,
not in the lack of knowledge,
but rather in the lack of will.


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