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Anything and everything related to the Evolution server.
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Year passed since last update FeelsBadMan
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Year passed since last update FeelsBadMan

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Monster Evolution is updated!

  • Inferno weapons are back!
    • Inferno weapon's burn effects now do 1 damage per second per modifier instead of 6 damage per second per modifier.
    • Inferno weapons no longer burn enemies that are swimming.
    • Facehuggers are immune to Inferno weapon's burn effect.
    • Inferno weapons now convert 25% of the damage to fire damage.
  • Fixed bug on Summon Demon where "AltActivateItem Demon=Cherub" wouldn't allow you to summon another Cherub if one is currently alive.
  • Support's vehicle regeneration is now 2 health per second per rank instead of 1 health per second per rank.
  • Implosion is armed in 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes.
  • When a player is killed, the flawless victory flag is lost if the player killed has at least a positive score and when they've been in the game for at least 10% of the game time.
  • Fixed client log spam from PlayerTick and ClientSelectItem when spectating.
Smart Monster Pack/Sample
  • Fixed monster's resistances bug when taking damage from magic weapons that override the elemental type.
  • Reduced footstep sounds for Sawyers, boneys, skeletons, and fat zombies.
  • Fixed bug in AdvDWMonsterSpawner PlayerLevelDifficulty changes where the levels are counted twice when calculating the average and accumulated levels.
  • Added RelicEvent to PRIRelicCheck actor. If someone gains a relic, this event will be broadcasted.
Choco Wars is updated
  • Reduced driver damage for the minigun turrets from 1.0 to 0.05 (protects the driver).
  • The relic's score requirement is now 50 instead of 300.
  • The Grass titan now uses their shield instead of summoning a Forgotten.
  • Level limits for XP gained from damaging monsters are now 75-500 instead of 50-300.
  • Level limits for XP gained from objectives are now 50-225 instead of 50-150.
  • Recommended level range is now 50-160 instead of 50-300.

Convoy is updated
  • Players that get stuck in the ramp inside the center vehicle are teleported out.
  • Reduced the health factor from the end boss Archvile and sliths from 0.5 to 0.25.
  • Removed the health factor that's based on the average player level for the boss sliths.
  • Reduced Archvile damage multiplier from 1.0 to 0.75.
  • Level limits for XP gained from damaging monsters are now 135-500 instead of 80-250.
  • Level limits for XP gained from objectives are now 115-275 instead of 80-175.
  • Recommended level range is now 100-175 instead of 50-120.
Forgotten Fane is updated
  • Level limits for XP gained from damaging monsters are now 75-250 instead of 75-150.

Opportunity Knocks is updated
  • Level limits for XP gained from damaging monsters are now 100-350 instead of 50-165.
  • Level limits for XP gained from completing objectives are now 75-200 instead of 60-185.
  • Removed isolated combat area.
  • Fixed bug where the map could break when destroying the two locks at the same time.
  • Players can no longer get stuck behind the meat in the kitchen's corner.
  • Reduced burning damage in furnace room from 70 per second to 20 per second.
  • Reduced burning damage in furnace room (area near the fire) is now 15 per second instead of 30 per second.
  • Added a space in the map title "Opportunity Knocks" instead of "OpportunityKnocks"
  • Added an extra weapon locker at each spawn.
Seraphim Falling is updated
  • Instead of 1-2 predaliens spawning, the following monsters will spawn based on the average player level.
    • Levels 0-50 will spawn 1-2 Skeletons.
    • Levels 50-100 will spawn 1-2 Xenomorph Drones.
    • Levels 100 and up will spawn 1-2 Predaliens.
  • Increased score multiplier for the skeletons at the end from 0.4 to 0.9.
  • Skeletons' fire resistance at the end room is now 95% instead of defaults.
  • A monster will howl whenever the first undead monster is killed.
  • Fixed typo at second to last objective's completion message: "Escape pod standing by" instead of "Escape pod standingby"
  • Added weapon locker at the beginning.
  • Added respawnable shield pack in the optional Xeno room at the beginning.
  • The level limits for XP gained from damaging monsters are now 95-350 instead of 75-180.
  • Recommended level range is now 35-125 instead of 30-85.
Tarydium Mine is updated
  • Revised collision around the doorway next to the interior player spawn.
  • Small lucifers are now things instead of robots.
  • Small lucifers are now lucifer classic.
  • Health multiplier for the lesser lucifers are now 0.2 instead of 0.1.
  • Doubled the size for the lesser lucifers.
  • Removed unused player spawns.
  • The resurrection event after destroying the first crystal objective now respawns players by the crystals instead of near the raptors.
  • Added resurrection event for destroying the crystal objective after the raptors.
  • Covered up holes behind the door.
  • The relic is now a team relic. When one person gets it, everyone is awarded the relic.
  • Minimum score requirement for the relic is now 50 instead of 100.
  • Minimum kill requirement for the relic is now 50 instead of 60.
  • The turrets on the side now have 500 health instead of 10 million.
  • Turrets on the side no longer insta kills.
  • Disabled traps from picking up adrenaline pills.
  • The two adrenaline pills by the turrets on the side now gives 50 each instead of 600 each.
  • The adrenline pill by the tank now gives 100 adrenaline instead of 250.
  • Ceiling turret no longer insta kills.
  • Fixed navigation through doorways.
  • The weapons at the begining lockers are now in both lockers rather than being divided among two lockers.
  • Default music is now KR-Corrugation-Rise.
  • Added music transition to "Level15" when the door closes.
  • Removed minimium level limits instead of requiring players to be at least level 50 to gain XP.
  • The level limits for gaining XP from damaging monsters are now 150-600 instead of 150-350.
  • The recommended level is now 80-175 instead of 80-150.
The following map XP multipliers changed:
  • Fallen City is now 0.95 instead of 0.9.
  • Gauntlet is now 1.65 instead of 1.4.
  • Mythology is now 1.15 instead of 1.05.
  • Sub Rosa is now 1.45 instead of 1.3.
There were numerous internal changes that probably won't affect the game aside from slightly improving its performance. I'm noting things here in case this introduces unintended side effects. The following compiler warnings are addressed:
  • Unused local variable "LeviBlocker" in MutONSVehicleFix
  • Unused local variable "Index" in ASGameInfo::PostLogin
  • Unused local variable "A" in ASGameInfo::PreBeginPlay
  • Unused local variable "artifactIndex" in GUI_ArtifactOrderMenu::SelectArtifact
  • Unused local variable "ThreatValue" in RPGRules::PreventDeath
  • Unused local variable "DamTypeRPG" in RPGRules::NetDamage
  • Unused local variable "DesiredLocation" in FriendlyMonsterController::FindRoamDest
  • Unused local variable "j" in GUIWeaponDispenser::PopulateWeaponRequest
  • Unused local variable "Inv" in GUIWeaponDispenser::GetDispenser
  • Unused local variable "results" in AbilityExperiencedHealing::GetMapExpMultiplier
  • Unused local variable "OldInv" in AbilityRecall::ModifyPawn
  • Unused local variable "daysPassed" in PurgeAccountsScript::AccountIsInactive
  • Unused local variable "WeaponName" in DWScriptedMonster::TakeDamage
  • Unused local variables "actualDamage, ElementNumber, WeaponName, damageAdjustment, Killer" in ScriptedMechTitanB::TakeDamage
  • Unused local variables "PC and Shake" in ProjHunterInvulShock::HurtRadius
  • Unused local variable "masterVehicle" in FriendlySentinelController::DoSupportAction.
  • Unused local variable "TargetDrone" in FriendlySentryController::DoSupportAction.
  • Unused local variable "i" in ArtifactArcaneReclamation::Activated::BeginState
  • Unused local variables "i, j, x, and MechLauncher" from ArtifactDemolitions::Activate.
  • Unused local variables "X, Y, Z, StartLocation, and metalCount" from ArtifactMetalFission::ConsumeMetal.
  • Unused local variables "bUpdateIndex, SetLocationWorked, bTakeMana, HitLocation, HitNormal, and EndTrace" from ArtifactSentry::AltActivate and ArtifactSentinel::AltActivate.
  • Unused local variable "WeaponIndex" from ArtifactWeaponMelt::MeltWeapon.
  • Unused local variable "C" from ArtifactCurseDecay::FindVictim
  • Unused local variable "i" from ArtifactEnergyDrone::Activate
  • Unused local variable "i" from ArtifactPlague::EndState
  • Unused local variable "ThreatFactor" from ArtifactPoisonSupremacy::GiveThreat
  • Unused local variable "StatsInv" from ArtifactSummonChampion::SetMonsterAttributes.
  • Unused local variables "V and Delta" from ArtifactUnnaturalShout::DoHealing.
  • Unused local variables "A, Count, and ClientInv" from ArtifactUnnaturalShout::ActivateAbility
  • Unused local variable "i" from ArtifactWeaponCraftsman::ClientDisableWeapon.
  • Unused local variable "AmmoToadd" from RW_Inferno::WeaponTick.
  • Unused local variable "Ammo" from InvResupply::Timer.
  • Unused local variable "i" from InvSummonHeal::Timer.
  • Unused local variables "PRI and msgCaption" from GUISentinelControls::Opened.
  • Unused local variable "Inv" from GUIViewRecipes::InitComponent.
  • Unused local variable "WeaponIndex" from AbilityImbuedWeapons::ModifyPawn
  • Unused local variables "StatsInv and i" from AbilitySentry::ModifyPawn.
  • Unused local variable "DamageAbsorbed" from AbilitySoulTap::HandleDamage.
  • Unused local variable "InvSoul" from AbilitySummonRegeneration::ModifyPawn
  • Unused local variables "StatsInv and ModLevel" from AbilityTurretMastery::HandleDamage.
  • Unused local variable "j" from AbilityWeaponCraftsman::ModifyPawn.
  • Unused local variable "i" from GameRulesCriticalFPM::PreventDeath.
  • Unused local variable "PC" from InvRemotePMController::KillOwner.
  • Unused local variable "MenuTrigger" from GUI_KeyCode::InternalOnClick.
  • Unused local variable "PlayerLevelRange" from WikiGeneratorMap::GenerateAdvMonsterData.
  • Unused local variable "bMonserFound" from WikiGeneratorMap::GenerateMonsterData.
  • Target local variable obscuring Target member variable in DWI_Player
  • DWScriptedMonster::PerformDodge function is missing a return value.
  • ScriptedDinosaur's LastRoarTime obscures the DWScriptedMonster's LastRoarTime.
  • ScriptedDoomMonster's FootstepVolume obscures xPawn's FootstepVolume.
  • Summon_ScriptedWOSVolcanicAdvancedHugeSlith's SpawnTime obscures Pawn's SpawnTime.
  • SummonedSentry's ClientIdleAnim obscures ScriptedMonster's ClientIdleAnim
  • SummonWraith's TeleportLocation obscures ScriptedWraith's TeleportLocation.
  • ArtifactWeaponFabricator's RPGMut obscures ArtifactDruidMakeMagicWeapon's RPGMut.
  • ArtifactSentinel's DroneClass (local variable) obscures ArtifactSentinel's DroneClass (member variable).
  • Curse_AmpDamage's Caster obscures InvCurse's Caster.
  • FireModeLinkTurret's ProjectileClass obscures WeaponFire's ProjectileClass.
  • ProjectileIceDeemer's "SmokeTrail and ExplosionEffectClass" obscures RedeemerProjectile's "SmokeTrail and ExplosionEffectClass".
  • Simplified ASGameInfo::Login function
  • AirDrones' SetAdvanced function is missing a return value. Removed return value since the calling function never uses it.
  • GUISentryControls "InernalOnDrawA, InternalOnDrawB, and InternalOnDrawC" functions are missing return values.
The difference between successful people from others is
not in the lack of strength,
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A hot fix is applied today.

  • Inferno weapons are no longer copiable.
  • The Burn effect from Inferno weapons is now stackable if there are multiple users holding Inferno weapons, the burn effect is intensified. XP gained from intensified burning is shared.
  • InvFire will not overwrite the attacker if there is one already assigned. This will give each user with Inferno weapons credit for damaging the monster.
The difference between successful people from others is
not in the lack of strength,
not in the lack of knowledge,
but rather in the lack of will.


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