Artifacts activation delay + adrenaline wasted by skill-activation

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I want to inform you of 2 issues:

1. Artifacts activation delay.
I have realised after many tests that since the latest server update, the artifact browsing system and artifact activation system is terrible (no offence).

what I mean by terrible, is what, while before I could spam keybinds and activate skills on-the-fly, (and rarely I had issues of false activating skill/artifact other than the one I intended), since the last server update I have major delays on the activation of artifacts using keybinds).
In addition, artifact browsing is terrible. While before I could get to the desired artifact by spaming the prev/next artifact key 5-6-7 times in less that 1 sec (blind), now I have to watch my HUD every single time for artifacts that I have them into a keybind, to make sure the proper with be shown on HUD. I have activated plenty of times wrong artifact when browsing, and many times I got killed by paying attention to my HUD.

The thing is, that before the server update, I never encountered something like that, and the artifact activation/browsing system was flawless (literally)!!!!

2. adrenaline wasted from multi-activation of artifacts.
another issue that I had rarely before, but now I get a lot more and more, is that:
e.g: I get 105, I activate the MWM artifact, until it goes down to 5, i activate Shout artifact and it returns a message "I dont have adrenaline to roll a weapon" and end up with 0 adr.
I mention that issue before, that the adr on skill activation that doesnt instantly withdraw the required amount from the player, should be reserved, so that if somehow the player activates another skill, and he doesnt have enough adr, the next skill wont be activated.
This is something I get more and more often, and I dont see how to avoid it, and I end up wasting adr in every single map (jesus).

there are 2 types of skills regarging adr reservation.
the skills like HealthBuff, that instantly activate and withdraw at once the whole adr amount,
and the skills like MWM, that withdraw adr by passing time (like running an adr combo).
of course I refer to the second type of skills.

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