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Please read the FAQ before donating!

Death Warrant would like to welcome you to the Death Warrant Clan Server Campus!

Our flagship UT server, Spam Vikings, along with the newest and most popular Monster Mash servers, continue to be some of the highest ranked UT2004 servers in the land. We hope you are enjoying your time with us.

Unfortunately, time and love for the game does not buy bandwidth. Spam Vikings uses a very large amount of hardware power and bandwidth. Along with all the other Death Warrant UT and Call of Duty4 servers at your disposal, you can imagine what it takes to run such a variety of server offerings.

Keep in mind that I get nothing donated to me. I pay for all of my hardware, bandwidth and co-location fees. It's my personal finances and your generous donations that keep these servers running.

My clan mates have helped me out quite a bit and I thank them tremendously for that assistance. Several of them have given very large donations and I offer them my personal thanks and gratitude. This is what drives me to give them the best clan/gaming environment I can. What's even more amazing are the donations I get from the general public. You guys don't have to give me a dime, but you reach into your pockets anyway. I'm here to provide a great gaming environment and with your help, I have been able to do that.

Rather than make a goal, I will leave it open ended. With the move of the server to Chicago, I hope to continue to provide you with the best rock solid gaming experience you can have. Unfortunately, this means a much greater cost. In the past donations were always a "nice to have" because I could personally support the server if I didn't receive any. With the move to a better facility, I can no longer say that and your donations truly keep these servers afloat.

With all of that said, I've added a generic block to list donations by month. I will only add those that check off that they like their donation displayed. I will respect your wishes if you do not want it shown. I'll do my best to keep up with this task. Please don't be offended if I miss listing your donation. I'm usually up to my ears in diapers (and lately packet loss) and have precious little time. But the reason I do this is because your generosity means so much to me. I really want to demonstrate to everyone your generosity! Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but there are some of you who show you really care and I want everyone to know that. I'm real happy you're here and are enjoying yourselves. Tell all your friends about us! Spam Vikings, Monster Mash and Death Warrant are here to stay, thanks to you!

I'm not proud. Every $5 helps keep the servers running for now and well into the future. Thanks for reading, thanks for your overwhelming generosity and mostly, thanks for playing!

When you make a donation, please ensure that you check whether you want it visible on the website or not. And please make sure you enter your nickname somewhere. If I only have your real name, I'll list initials only to protect the innocent.

To make a donation follow this link . Donate

Thanks so much, everyone!
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