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Interested in a scrim with DW's finest? Post your requests here.
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Trying to organise a scrim with the 6Sigma clan in the UK. I've been playing on their server for a while, and they seem like an okay bunch of guys, with a couple of Americans in their membership. A bit like DW, only in reverse, on account of we're all yanks, with a couple of us limeys. And they are definitely not the END GAME, so you needn't worry Vyper.

Anyway as for the scrim, the 6S lads play demolition up to around 1 or 2am GMT, so if we could organise something, it would help out both teams as they play in a Euro ladder of some sort. So if everyone's up for it, I thought about Thursday and rather than practice, and lets get it on with another team. If anyone's interested you can check them out here: ... .225:3074/

To appease the whiney gits that bang on about their ping, peace, I thought we could play one set on their server then one on the DW. That way we all get a taste of playing with variable pings. I know I'm not a team Captain, but I spoke to Damaged and he said to try and organise something, and this post is the best I've come up with, so let me know you're feelings and we can get some games sorted.

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I'm down with on!

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with the time differance maybe we could do it on a weekend alittle earlier
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