The DM-NeinFinal-][ mindfuck

Here's a specific forum for discussing potential maps, maps that need a vacation and optimizations and modifications for better playability.
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DW_KarmaKat wrote:
Sokoro wrote:I guess the mapper was some newbie and did not even test his map properly... there was hardly any quality control on maps for MM. Maybe you should look for better server.
The mapper was definitely NOT some newbie.

I can't begin to count the thousands of hours DW has spent answering questions, making suggestions for improvements, creating maps of our own and play testing submitted maps. Perhaps you should be the one looking for a different place to play? Or even better, perhaps YOU should be making extraordinary maps instead of making uninformed comments about Monster Mash?

We have a thorough vetting process and play test maps many times before they see the light of day on the server. Are they perfect? We try, but we =are= human. Do players find problems after a map is live? Sometimes. But when maps do go live, we know we've done everything we can to get the map into a playable state within a reasonable amount of time. Remember that phrase,"within a reasonable amount of time". And then remember that mappers and the folks who run the servers are doing so because of their love of the game. We are volunteers. We give of our time (and sometimes money!) so that many other people can share our love of UT.

We do everything we can to encourage mappers to make =good= maps that are suited to Monster Mash or our other servers. It's unfortunate that many mappers can't be bothered to fix server breaking issues on their maps. It's also unfortunate that many mappers won't listen to constructive comments. And it's a damned shame that there aren't many mappers left at all! I applaud anyone who will take the time to open UnrealEd and make a box with some terrain and pickups in it. Is this worthy to put on MM? No. However it is worthy of encouragement because that person has gotten past the alien-seeming interface of UnrealEd and actually made something!

As for the portal gun in NeinFinal.. Shifter, I will say to you again...not everything is as it seems. ::evil grin:: Oh, and the title of your original post is a very large clue indeed.

Well said Karma! people should not expect the best of the best from volenteer work. I still think that everything works fine, sure there are some bugs, sure there are some weird things happening in some of the maps, but saying there is hardly any quality control is an outragous lie.
The thing is, I tried unrealED, and after a few hours I lost track of it.. It is too complicated for me at this stage, not because it is too hard to learn, but because of the time and efford it takes to master a program like that. Most of the maps now are made for evolution, and the rest of the mappers went extinct in the past few years. It still is an old game, and it will be harder and harder to find and create new maps and mechanics with the resources and people available.
The only things I can do for the server at this moment is donating and playing on them. Still, sometimes I wish that i COULD work with unrealED, just to keep things fresh and running.

About neinfinal][ : Karmaaaaa, why always so crypticxD I know it is not what it seems, cause it seems you can just trans up and pickup the damn thing, but since i can't, it definately is not what it seemsxD
Title of my original post? the part of it being just a mindfuck and nothing else?:P If so, then they did a damn fine job, cause it works like it is meant to bexD
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MMA_T1mesh1fter wrote:
Sokoro wrote:I guess the mapper was some newbie and did not even test his map properly... there was hardly any quality control on maps for MM. Maybe you should look for better server.

besides this there is only 1 other map with a problem and that is Geomitry, where one of the teleporters randomly stops working as the map progresses.

I'd like to think Sokoro's remark was sarcastic (If so, try stating "scarcasm" in parentheses, since sarcasm often doesn't come across well in text. If not, refer to Karma's post).

But, yeah, that map underwent a bazillion revisions. (probably cuz the mapper was a noob <-- sarcasm).
It's a curious item in a curious location (and Karma knows naught about that or a cat <-- sarcasm).
(See how that's done)


There are other maps where the teleporters break. This happens when they get bombarded by rocks, explosions and other projectiles. On one hand it is unfortunate (especially if your the one getting squashed by the next barrage of rocks while expecting to "appear" elsewhere). But on the other, it's perhaps more realistic. If there were such devices as teleporters, I would suspect that they might be destroyed by such treatment.
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Yes, that is what I meant by lack of quality control. You set certain rules for maps like this one:
"The 25 fast adrenaline pills respawn too quickly. Your map should not allow players to gain more than 5 adrenaline per second in a safe location."
,or some rule about secrets having clues, so that there are no maps with secrets which are accessible only by author and his friends, or until someone open unrealed and spoil it for other players.
But at the end there are many maps which break those rules, having tons of adren, shady secrets or are straightforwardly trolling players with unaccesible pickups.

I was just suggesting him to find other server, because this is what he seems to dislike and he is going to find more of those on the MM servers..
And yes, Karmakat, I found a different place to play, no need to suggest that. I found DC server and then I came back, but to ME server. The ME server is not an option for Timeshifter now, since it is being hacked, so maybe he should look somewhere outside of DW.

Of course it is clear, from his last posts, that he does not actualy dislike these things, but is just curius about them, I was perceiving his attitude wrongly.
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