Alien Swarm Monsters for Monster Evolution

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I made this monster pack from a free steam game 'Alien Swarm' it has over 9 monsters that are made up of the conjourned efforts of me,Gebsani,Parkis G, and Ini so I was wondering if you want to include them in Monster Evolution. ... warmV1.rar
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Hunterman wrote:
Well here is the beta version of it, four out of nine so we're getting there.
what 4 out of 9 ?
can you provide a video or a few screenshots ???
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It's been long done already christmas.
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Those could add some monsters dealing poison dmg to server and I believe we don't have much of that type.
Mortar bug seems to use SetRangedDamage without any value set to it, causing the monster do deal no damage, but I'm not sure about that because I was checking it out using Adv spawner.
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To be used in Monster Evolution, Monsters must be converted to DWScriptedMonsters. DWScriptedMonsters contain additional information such as threat values per player, resistances, player monster options, custom attacks, attitude behaviors against other pawns, etc...
The monsters must also be registered to the monster roster for the spawners to recognize them.
To apply elemental damage such as poison, the damage type must be subclassed from DamTypeRPGParent. There are a few exceptions such as the bio rifle and lava damage types.
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