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Are you selling reserved slots, levels, T-Shirts, Name changes?

We are not selling anything. In return for a donation to the server,
you have the option of getting reserved slots and levels on our
invasion server and/or a T-shirt as thank you gifts.

What are reserved slots and levels?

Reserved slots will allow you to get on the server at peak times when
it is full.
Levels refer to your character levels in game. The more levels you
have, the more attributes you can acquire.

Will you always have reserved slots available?

Please see the end of this message for the current status of
availability. We are limiting the number of reserved slots to ensure a friendly gaming environment so people are not getting kicked out constantly at peak times.

How do the reserved slots work?

When the server is full, normally you cannot get in at all and have to
sit on the server browser refreshing your screen until a slot opens up.
With a reserved slot, you can click to join the server, enter a
password, and join the game. The server will increase the maximum player count to allow you in. If the server has reached it's maximum player count, it will remove the last non-reserve slot player to enter the game to make room for you. This should not happen very often, but it may happen from time to time. We have made every effort to minimize this impact.

Why are we giving levels for donations?

We want to offer people, who don't have a lot of time, the opportunity
to get to the higher levels. If you only have a few hours a week to
play, you will appreciate the opportunity to do this.

I've seen other servers giving more levels for each dollar. Why so few
levels per dollar?

For two reasons really.

1. We really feel proud of this server and what it is capable of. And
we really put a lot of work into it to make it the best invasion
server out there. It's truly an experience you will not be able to get
anywhere else. We think it's worth a few extra pennies to level up

2. We really don't WANT to offer levels. We feel it's a bit unfair to
the folks who have put in a lot of time to gain levels. But several
people have asked, and between the price, and the per month limit (see
next question), we think this is a resonable compromise.

Is there any limit to the number of levels I can get in return for

There are two limits in place when receiving levels.

1. There is a monthly limit to the number of levels you can receive. You can receive up to 20 gift levels per month per character per server. This keeps things fair for the folks who have more time than money, and/or want to "earn" their levels in game. At the same time it still gives folks the opportunity to accelerate their progression with a kindly donation.

2. Once your character reaches level 250, you can no longer donate to get levels for that character. Of course you can still level up in game with that character.

If I send you more than $20 per character for levels for the month, you'll just forget about the limt and give me give me the levels anyway, right?

If you send us more than $20 per character per month for levels, we will
not give you the additional levels, and consider the rest a straight
donation and thank you VERY much! :)

I donated $XX dollars to the server X months/years ago. Can I get
slots or levels for those?

We really appreciate each and every dime we have received in the past,
and every donation we will receive in the future. Without your
support, the DW campus would not be what it is today. Unfortunately
it's impossible for us to go back and revisit all of these donations.

By donating, does that mean I do not have to follow the rules of the server?

No, you will always have to follow the rules of the servers, and take direction from the admins in game. If you break the rules, it may result in kicks, removal of levels, or ban even though you may have donated. No one, clan, SVA, or server owner is above the rules of the server.

What happens if the server blows up/DW decides not to run it anymore, etc? Do I get my money back?

DW plans to run the 2k4 invasion server for as long as there is demand, and for as long as donations suoport it.

With that said, we do not guarantee its continued existence forever. There could be be a complete disaster where the server is destroyed, and we do not have the financial means to replace it. Or playership/donations may drop to the point where it does not make any sense to run it anymore, etc. There will bo no refunds if something like this should occur.

What happens when UT3 comes out?

Currently, there is no base support for invasion in UT3. The community will need to come up with a solution. It may take several months before a fully robust invasion gametype is developed. During that time, of course DW will continue running it's 2k4 invasion server. Once the UT3 invasion mod is ready, we will be running a UT3 invasion server. Again, as long as demand is strong, and donations support it, we will run both 2k4 and UT3 invasion servers.

Current Availability of reserved slots on server 1: 04

Current Availability of reserved slots on server 2: 10

In order to maintain balance, and limit the number of people getting kicked, we limit the number of reserved slots available at any time to 15.
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