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My skin for UT3 is: ut3_samusaran_v1-pc... And it is actually pretty sweet too and well thought out.
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I've actually had these a while but just recently bothered to install them. I've only got the two at the moment but I like them both.. though I prefer bunny. :)

Trainer Girl

L4Y Download

Comes with four variations the 3d view of the model is the forth, more fully clothed version.
ImageImageImage ImageImage


File Planet Download

Skin City Download

I use this skin all the time; very well made and even comes with its own animation. Love this one.. :D

See more of bunny at the creator's website here.
Image ImageImage
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So many models ... and I'm using only 8 of them:

Kragoth (from mega pack)
Thannis (from mega pack)
Enki (from CPB - Community Bonus Pack)
Neil (from CPB - Community Bonus Pack)

Also have ZIP file (24 MB), if anyone's interested, but first I gotta find out how to upload it.

BTW, do you know the command "changecharacter" ?
If you type in the console "changecharacter thannis" (without ""), others who have that model can see it even if you don't have it.
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I have been using Xenoaisam's anime-style skins. Image I created a pack of all his skins, if you want to try them, or just to see who I am playing as.

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Have been using YourPackage's UT3-to-UT2k4 Character exports (Currently only at Beta 1.9 release)

And occasionally one of the KOS-MOS models - though the blue-haired version without the wings in the pack doesn't work online, haven't figured out why. (found on Cheap-shots site linked on the fromt page of the DW homepage).
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Someone must have downloaded all these seperately and put the files in their specified folders.
If you did, and have the time and ofcoarse the mood to compress all these into 1 pack, you will be my hero.
And in some way, i will return the favor.

As this also includes the SYSTEM folder(besides ANIMATIONS,KARMADATA,SOUNDS,STATICMESHES and TEXTURES) it is not wise to compress it without first removing the key files, as this contains a lot of information, including CD key and other things you don't want other people to have. I believe this might be a huge file, even after compressing, but since data transfer has come a long way since 2004, it might not even be that big of a deal.
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OR... you can go to --, and get yourself some decent toons like the one I currently have on my UT2004, Obe-Wan Kenobi, or old man Farnsworth.

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Decided to sign-in and post some skins I've been using lately on the MM2 Server. I'll update when I feel myself getting attached to another skin. I'll also provide the location from which I downloaded the skins to be as accurate as I can. :smmm:
Updated (05-24-2015 : Captain Flynt Skin/Voice Pack): Handsome Jack, Captain Flynt, The Lynchwood Sheriff, Psycho Bandit, Marauders, Midget Psychos, Nomads, Goliaths/Raging Goliaths, Bruiser, Mordecai, Lilith, Maya, Zero, and Axton Skins and Voice Packs from Borderlands Series can be Downloaded here:
[spoil]"I wonder if I plant you in the ground, you'll grow taller." - Psycho Bandit - :sevilgrin:[/spoil]
Updated (05-01-2014 : Beta stage v2): Solid Snake (Super Smash Bros. Brawl style Skin) from the Metal Gear Solid series with Voice Pack can be Downloaded here:
[spoil]"This is Snake. Colonel, can you hear me?" - Solid Snake from MGS1 - :swink:[/spoil]
Zero Suit Samus (SSBB style Skin) from the Metroid/Metroid Prime series (No Voice Pack) can be Downloaded here:
Halo Characters (Including Master Chief [Variable colors], Elites, Hunters, Grunts, and a Jackal) from the Halo Series can be Downloaded here: ... HaloModels
[spoil] - One Liners from Multiple Halo games - :scool:[/spoil]
Klasnic's Ultimate Collection Complete skin pack (Re-skins of Base models, some being animated) can be Downloaded here: ... n-Complete
Tyrant skin/model/voice (Companion to Popo) pack can be Downloaded here: http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.c ... rant;54691
Tyrant Bots skin (Robotic Tyrant variant) pack can be Downloaded here: ... s-Skinpack
Popo skin/model/voice (Companion to Tyrant) pack can be Downloaded here: ... d=939_Popo
Ultimate Dragon/Kouryuu skin/model pack can be Downloaded here: http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.c ... agon;30219
Shinryuu skin/model can be Downloaded here: ... 0_Shinryuu
Drakk skin/model (Unreal 2 based) pack can be Downloaded here: ... zenDestiny
(Updated 06-20-14: Direct Mediafire Link added) Unreal 2 Soldiers Pt. 1 skin/model pack can be Downloaded here: ... l2Soldiers ...

(Updated 06-20-14: Direct Mediafire Link added) Unreal 2 Soldiers Pt. 2: Marines and Liandri Angels skin/model pack can be Downloaded here: ... dri-Angels ... sPart2.rar

Unreal 2 Voice Pack with 8 voices can be Downloaded here: ... voice-pack!

(Updated 06-20-14: Direct Mediafire Link for VP1 added) HellDragon's Voice Pack Collection (Including Unreal 2 Voicepacks) can be Downloaded here: ... Collection ... n+VPs+1.7z
Klasnic's Unreal 2 Marines skins/model/voice packs can be Downloaded here: ... 98_Marines
Droid 2k4 Skin/Model can be Downloaded here: http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.c ... _2k4;26644
Droid 2005 upgrades can be Downloaded here: http://unrealtournament2004.filefront.c ... 2005;42841
Klasnic's Excelsior Fembot CTF4 Skins can be Downloaded here: ... tic_Female_
(Added 08-16-14) MJpoland's Ultimate Voices: A great collection of Voice Packs by MJpoland can be Downloaded from several links in this Thread: ... voicepacks!!
I hope that the links will prove helpful to anyone is interested in downloading them and like to use/see them in action. :ssmile:
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