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Old link that still work.

Grab some :)

Skins Website
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I found a copy of Cheapshot's UT2004 Skin Pack in a backup of mine! I took all the skins from Cheap's site at, organized them into the proper folders that the files belong in, and zipped them up into one package. They had been lost when I missed a payment on my old web site. All you have to do is unzip the file and copy the folders into your UT2004 directory.

Enjoy! :banana:

Cheapshot's UT2004 Skin Pack Mirror
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Aberiu have some nice model skin pack over at Epicgame Forum.

Grab them at below link.

B..... Girls

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These are some skins that i pretty much use all the time on the server. I'll keep this post updated when i start getting comfortable with other skins :ssmirk:

Dr.Mario - My skin :ssmile: made by Dragon7350. ... acter-Skin
And a Voicepack i made for Mario better than the old one at least. ... k.rar?dl=1

Willy -
Also i use this voicepack for him and the NaliWarCow. ... GJ6M1RfMUk

Bender and his colorpack with voicepack as well ...

NaliWarCow - ... w.rar?dl=1

Link - ... elda_v10_0

And that is all for now. Hope anyone downloads them. :snod:
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Anyone want to startup this conversation again with more recently used skins that are still available? Just reinstalled the game on my new computer and wanting to get all the good stuff and see what you guys/girls are wearing (or not wearing) in your character skins!
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