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Our Search and Destroy/Sabotage server. As with Spam Harder, this server streams to PBBANS and PsB for banned players and is Punkbuster enabled. Generally the player count is set to 16 players but when need be, the server can increase the max number of slots for clan members/admins.

S&D settings:
Round timer - 2:30
Bomb timer - 1:00
Plant time - 5 seconds
Defuse time - 10 seconds
Side Switch - 3 rounds
Score Limit - 6 rounds
Multi-bomb is not enabled and therefor there is only one bomb carrier at a time.

Sabotage settings:
Time limit - 8:00
Bomb Timer - 30 seconds
Plant Time - 2.5 seconds
Defuse Time - 5 seconds
Respawn - 7.5 seconds
Round limit - 1
Hot Potato is on, so if you defuse the bomb with only 5 seconds left on the bomb timer, there will only 5 seconds before it detonates the next time it is planted.

Same rules apply as Spam Harder:
No Grenade Launchers
No Martyrdom
No racial slurs, personal attacks, and while profanity is allowed, excessive amounts will get you kicked at the admins discretion.

Map Rotation: (Gametype) (Map)

S&D District - S&D Overgrown - S&D Crossfire - S&D Creek - SAB WetWorks - S&D Countdown - S&D Pipeline - S&D Bog - S&D Ambush - SAB Killhouse - S&D Broadcast - S&D Vacant - S&D Crash - S&D Strike - S&D Backlot - S&D Bloc
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