Discuss SVA and other scrims. Want to scrim us? Post here.
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[IGS]Big Duke 6
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Sign up HERE for our LIVE-N-LET DIE, One on One DM scrim on our GREED server.
MAY 14th and 15th starting at 7:00.
Public Welcome!
You need to be registered at http://www.igsclan.com to sign up.
Sign ups will close midnight on May 11th, Brackets will be posted on the 12th.
Best of 3 maps, each player picks one map.
If a third is needed, it will be random. 5 minutes per map.
This will be double elimination.
Brackets will be filled randomly, names pulled from a hat, and and a number will be assigned.
Lowest number picks first map.
When you sign-up, please post a time slot that you are or are not available, Eastern Standard Time.
We will try to accommodate your schedules'. Combatants can work out a time outside if they wish,
But let us know when you plan to play, the logs can verify the results.
We encourage you to come and practice, UTComp and Matrix Moves with hover and wall walking NO TRANZ!
The server is set up with 2 identical game types, LIVE-N-LET DIE DM for more than 2 players.
Choose your tourney map from that map list!
Keep it secret till game time, you can pick a new one for your next round, if you wish.
There is also a DUEL game type against a bot at a higher AI setting.
Use F5 key to colorize your opponents too.
[IGS]Big Duke 6
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Joined: Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:04 pm

last day to sign up, any takers?
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I don't mind scrims since it brings teams together to work as one, but one-on-one sounds like something I don't stand a chance on. Also I don't find the thrill in going solo only to gain bragging rights.

If you do decide to host a team tournament, I'll tag along if I get a buddy to tag along.
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