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Xfire: KarmaKat maybe I didn't dig really far into the website...but what I surmise is that there will be more new content for the original GW as we approach the release date for GW2.

There was recently an article on the ArenaNet website authored by John Stumme who is one of the content designers for GW. He was commenting on a recent survey that ArenaNet produced asking players what they thought of the War in Kryta storyline. Two of the questions in the survey and his responses caught my eye:
Q: How easy was it to party with other players for the War in Kryta content?

This proves to be our next area for improvement, with our largest number of respondents at 36% between “too difficult” at 16.6%, and “just right” at 32.2%. Only 6.6% found the experience to be “very easy.” Making the process of finding other people for content easier is something we aim to fix – not just for the War in Kryta, but for Guild Wars overall, To these ends, we’re going to be adding Embark Beach—a new Zaishen outpost that will allow players to travel to all Mission outposts (that they are eligible for!) from a single location. So if you’re looking to find something to do or someone to help you out, you just have to check one convenient location. Embark Beach will be included in an upcoming feature build containing some improvements for the game.

Q: How would you feel about having a party that you could fill with Heroes?

Our final category proves to be another big positive—50.7% of people say that they “love it,” while 14.4% are between that and “OK,” which comes in at 23.1%. Only 5.7% “hate it like burning,” while the final 6.1% were seemingly indifferent. You can look forward to filling out your party with Heroes as another feature of the free update build that will include Embark Beach. goodies! Embark Beach AND the ability to have a full party of your own heroes! New content to take place in Cantha (Factions) and it would follow that there's probably going to be a new addition in NF sometime between now and GW2's release.

Link to the full article here: ... ey-results


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Full party of your heroes?! As if PvM wasn't too easy already (in non-elite areas that is). Haven't touched my account in 6 mo. or so. I may have to twiddle around with it if this new content comes to pass. I didn't/don't really care for War in Kryta too much, but 7 heroes just sounds mean.
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