DW >SVA Xmas ONS Invite.

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We are planning a private Onslaught night for DW members and any Spam Viking addicts we may have out there. This will be held Saturday Dec 4. Things should get under way around 9est.

We will have a private 32p pass worded server up for the night. We will reserve the right to kick for the night to make room for DW clan members. If you would like to come and hang out for some private games for a night send me a pm. and we'll get you a password. You do not need SVA tags to participate

The season is upon us.

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Personally the maps I always liked are: Gunshop, Minus Tank Nightwolf, Nevermore Tank, and Grit Nights tank. I realise that a lot of guys don't like the tank maps, but I reckon they're a blast, just a shame we don't get to ride around in tanks in COD4. Merry Christmas to all and catch you in game on the 4th
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Yay...my new computer should be up and running tonight so I'll still be able to participate on Saturday! See ya then! :)
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