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today i got the Levels_Kick_Active (88 maps) window trying to spectate the onslought server. I have gotten this message before about 3 time in the past 3 years i have come back to playing. I searched the forums and the 2 reasons i see are not relative to my case. A) i know i dont break any rules, i dont do anything as different than what jimmy or Pastor do, mostly less tho :ssmile: , i saw one of the posts say "voting early" i have done that once or twice before, giving up on an unbalanced team and voting for a new map, if that is a no no, i wont do it again. Another is that i may be using al illegal CD-key, i also know this does not apply to my, i have the GOTY version of the game and it doesnt use a CD key, i got my GOTY version legally. As i have said, over the past 3 years i came back to playing this game (i started around 2005-06 so i remember users like jimmy pastor and pam.) I have only goten this window3 times, never 88 levels, usually only a few, and its only shown itself to me whenever i play for long periods of time. I mostly have played for an hour or two, but the 3 other times ive played i played for 5 hours or more at a time, and i thought that thats why the server would keep me out, to make it fair and others can join. but 88 levels is a bit much.
So, Who has control over the levels kick? is it some moderator that just doesnt like me? tho i cant see a reason why, im not disrespectful, i dont steal peoples vehicles, and i dont casue annoyances like go to an enemy base and spawn kill.

Id like to know the reason if possible for the levels kick, if its a GUID problem then i hae a beef with GOTY since i bought the game directly from them and have used it since its release.
Thanks and i hope to play again soon
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The only person I show on the kick for levels right now was because of an inappropriate name. If this is not you you can email clandw@clandw.org with player guid and server you are having a issue with.
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Sounds like a GUID problem. Early voting rule relates to the MM servers not ONS. If it's not someone else (e.g. friend, little bro, etc.) playing (and breaking rules) on your PC when your not around, then it sounds like you have a pirated/shared CD key.
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Well that is kind of upsetting, i got my game legally. its the GOTY version, and the splash screen said DRM-Free which i thought was cool, but maybe it wasnt such a good idea. well, its only happened 3 times and only when i play for extended periods of time. its been a long time since i got this game and i dont have any of my documentation anymore. Ill just not worry about it. Unless one of my idiot roomates copied my game. :sangry: thanks for the replies!
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I dont kick for duplicate GUID al though I should I dont bother.

I think it was about your player name and maybe a little back and forth with one of the many admins that got you the boot. I'm sure you understand. Thank you.

joblow@bellsouth.net game contact email.
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sometime after all this my IPs were banned from playing. after i did some research into the matter i found out that GOG dot com DOES hand you the same CD integrated in the installer pack of the ut2k4 ece game. you can see conversation about it at this link here

Once you contact your game provider, in this case, GOG you can request a unique key to play on the servers that ban the goty/ece games.
Now that i have my own key, id like to play on this server again.
Thanks and i hope this info helps out everyone in the future. im not a bad player, i follow the rules, and i dont argue or cuss on the mic, all it was was the vendors deciding to use the same key for all of their UT2K4 ece versions.
I used to prefer Coke, but they took away 6 oz for the same price.Pepsi hasn't changed a thing.
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