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I'm still wading through the whole crafting process, but I have found out a few things and also a couple of websites with some pretty good information. ... 35198.html
General information plus a few maps for farming runs in starter areas.
It is what it is...a whopping huge database of all things GW2 related. Very handy for searches on what you can craft with each particular item. But also loaded with tons of other GW2 info. ... e=view_all
For a narrated guide to warned this guy sometimes goes through stuff pretty quickly! Be ready to use your pause button & rewind. ;)

Lastly...the color coding displayed in the recipe window had me puzzled, but thanks to the above video, I now know the rhyme & reasons!

RED = Items you are not yet high enough level to craft. These usually show up as you are approaching the level required...sort of an early warning of what's next..where you can also hover your mouse over these and see the necessary components you'll eventually need to make the item.

GOLD = Items you can craft that will give you GOOD XP.

BRIGHT GREEN = Items you can craft that will give slightly less XP than GOLD.

DARK GREEN = Items you can craft that give a smidgen less XP than it's brighter cousin.

BLUE = Items you can craft but will only give very little XP.

WHITE = Items you can craft that will give you a mere pittance of XP.

GREY = Items you can craft but won't give you ANY XP.

If any of you have other crafting tips or tricks, please post them here!



Edited 9/20/12 with additional color information provided by Mobius.
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