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So I am currently looking to buy a new computer. I have always had windows but now I'm thinking of buying MAC. I'm pretty sure I found the computer I like however I'm not completely sure if I can play ut2004 on it. Even though I don't play the game much anymore I'd still like to have that option of playing it. Here are my questions for anyone who has experience playing that game on a mac..

- Can you play on a mac mini that has an intel graphics card or do you need the iMac with the nvidia graphics card?
- Where do you download the software to run the game, and do you have to purchase it again or do anything special to get it installed?
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Don't think the graphics card matters at this point.

I had to buy mine via Amazon: ... nt+2004mac

Wasn't on steam or anywhere else I could find for cheaper.
As a side note, based from experiencing problems when I first bought it, if your installer quits before you enter the CD key, you have to go to Mac Soft's website to download the latest version.

Don't forget to download the patches of course.
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I would get something with an actual graphics card if you want to have any sort of compatability with Unreal Engine 4. The new UT game will release sometime this year and while they are targeting mid-range PCs, if you want to run it you'll probably need something better than intel integrated. If you only plan on running UT2004 then you might be able to get away without one.
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