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this is a list of all the maps in server that host a relic. (I provide the list here, since I managed to get all of them either online to one or more of my characers, or offline, one way or another).

I won't provide:
relic name
relic description
relic requirement
score requirement to be rewarded relic
or any other hint....

I will only provide map name and whether if it's a "team relic".

-"team relic" specifies that a relic is granted to each player in the team, as long as the player meets the specific requirements (as in player's score etc...).
-the other not speficied as "team relics" can only be achieved by 1 player only.
-some "team relics" can not be achieved by all players in a map due to other limitations.
-high-rank players can still get a relic in a low-rank map outside their Level Limit (that is not giving them xp, to meet the minimum score required) according to DW>Ant, if they meet the other requirements.

35 relics

Argento Del Alma -team relic
Acatana -team relic
Cubes4All -team relic
ChocoWars -team relic
Colosseum -team relic
Divine Fortress -team relic
DragonTower -teamrelic
Grand Canyon -team relic
Iguazu Falls -team relic
Jumpship - Tutorial's Trophy -team relic
NanoClean -team relic
Nocturne -team relic*
Opportunity Knocks -team relic
Rancid -team relic
Resident Unreal -team relic
SeraphimFalling -team relic
Simulation -team relic*
Torlan evolution -team relic
Use of Weapons 1
Use of Weapons 2 -team relic
Use of Weapons 3 -team relic
Use of Weapons 4 -team relic
Use of Weapons 5 -team relic
Use of Weapons 6
Use of Weapons 7 -team relic
Wangara 1 -team relic
Wangara 2
Xenomorph Colony Part 1 -team relic
Xenomorph Colony Part 2
Utopia Part 1
Utopia Part 2 -team relic

*Simulation map is removed from server.
*Nocturne relic can "break". although a team relic, it can be achieved only by 1 player.
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Here are a the relic spoilers from my maps (or from the maps I converted):

Good hunting!

[spoil]Found in Use of Weapons Part 2 of 7
You must kill 41 angus before beating the map.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Xenomorph Colony Part I
You must complete Part 1 without destroying a single vehicle.[/spoil]

Demon Hunter
[spoil]Found in Use of Weapons Part 5 of 7
You must beat this map when demons roam this land. You must activate the portals from Use of Weapons Part 4 to spawn demons for this map.[/spoil]

Divine Guardian
[spoil]Found in Divine Fortress
The door must maintain more than half of its durability by the time the enemy forces retreat. [This one is marked for a change.][/spoil]

Driven Force
[spoil]Found in Use of Weapons Part 3 of 7
You must push 40 monsters over the edge. Player monsters and summoned monsters are excluded.[/spoil]

Ecosystem Conservator
[spoil]Found in Use of Weapons Part 4 of 7
A dinosaur cannot be slain by the time you've beaten this map. Summoned monsters, player monsters, and the extra carnivores (spawned from the previous maps' secrets) are included. When a hostile monster kills a dinosaur, all players are disqualified from gaining this relic.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Colosseum
During the fifth tier, you must kill all monsters before the second wave of troops spawns (Nali Cows are excluded).[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Wangara
You must push the burning skaarj to the pond.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Temple Run
You must transport the Crystal to the dropship without dropping it.[/spoil]

[spoil]Xenomorph Colony Part II
You must transport the red flare from a secret room (the first CTF map) near the beginning of part 2, to the other CTF found after the Goliath section. You cannot die with the flare.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Da Zoo
You must kill every single creature. Player monsters and summoned monsters are excluded.[/spoil]

Mech Suit Goblin
[spoil]Found in Use of Weapons Part 6 of 7
You must pickup the trophy resting on the Mech Suit's left leg.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Wangara2
During the end cutscene, you must find the redeemer behind the camera and use it to nuke the front.[/spoil]

Necromancer's Folly
[spoil]Found in Seraphim Falling
You must escape the ship without destroying a single undead creature. Player monsters and summoned monsters are included.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Use of Weapons Part 1 of 7
You must escape the ship without anyone getting killed. Enemies, teammates, summoned monsters, and player monsters are included.[/spoil]

Pandinus Imperator
[spoil]Found in Nocturne
You must defeat 30 enemies using the Scorpions. A single vehicle cannot be destroyed by the time you've destroyed the Mech Titan. Running over monsters, crushing monsters, or using the turret are included with the kill count.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Iguazu Falls
By the time you defeat the Artificial Dragon, less than 150 dragons and dinosaurs cannot be killed. Summoned monsters, player monsters, and the dragons you ride are included. Dinosaurs killed by other hostiles are included.[/spoil]

Resilient Captain
[spoil]Found in Rancid Mountain
You must transport the biofuels to the saucer without jumping off the raft. There's about a 15 second buffer per raft.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Utopia Part 1
You must blow up the bunker near the stadium on your first try. Rockets from multiple players will be interpreted as multiple attempts.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Nano Clean
You must defeat Lucifer without completely consuming the health packs and adrenaline pills. Respawning pickups are excluded.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Robot Factory
You must send the Arctic Sentry to the extraction with the stolen AI Generator's modules. In short, beat the map while you're controlling the Arctic Sentry.[/spoil]

[spoil]Found in Frigate
You must kill at least three monsters during the cutscene. The player that gets the third kill gets the credit.[/spoil]

Tutorial's Trophy
[spoil]Found in Jumpship
You must beat the map without using the resurrection shrine.[/spoil]

Use of Weapon's Champion
[spoil]Found in Use of Weapons Part 7 of 7
You must playthrough the entire Use of Weapons series without suffering a defeat. The extra bonuses (such as extra demons, robots, dinosaurs, player monster tokens, and xenomorphs) are not required.[/spoil]

Vindictive Pilot
[spoil]Found in Utopia Part 2
You must destroy every link turret before escaping from the city. Link turrets from Utopia Part 1 are excluded.[/spoil]
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