Apocalypse is retiring UT2004, Forever.

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Hey guys, Apocalypse here. I should've told you this a long time ago but I'll just say it anyways. Due to some issues with my family, computer is completely busted (so many problems that it's almost impossible to run the computer) and also the game disc, it has been completely destroyed by a relative (he kind of did me a favor since the game made a huge impact on my life during all those years). Looks like Apocalypse has met his end. I'm sorry that I can't be there to support the servers and have a great time with ya guys on UT but, Apocalypse has met the apocalypse. Simple as that. As for now, I'm more focused on school work and finding other productive things that I can be able to do, so that I can get some things off my mind and relieve some stress. At the moment, I have the UT3 game and also waiting for the new UT game that will be coming out soon (check out the Unreal Tournament channel on YouTube in case you didn't know), but things are going to change. So just to recap, Apocalypse has retired from UT2004 and he may return but on the new UT game, but probably not as active. So good bye to all and thank you for all your courtesy and helpfulness on the gameplay guys. I appreciate it. Apocalypse has definitely retired this time :salute:
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