Another Server would be nice

Anything and everything related to the Evolution server.
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I'd love for there to be another server linked to Monster Evolution so people could play solo uninterrupted. I am tired of people joining your solo match and messing everything up for you. Certain people have no consideration and never learn or care. I miss the days where you could actually solo without people joining.
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Server located in EU would be cool, plenty of veterans are from EU, we sometimes get rekt by our high Ping which is around 140,. Monster Evo should be Coop mod, however I agree that sometimes other players are just burden, especially on high lvl maps on other hand playiyng low lvl maps for us who don't XP don't have much point to play them and we rather go spectate. Another server would of course cost money, I and I doubt the community is that large to pay it, so it would end up on KarmaKat to pay for it :x.
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