Happy 9th BirthDay MonsterEvolution !!!!

Anything and everything related to the Evolution server.
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1337 Haxor
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althought i dont play anymore, i never forgot all the bad times I had in this server. hahaha
I just came over to say HI to all, old players, and new players.
is Ant still giving you a hard time? I really hope so....

Ant, nerf them all !!!!
althought tomorrow is 11/11, I came a day earlier.....

I will re-install UT2k4 at some point and join server to play for good old time's sake.

please remind me of server ip and password since I am on a new pc...

Happy Birthday Monster Evolution !!!!
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Thwart forgot pass
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Funny you say that, because Ant released Monster Evolution on his birthday so Ant is also 9 years old.
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It's great to hear from you! And you're right. Monster Evolution was released on Nov 11, 2011. I'm thinking about jumping in to celebrate!

We also changed servers not too long ago, and there's no longer a password there.
The new ip address is:

We also now have a discord server: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4553
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Hey join many of us on Server 2, many of the old players back on, including me (DaRev).
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