Epic Master Server closure and our transition to OpenSpy

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On January 24th, 2023, Epic will be shutting down many of their game and Master Servers for their older titles.

https://www.gamespot.com/articles/epic- ... 0-6510037/

In light of Epic's imminent shuttering of game and Master servers for many of their older titles, we have begun transitioning our UT2004 servers to use OpenSpy.

Currently, Monster Evo and Monster Mash Server One are working off of OpenSpy's Master Server. I'll update here when our other servers have been transitioned.

OpenSpy is an open source project originally developed as a GameSpy clone that will work just like the old Epic one
on our UT2004 servers. We'll be adding a small mutator that generates a pop up window when you first connect to a server. It contains information on what's happening with Epic's Master Server, information about OpenSpy. a button to click for "More Information" and an "Auto-Configure" button that will automatically update your UT2004.ini to point to the OpenSpy Master Server.

Please note that once you use Auto-Configure, your game will no longer be looking at the Epic Master Server, so you'll need to be sure and add any servers to your favorites list BEFORE you configure you game to use OpenSpy. There's also a checkbox for "Don't Show This Again" so that after you've made the switch to OpenSpy, you won't be pestered with the popup anymore.

Many thanks to TonyTheSlayer (aka 0xC0ncord on Discord and GitHub) for the UT mutator and to the OpenSpy community for helping to keep games like UT2004 from disappearing from our gaming landscape!
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So grateful to still be able to play, servers have been down for a day, but hopefully back up soon. Miss playing.
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