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All discussions regarding our 20p ONS server with mutators
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Anonymouse wrote:How about custom vehicles? I always wanted for my map(s) to be tested/enjoyed :sevilgrin:. And how about :sevilgrin: trials Ons? Nobody ever tried making trials enabled Ons b4 :swink:.
ONS is a competitive gametype. There is a map with a small trial (grit nights), but even that is pushing it. I've been spectating a couple times, and one time, the team was blaming the poor guy who was doing the trials for their defeat.

If you're thinking about creating a map that's only trials I'll share with you a minor history lesson I heard awhile ago.

An extinct ancient invasion nameless server admin decided to have players to choose either invasion or command and conquer. Both are good gametypes, but now that the server has players competing on which gametype to choose half of the population dropped. People came to that server to level up, not to play command on conquer.

If you want to do trials so badly, there are many empty assault servers you can jump on. Judging by their population of the servers, I don't think the majority even likes to play trials.
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I know a trials server that has 4 people on almost all the time, but maybe your right :scool: trials isn't so popular.
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