Ventrilo Setup Tutorial

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Courtesy of our very own, KarmaKat!

Getting started with Ventrilo!

First you'll need to download the client side software from the
Ventrilo website.

After you've installed the client software and have double clicked the
shortcut on your desktop to start Ventrilo running, you'll need to
create your user account as follows:

- Click on the right arrow that's to the right of the box labelled
"User Name". This will open the "Setup User" box.

- Click on the "New" button and type in the user name you wish to use
on the server, then click "OK".
The name you chose will then appear in the "Select" box.

Note: If you use a name with symbols such as & { } ^ % >, etc. the
text to speech software will render each symbol separately and this makes
for a clunky, complicated pronounciation of your name. To alleviate
this, you may type a phonetic rendering in the box provided.

Example: If you use: {[iBot]}SoSueMe as your user name, in the
Phonetic box
type in only: i Bot SoSueMe.

You can experiement with the pronounciation by adding spaces, commas
and periods
as each of these adds a varying amount of delay between words or

- Description - leave blank

- Work Directory - do not use! This option will be going away in the
next release. There is a "View Working Directory" pop up elsewhere in
the progam that allows you to see where all the Ventrilo files are on
your computer.

- Click "OK" to return to the main Ventrilo window.

- Now click on the arrow to the right of the "Server" box. This opens
the "Connections Editor" window.

- Click the "New" button. Type in the name of the server. 'ClanDW
Public' or you can name it whatever you want it to be, then Click "OK".

- For "Hostname or IP" type in the following:

- For "Port number" type in: 19274


- Default channel - leave blank

The three tick boxes that follow are personal preference choices, click
on the "Help" button for more information on the functions of each

- Click "OK" to return to the main Ventrilo window.

- Click on the "Connect" button and you will be in the Public Lobby.

Once you're connected to the server, you'll need to click on the
"Setup" button and finish fine tuning your Vent software. There are myriad
choices here. But since most of these are personal preference or
strictly deal with your own computer, it's recommended that you use the
extensive help files included in the download. They are easy to understand
and just about every box that requires your input will have specific
help for that option.
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