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Well here we are again with another update to the front page of DW. This time not by choice. The old code was corrupted and we have made it to the Google ban list again so ready or not, NOT! Here we are. I don't think there was any risk to users here just the site. There are multiple issues that we are still having with the new site, from things not displaying correctly on the front page because of code conflicts to the loss of some of the information in the forums. Upon this writing I can't test it till the move but I have a feeling that besides uploaded attachments being fubar that all internal links are going to come up bad also. I'm not sure either of these is fixable without just manually going through everything, don't see that happening. For the most part we should be really close to not having lost any data in the forums, anything that was saved in the front pages and profiles will be a loss. Sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully we'll get some of these other problems worked out in short order. Questions, comments or suggestions can be taken up in the forums.


DW>KarmaKat Servers should be back now. Work being done at our co-locator apparently tripped a building wide power shutdown. It would seem things are still a little unstable. Not sure what's up with the contact form issue here on the website, we'll check that out. Thanks! (07.10.2017, 01:08) (01:08) 0
Guest Hope the servers haven't died (06.10.2017, 23:34) (23:34) 0
Guest And the SMTP server the contact form uses can't authenticate to send messages. =/ (06.10.2017, 23:34) (23:34) 0
Guest Servers down? (06.10.2017, 23:30) (23:30) 0
Guest yeah whats up with the servers (06.10.2017, 21:55) (21:55) 0
Guest what is going on with the servers? shut down? cancelled? DjNik16 (06.10.2017, 15:29) (15:29) 0
Guest If I donated 20 what will I receive (27.09.2017, 22:07) (22:07) 0
Guest Greetings. (16.09.2017, 23:41) (23:41) 0
Nyiah Hum ... Everything is good. I find out I just post on the wrong server page ... Sry guys :x (16.09.2017, 15:28) (15:28) 0
Nyiah That was me, Nyiah for the precedent post (16.09.2017, 15:16) (15:16) 0
Guest Yeah I know, but I'm now lvl 54 and I still can't buy any class. (16.09.2017, 15:15) (15:15) 0
DW>KarmaKat Hello Nyiah! As a new character, you start out with several stat points. Weapons Master, Medic, Adren Master all cost 1 stat point to "buy" that class. If you've spent all your stat points before picking a class, then you'll need to level up to gain more stat points. Let us know if you're having any trouble. Thanks! (09.09.2017, 20:59) (20:59) 0
Nyiah Hi,
For some reasons, I can't buy any class in RPG INV server. Is there any requirement for that (a minimum lvl, some atributes to up,...) ?
(07.09.2017, 01:21) (01:21) 0
Blub blub blub (04.09.2017, 14:05) (14:05) 0
Mckayla New folder here. Server 2 monster mash (01.09.2017, 19:13) (19:13) 0
DW>KarmaKat Hey New Folder 2! Can ya tell me which server? (01.09.2017, 02:47) (02:47) 0
DW>Skittles bla (27.08.2017, 11:30) (11:30) 0
Guest New_Folder_2 here, is there anyway i can see what characters ive made on this server. Cant seem to remember a char name (27.08.2017, 07:22) (07:22) 0
DW>Skittles test (20.08.2017, 12:17) (12:17) 0
DW>KarmaKat Mystery question asker.... ::ahem:: Simple answer: no, Weapon Mastery is currently disabled. (19.08.2017, 02:34) (02:34) 0