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Early Mother's Day Surprise for Luci and Friends! In a surprise visit to MM Server 2, Lucifer’s Mum arrived amid deafening thunderclaps and great gouts of flame. Wherein she promptly took her errant son by the horn and, unfortunately for him, Lucifer’s best bud MiniB by the ear and marched them out onto the deck. “Much wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard”, said next door neighbor T. Slith. “I even saw the head of a fiery pitchfork over the fence!”, commented Mr. Slith’s flat mate Angus (no last name given). In the resulting conversation between Mum and Hell’s minions, it has been determined that the lower realms have ceased to be frozen over and the forecast will be sunny with not a chance in Hell of meatballs. Fireballs, on the other hand, are a distinct possibility!


GuestHope both the Chicago server and Server 2 is up and running soon, will have some time off for the holidays soon and would love to play, miss playing the last couple of days while server is down.(20.11.2019, 14:40)(14:40)0
MarblesI noticed all the servers are down right now :((19.11.2019, 23:38)(23:38)0
GuestDid invasion 2 closed? whby?(19.11.2019, 21:56)(21:56)0
DW>PeaceFrogRibbit, Ribbit(13.09.2019, 15:38)(15:38)0
Guestany admin around? waiting on some levels that i bought from donation(21.08.2019, 20:16)(20:16)0
46and2DogeHey guys, long time no see. We should schedule a time to play every week. Friday nights work ok?(21.08.2019, 07:07)(07:07)0
GuestNever mind, i got my stats back :)(29.07.2019, 23:00)(23:00)0
GuestAlso, regarding the last post, my game name is PestControl(29.07.2019, 16:40)(16:40)0
GuestHello, I recently had to reinstall UT2004 and my stats were reset. I do not remember my player password for stats tracking. I have been playing on the Death Warrant:Monster Mash RPG - Server 2 for many years. Is there a way for an admin to help me with this problem? Thank you for your time.(29.07.2019, 16:37)(16:37)0
GuestI very want make monster mash discord server(19.07.2019, 19:31)(19:31)0
GuestHAI GAIS(14.07.2019, 17:03)(17:03)0
DW_KarmakatColcation maintenance was successful!(05.06.2019, 07:18)(07:18)0
DW_KarmakatFYI... This evening, our colocation provider will be doing some maintenance on the cabinet that houses our server. This will require a shut down of all units, so be advised that our servers will be offline until their maintenance is complete. Their notification said that they will begin at 11pm Central time this evening (Tue. June 4th). I don't have a window as to when they will be finished, but replacing a PDU shouldn't take too long. Please keep your fingers crossed! (05.06.2019, 02:26)(02:26)0
GuestSome player with a weird name that i cant pronounce is almost lvl 1000 what a nut!(16.05.2019, 14:46)(14:46)0
UT3 PlayerSup guys. Downloads from UT3 server are slow to a crawl, took 45 minutes to download a 34Mb map. UT2k4 maps, even big ones, are downloaded in seconds. Any tips?(05.05.2019, 16:37)(16:37)0
GuestHey guys. Got windows and Ut2004 xD maybe u can help me. Somehow i cant get/find your server. the UT2004 chicago one. Typed the IP and all, searched the whole web for a solution. Some1 got an idea what to do? Already shut down my firewall etc...(19.04.2019, 18:07)(18:07)0
adridasSame here, greetings from Germany. Gonna get Windows on my Mac again 2 play on Chicago. Great you are still alive. 2 years nicely wasted on your servers :D Keep going!(17.04.2019, 10:46)(10:46)0
porkchopawesome work guys, so glad to see you're stiil on business. i've played monster mash on ut2k4 for so many years, countless hours, played all night long til sunrise came and make eyes burn then i'm like darn gotta sleep, hey this brings back memories you know. just got my hands on ut3, hope to skip some more sleeping nights real soon. keep it up guys.(16.04.2019, 03:37)(03:37)0
GuestThey sometimes have sales for 1 €., 11:33)(11:33)0
Sharphaha rock(20.02.2019, 06:11)(06:11)0