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Early Mother's Day Surprise for Luci and Friends! In a surprise visit to MM Server 2, Lucifer’s Mum arrived amid deafening thunderclaps and great gouts of flame. Wherein she promptly took her errant son by the horn and, unfortunately for him, Lucifer’s best bud MiniB by the ear and marched them out onto the deck. “Much wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard”, said next door neighbor T. Slith. “I even saw the head of a fiery pitchfork over the fence!”, commented Mr. Slith’s flat mate Angus (no last name given). In the resulting conversation between Mum and Hell’s minions, it has been determined that the lower realms have ceased to be frozen over and the forecast will be sunny with not a chance in Hell of meatballs. Fireballs, on the other hand, are a distinct possibility!


DW>KarmaKat Mystery question asker.... ::ahem:: Simple answer: no, Weapon Mastery is currently disabled. (19.08.2017, 02:34) (02:34) 0
Guest Deathwarrant Server 2. Is it possible to get weapon mastery because I can't buy it (14.08.2017, 14:20) (14:20) 0
DW>KarmaKat To the unkown guest asking about weapon mastery...please define which server you are inquiring about. Basic answer is that it's an RPG ability for the Weapons Master's class. You spend stat points to "purchase" abilities. (11.08.2017, 07:18) (07:18) 0
DW>KarmaKat Hello all! Just a tiny reminder, giving us a name to respond to is helpful! Just type in your forum handle or character name. Helps us keep our answers directed at the correct peeps. (11.08.2017, 07:15) (07:15) 0
Guest What is weapon mastery exactly and how do I get it? (04.08.2017, 16:23) (16:23) 0
Guest test (02.08.2017, 07:47) (07:47) 0
Guest Test (02.08.2017, 07:18) (07:18) 0
DW>KarmaKat "Is there anyone at home?" Yes, there is! Hello, hello, Static! (02.08.2017, 01:29) (01:29) 0
DW>KarmaKat Thank you again, Icedgold. Glad you're enjoying Monster Mash! (02.08.2017, 01:27) (01:27) 0
Guest StaticLan here....Is there anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me... (02.08.2017, 00:02) (00:02) 0
Icedgold Just donated $20! (30.07.2017, 03:42) (03:42) 0
KecAkrobat thank you, now i only need to buy new pc :D (26.07.2017, 19:45) (19:45) 0
Guest Hi, I've been playing Deathwarrant invasion alot recently but there's minor things which bug me. Playing on a widescreen is it possible to remove the annoying (press l to level up) right under the experience bar. It dosent make sense for it to be there since you level up on the top of the screen it provokes you to press l. I understand Deathwarrant is an old server and you may not be open to change.. but is it possible to remove it server/client side. I saw someone on youtube remove it aswell as the text beneath the artifact inventory here . Thanks!! (26.07.2017, 18:43) (18:43) 0
DW>KarmaKat KecAkrobat, as long as you install UT2004 using the same cd-key as the one you used for your laptop, you should be fine. If you have a new/different cd-key, then you'll be starting as a new player. Please drop us an email for further details on character restorations. Thanks! (20.07.2017, 18:43) (18:43) 0
DW>KarmaKat Butcher, email has been sent! Great to see ya! (20.07.2017, 18:39) (18:39) 0
KecAkrobat Im playing on laptop and wanr to buy PC what do i do to play with same name and to stay same lvl. thx (18.07.2017, 19:32) (19:32) 0
Guest Hi, It's Butcher, could one of you be kind enough to send me the server info fo ventrilo, I'd like to get back on the server. Also, I fell asleep at the keyboard so I really hope I didn't send anything previously to this. (17.07.2017, 01:03) (01:03) 0
DW>KarmaKat Hi! Drop us an email at: clandw (at) clandw (d0t) org and we'll shoot ya the Ventrilo information. Thanks! (07.07.2017, 19:13) (19:13) 0
Guest Hi, what is the ventrilo password again? (05.07.2017, 01:37) (01:37) 0
Guest Ferp (01.07.2017, 02:26) (02:26) 0