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GuestIs there a reason for me being banned (Permanently monster mash server 2) syn.IronMan(20.06.2021, 22:00)(22:00)0
DW>Skittlesi restarted the server. it might show as offline in gametracker if the ut3 master server is down(18.05.2021, 16:28)(16:28)0
GuestMonstermash UT3 get shut down?(18.05.2021, 15:46)(15:46)0
Guestmy ping is stable and no packetloss(06.04.2021, 16:08)(16:08)0
Guestas soon as the monsters despawn the server is playable again(06.04.2021, 16:08)(16:08)0
Guestsuper lag probably due to too many monsters and partical effects(06.04.2021, 16:07)(16:07)0
GuestServer 2 needs a restart or something because at the moment its unplayable(06.04.2021, 16:07)(16:07)0
DW_KarmaKatVet!! GOOD to see you!!! Some of us are still kicking around! Stop in Discord sometime!(05.04.2021, 04:42)(04:42)0
GuestHeya Darkfallen! Contact's support peeps and ask for a unique cd-key for online multiplayer gaming.(05.04.2021, 04:41)(04:41)0
Guestomg Toxic cant believe you are still on! this is vet ( ut99vet ) cheers bro say hi to the gang plz(04.04.2021, 08:35)(08:35)0
GuestGreetings ppl! (DARK ARCHON) (21.02.2021, 07:10)(07:10)0
Guestwas good(04.01.2021, 07:22)(07:22)0
Guestgog v2ersion doesnt work because it doesnt have its own key(30.12.2020, 02:20)(02:20)0
DarkfallenJust purchased the game via GOG(25.12.2020, 09:02)(09:02)0
Darkfallen"Connection failed. Your IP address has been banned on this server."(25.12.2020, 07:34)(07:34)0
Darkfallenim trying to connect to the server but it says my ip has been banned, Ive never played before(25.12.2020, 07:33)(07:33)0
Darkfallenhey guys(25.12.2020, 07:33)(07:33)0
Terraserver 2 near full yesterday, good times once again !(22.12.2020, 21:40)(21:40)0
GuestDW>Janie(10.12.2020, 00:49)(00:49)0
GuestHello all(10.12.2020, 00:49)(00:49)0