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We thank everyone that helps keep our servers alive. Without you, there would be no us.

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Zackn13Im referring to Monster Mash Server 2(05.05.2023, 18:34)(18:34)0
Zackn13Has the Server been shut down for good?(05.05.2023, 18:19)(18:19)0
Guest Maybe give you an idea how to update server? This is DW>Wraith BTW, Ant.....(05.05.2023, 02:42)(02:42)0
GuestAnyone got an update on MM server 2? down for 2 days now(05.05.2023, 01:56)(01:56)0
GuestHope the servers are back up soon, been down for a couple of days, as off and on ... hope to play today(04.05.2023, 13:50)(13:50)0
TigerRaptorOh wow. You guys are still around and keeping the servers going. Hey Ant, whats cooking.(09.02.2023, 04:02)(04:02)0
GuestHard to believe ~B~(28.01.2023, 03:48)(03:48)0
Guesthey all(25.01.2023, 16:09)(16:09)0
DW>AntThumbs up!(20.01.2023, 04:00)(04:00)0
GuestWOW It still exists. Thumbs up.(17.01.2023, 15:04)(15:04)0
polarstormhappy new year all xx(08.01.2023, 19:20)(19:20)0
EreauBasically don't forget to add these servers to your favorites list, and shame on you if you haven't already what are you doing you monsters >=c(18.12.2022, 23:08)(23:08)0
DW>AntEpic may be shutting down their official servers, but community hosted servers would still be running. We're currently finding a workaround to a new master server so that the server browser functionality can still run.(18.12.2022, 14:10)(14:10)0
GuestSo Epic announced the imminent shutdown of online services for UT3 and back, will we really be losing Monster Mash for good? Or since this is privately hosted will we be in the clear? -Ereau(14.12.2022, 20:07)(20:07)0
Guestut3 dead then???? :((27.11.2022, 00:28)(00:28)0
enton69so happy to see an invasion server is still around with active players :) thank you clandw, I just bought ut2k4 some days ago but used to play it a lot when I was younger. hope u all r doing good, greetings from germany(27.09.2022, 11:12)(11:12)0
Guest101KarmaKat Check Your Emails O(26.09.2022, 08:13)(08:13)0
ROCKI noticed someone looking for servers on steam 2004 forum so I pointed them here.(17.08.2022, 10:04)(10:04)0
ROCKHow is every one? Here because i just had to load 2004 on my laptop because of a pc crash. Had parts for almost 2 demos but was putting it off.. Serves me right.(17.08.2022, 09:50)(09:50)0
MMA>BigwsHope everyone has been good all these years later. Still see some people randomly in games that recognize me from many years ago :D(30.07.2022, 01:49)(01:49)0