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GuestI recently reinstalled (twice) my UT2004 and I can't download any maps from the server (1/2). Is there a website I can download a pack from?(14.07.2020, 17:45)(17:45)0
polarstormthanks ICQ , hi guest , who are you ? ( dw noob) i,m trying to get in a few mins play everyday to build my players rank back to the old days :)(14.07.2020, 08:34)(08:34)0
ImAnArmyManHey guys how are thing, long time no see. Hope everything is good!(04.07.2020, 11:04)(11:04)0
iCQHEY POLARSTORM... yeah i like the map... the function of the fan in the middle is just perfect... and hiding at the side corner area... nice nice.. thanks for your time and addition man (and thanks to the admins to fix the sentinel mod! SUPER)(26.06.2020, 02:08)(02:08)0
GuestHello everyone is old school DW no0b :) wondering if the old crew is still on :)(21.06.2020, 08:50)(08:50)0
polarstormwow finally played my map :) thank you so much for adding it (19.06.2020, 21:26)(21:26)0
iCQ super thanks(19.06.2020, 19:35)(19:35)0
GuestOh thanks admin for adding the old inv maps again! :-)(19.06.2020, 19:35)(19:35)0
polarstormreplied :)(19.06.2020, 17:02)(17:02)0
DW>Skittlessent u a pm on the forums(19.06.2020, 16:07)(16:07)0
polarstormincluded my map trainingroom2 which ive been attempting to get up for about 10 years here :) one has to try ....(19.06.2020, 14:57)(14:57)0
polarstormsending :)(19.06.2020, 14:56)(14:56)0
DW>Skittlessend the link to, 14:50)(14:50)0
polarstormdw>skittles how can i send them to you?? zipped them to a 235mb file can send via "we transfer " if thats ok?(19.06.2020, 14:41)(14:41)0
GuestHi everyone, its Foxdie. Its been so long(19.06.2020, 04:44)(04:44)0
DW>Skittlesyes that would help(18.06.2020, 22:54)(22:54)0
polarstormhi dw>skittles i have the maps on my drive still , the map file and the ini file would they help?(18.06.2020, 21:14)(21:14)0
DW>Skittlesi can add maps back but i dont have the acual map files i tried searching on google for a few of those but no luck(18.06.2020, 19:37)(19:37)0
polarstormthanks to who put the maps on the ut3 server.. could they have the old custom maps like before , the ones on are bit boring for invasion .. sorry for being fussy :) like shooting range , meatlocker,shanty whatever it was , dome of doom , i forgot the names.. thank you xx(18.06.2020, 17:16)(17:16)0
polarstormmonstermash 3 any chance of the old maps back on rotation? only dm fktrth is on there ... thanks,,, and who is charge of that??? thanks(04.06.2020, 13:39)(13:39)0