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DW>SkittlesYes all of our servers are back up after the recent hardware failure,(25.01.2020, 11:52)(11:52)0
Guestare you guys back and up and running? Just want to know if I have a great reason to buy the game again :)(25.01.2020, 01:28)(01:28)0
GuestWillKauzShytz rules(30.12.2019, 18:36)(18:36)0
GuestAny progress on monster evolution? :)(29.12.2019, 18:48)(18:48)0
GuestGlad to see servers up. Brigs good memories when I used to run them years ago...SkidMark(24.12.2019, 14:41)(14:41)0
GuestDoes the clan have discord? got an issue, one of my characters resetted(22.12.2019, 19:30)(19:30)0
DaRevHey, my bad, I thought the two servers were still down, but saw today that they are up, just different address, so found them again, they are running great! Take note, look for the new sites with a different address.(10.12.2019, 19:05)(19:05)0
DW>Skittlesi did fix the portal gun file on monster mash so that clears up some problems with maps that use it.(10.12.2019, 17:56)(17:56)0
DaRevGlad to see the servers alive again, although for the past couple days they have been down again, thrilled to have them back to play on! Thanks so much!(10.12.2019, 16:59)(16:59)0
Guestoh wow cooooooooooooooooooooool FINALLY i get to be EvilBUllet again. Wait a minute im closing my eyez im walking through vast fields of wheat ever so slowly as the wind whistles , in the far East i see a great battle and the legendary Red Beast known as Luci. And!!!! i scream out loud ILL tank you girls spank woooo hahahahhhaa....(09.12.2019, 05:47)(05:47)0
Guestmonster evolution(09.12.2019, 05:33)(05:33)0
Ack-AckThanks for the great work reviving the dead! (08.12.2019, 19:35)(19:35)0
GuestThank you!(08.12.2019, 06:14)(06:14)0
DW>Skittleshold on will fix asap(07.12.2019, 22:31)(22:31)0
GuestHey all, Azi here. The server is refusing to send me the packet for "DWInvasion" here's a screenshot!, 22:27)(22:27)0
DW>SkittlesNew IP's for monster mash can be found at the top of the site(07.12.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0
GuestHey guys! It's Azi, can't wait to play with y'all. :)(07.12.2019, 08:52)(08:52)0
DW>KarmaKatYes, we're back! :) Big THANK YOU to Skittles and the rest of the DW clan for pulling this off! And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who emailed or donated during our down time. You all are AWESOME!!! Please drop us an email at if you notice any unsual server behaviours.(07.12.2019, 04:01)(04:01)0
DW>SkittlesMM1 and 2 are now unlocked(06.12.2019, 21:25)(21:25)0
Guestwahoooooo cool good news ty ty. EvilBullet(05.12.2019, 19:41)(19:41)0