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We thank everyone that helps keep our servers alive. Without you, there would be no us.

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GuestQuantumAbyss here thanks for keeping the servers up during the Pandemic really helps out a lot (21.05.2020, 01:07)(01:07)0
savagesargehello fellas! I always come back to your servers! They are most needed in this (demo)pandemic. Cheers to y'all!(30.04.2020, 16:03)(16:03)0
GuestHello all(15.04.2020, 14:44)(14:44)0
GuestHey guys a dumb question, can we buy a class change? keep the levels and just change spec(14.04.2020, 19:22)(19:22)0
MMA>TimeshifterGood to see you as well Kat! It was a good time to check if the servers are still alive! Gotta dust off my old copy of the game. I miss the good times.(14.04.2020, 02:05)(02:05)0
Guesthi its L10Alton good to see you guys still at it :P(11.04.2020, 18:18)(18:18)0
Ack AckThanks KarmaKay for pointing out my character was AckityYak! Back to the server I go... (08.04.2020, 21:57)(21:57)0
Ack AckHi admins! I had a disk crash, any way I can restore my character/hp/stuff, etc? My old character was Ack Ack, lately playing under AckityAck. Thanks! (08.04.2020, 20:34)(20:34)0
DW>KarmaKatHey, Shifter! Good to see you! (04.04.2020, 08:10)(08:10)0
MMA>TimeshifterIt has been ages, how is everyone?(02.04.2020, 05:42)(05:42)0
MMA>TimeshifterOhhh the servers are still active (02.04.2020, 05:42)(05:42)0
DW>KarmaKatNew old friends!?!? :D
Hey all! We have some old friends making some new reappearancesin the map rotations on Monster Mash!! AdrenMart, ChakaKhansDome,
Nightwolfs MineCafe, Divided, an older version of Almost Contained and a newly reworked version of Crumpet that's been spiffed up considerably by DW>Wraith!
(15.03.2020, 05:22)(05:22)0
DW>SkittlesWe had a hardware failure a couple of months ago and we had problems restoring most of the server files for mm3. DW>Fry Runs this server but hes kinda AFK at the moment.(24.02.2020, 11:04)(11:04)0
Guestany way for me to get my old skill points back?(24.02.2020, 00:09)(00:09)0
Guestnever mind, just took a while to connect (about 5 min)(23.02.2020, 23:57)(23:57)0
GuestIs there a new IP/port for UT3 Monster Mash or is it down?(23.02.2020, 23:56)(23:56)0
GuestBeemo here -- I have sent an email to the admins of DW. If anyone gets it, please respond asap. It's importantt.(16.02.2020, 02:11)(02:11)0
GuestHi, just installed game and apparently my IP has been banned. Contact us page gives HTTP ERROR 500(11.02.2020, 18:26)(18:26)0
GuestHello, why monster evolution server not on you site, and where I can find tips to finding relics?(09.02.2020, 08:48)(08:48)0
Guestnm entered ip wrong =P(27.01.2020, 09:49)(09:49)0