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Guestoh wow cooooooooooooooooooooool FINALLY i get to be EvilBUllet again. Wait a minute im closing my eyez im walking through vast fields of wheat ever so slowly as the wind whistles , in the far East i see a great battle and the legendary Red Beast known as Luci. And!!!! i scream out loud ILL tank you girls spank woooo hahahahhhaa....(09.12.2019, 05:47)(05:47)0
Guestmonster evolution(09.12.2019, 05:33)(05:33)0
Ack-AckThanks for the great work reviving the dead! (08.12.2019, 19:35)(19:35)0
GuestThank you!(08.12.2019, 06:14)(06:14)0
DW>Skittleshold on will fix asap(07.12.2019, 22:31)(22:31)0
GuestHey all, Azi here. The server is refusing to send me the packet for "DWInvasion" here's a screenshot!, 22:27)(22:27)0
DW>SkittlesNew IP's for monster mash can be found at the top of the site(07.12.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0
GuestHey guys! It's Azi, can't wait to play with y'all. :)(07.12.2019, 08:52)(08:52)0
DW>KarmaKatYes, we're back! :) Big THANK YOU to Skittles and the rest of the DW clan for pulling this off! And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who emailed or donated during our down time. You all are AWESOME!!! Please drop us an email at if you notice any unsual server behaviours.(07.12.2019, 04:01)(04:01)0
DW>SkittlesMM1 and 2 are now unlocked(06.12.2019, 21:25)(21:25)0
Guestwahoooooo cool good news ty ty. EvilBullet(05.12.2019, 19:41)(19:41)0
DW>Skittlespassword will be removed when all the server files are confirmed to be restored correctly(05.12.2019, 19:23)(19:23)0
GuestAnyone know if password is indefinite????(05.12.2019, 15:44)(15:44)0
GuestYeah i noticed and hope the same sdiver.... EvilBullet(05.12.2019, 05:25)(05:25)0
Guestsdiver here , I see servers up but pasworded. Testing ?(05.12.2019, 04:39)(04:39)0
GuestUnfortunately Indeed....(04.12.2019, 15:56)(15:56)0
GuestWE MUST ENDURE(04.12.2019, 02:21)(02:21)0
GuestBeen watching old DW matches on youtube to make pacify sustain the EcilBullet within me lol. Hope you guys come back asap....(03.12.2019, 23:20)(23:20)0
GuestAnyway I can help?(02.12.2019, 05:15)(05:15)0
GuestAny news for ME?(30.11.2019, 22:08)(22:08)0