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Donations for levels, name changes and reserved slots are only applicable to MM server 1 and 2
Donations are always welcome, and without them we cannot continue operations! We are constantly working to improve your experience. With your help, we strive toward making this the one stop shop for all of your gaming needs! There are lots of options to support your favorite community! Straight donations are always welcome.
When making donations, please list whether you would like your name listed at all. If you would like the donation listed, but as Anonymous, please select "Yes, list my name" and type Anonymous in the comment box. But please always include your in game name in the comment box in case I am not familiar with your real name.

Click below to simply donate to the servers.


To donate and receive Levels as a gift ($1 per gift level up to a Maximum of 20 levels per character within a 30 day time period) Please make sure you enter your character name(s) and SERVER NUMBER in the comment box. If you are distributing levels amongst multiple characters, make sureyou tell us that information (i.e. character1=10 levels, character2=10 levels.) Please see Monster Mash FAQs for restrictions.


Click below to donate for Levels.

To donate and receive a Reserved slot as a gift (You will get 1 month for $5. You can only get one month at a time. i.e. if you donate $10, you will get one month of reserved slots, and the additional $5 will be considered a straight donation which we appreciate greatly!). Please0 make sure you tell us which server number you would like the slot on.


Click below to donate for a Reserved Slot.

To donate and receive a name change as a gift ($5) This is for a name change in the invasion server so your newly named character keeps his stats)


Click below for Name Change.

For a $5 donation you can have your inactive character (one that has been deleted from the server) restored. Characters will only be restored to the server on which they were originally created and must be of the same character class as your original.


Click below for Character Restoration.